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Our “I Am Her” series features the female movers and shakers of the industry to learn how femininity and power coincide beautifully and seamlessly together.

Ever since she was a little girl, Captain Suwapich Wongwiriyawanich,  also known as "Captain Windy", has always wanted to become a pilot. Now, she's able to live her childhood dream every day. As one would imagine, making that dream a reality was no easy feat. "The biggest challenge for me back then was the limited opportunities for women in the aviation industry," Captain Windy shares. "So when I was able to become the first female pilot of AirAsia Thailand, it felt like a significant milestone has been achieved, not just for me but also for all women who aspire to become pilots."

Ahead, our chat with Captain Windy about her most interesting flight experience and how she juggles her many roles as a pilot, entrepreneur and fitness instructor. 

Fill in the blank: I am a pilot, a certified fitness instructor and nutritionist, and a __________.

A dog lover. I have three chihuahuas at home and I enjoy spending time with them. I believe that dogs are truly our furry best friends. Every time I come back from a flight, they greet me with their wagging tails and all my tiredness just disappears. 

How do you feel about being the first female pilot on the AirAsia x Thailand team?

Being a pilot has always been my childhood dream and being able to do a job that I love is a privilege that I'm grateful for. Even though becoming a pilot is not a common career choice for women, I'm glad to say that my male colleagues don't treat me any differently. In fact, they value my capabilities and contributions to the team. 

Share your most interesting in-flight experience.

The most unforgettable experience for me as a pilot was when I had to divert a flight because a passenger suffered a heart attack on board. At that time, the cabin crew already called for doctors on board but there were none. Three nurses who were present during the flight assisted the sick passenger but his condition continued to worsen. I was advised that the passenger required immediate medical attention or else he may die. I made the decision to divert the aircraft, forcing me to fly through a thunderstorm. I was under a lot of pressure during that flight but I am glad that I was able to save a life.

You are the definition of looking good while doing what you do. How do you stay empowered and inspired to do that every day?

I see my job as an extension of myself and I take great pride in my work. I believe the health of mind, body, and spirit is very important in order to perform my responsibilities to the best of my abilities. I obtained a certification in nutrition and yoga to maintain a healthy body and mind. I believe that health is the most important aspect of life. With good health, everything else can be achieved.

What is your number one tip for juggling your many roles as a pilot, an entrepreneur and a fitness instructor?

My motto in life is, “Better to try and fail than to not try at all.” I have a vision for my life which helps me stay focused while constantly challenging myself in new ways. My vision drives me, especially when I face hurdles that may seem impossible to overcome. I've learned that perseverance and determination can go a long way.

If you were a travel destination, what would you be and why?

If I were a destination, I would be Hong Kong. It is my mother’s hometown. I love the energy and vibrancy of Hong Kong that never ceases to excite me. From food and shopping to culture, the city has so much to offer.  It's also where my favourite getaway is, which is Hong Kong Disneyland!

(Cover photo from: @angelica_windy)

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