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Our “I Am Her” series features the female movers and shakers of the industry to learn how femininity and power coincide beautifully and seamlessly together.

Every woman has encountered these age-old complaints when it comes to daily fashion: “I have nothing to wear AGAIN!”, “My wardrobe is bursting”, “I don’t know what to buy” or more often than not “I have no time to shop”.  But Raena Lim decided that women of today, who are already caught up with juggling too many roles in a fast-paced lifestyle, should no longer worry about these issues. Thus, the creation of Style Theory, a platform which brings unlimited access to designer clothing for women in Singapore, following a 'Netflix-for-Fashion' model, came to life.

A screenshot of Style Theory's website featuring a subscription invite and a photo of a rack of clothes at the side

The dynamics are fairly simple: from work-wear to casual outfits, women can choose a variety of items they want, wear them and return them to get something new to wear again for an unlimited number of times per month. Taking advantage of today's technology, Style Theory is an extension of a woman's wardrobe stored in the cloud. Given this, we decided to talk to the woman behind the fashion innovation to discover her drive in using fashion as a tool for daily and long-term empowerment. 

Can you share with us your own personal relationship with fashion and why you decided to make a career out of it?

I used to shop a lot from local designers because I enjoy the craft and stories behind the brands. I didn't actively decide to go into fashion, but rather I just wanted to create a solution to the age-long problem of clothes being underutilised. This might also be why the company is more focused on data-driven decisions. The solution actually revolutionises the archaic notion of fashion consumption — solving the conundrum of why we are always buying new clothes but never have enough to wear. Style Theory opens the doors to an infinite wardrobe for women — a truly exciting alternative to our limited closets.

You are the definition of looking good while doing what you do. How do you stay empowered and inspired to do that every day?

The team's passion and excitement in the work they put forward and knowing what we do will make history is very empowering. Besides that, setting routines to help me get dressed and get out in a record time of 15 minutes also helps. Lastly, I eat half a tub of dark chocolate ice cream when things get tough and then continue!

Girl wearing palm leaves-printed skirt crosses the street

Speaking of empowerment, what do you think is the role of clothes, fashion, and style in daily empowerment?

Being able to dress the way that best represents yourself and being comfortable with your preferences and being confident with experimenting is very empowering. Style Theory enables access to these options by eliminating the traditional woes that come with a limited wardrobe. 

Can you share with us the top three most popular labels that your patrons are obsessed with? Why do you think these labels speak to your patrons the most?

Keepsake because it's romantic, trendy and fashion forward; People Tree because this is one of the brands that pioneered the movement towards more sustainable clothing and it goes to show that women care not only about style but also the brand's vision; and Alice McCall because people who like this brand are confident and aware of their own style as this brand is bolder and sexier. 

Woman wearing a floral print dress sits on a brown velvet chair

Lastly, if you were to narrow down your entire wardrobe to five staple pieces, what would they be? 

A navy jumpsuit, a black dress, a dark knee-length vest, a sleeveless white blouse and a pair of light-coloured jeans.

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Contrary to popular belief, it's not always sunny and warm in the tropics. We also have to deal with a string of rainy days, cold mornings and, for some countries, dreaded floods. Naturally, the gloomy weather also brings some major style dilemmas and if you're not prepared, you may end up looking sloppy. Worry not; all you have to do is stock up on these five wardrobe essentials to stay in style. 

An ultra-stylish, rain-proof outerwear

On the left is a monochromatic herringbone-patterned REDValentino bomber jacket. On the right is a transparent pink REDValentino PVC Raincoat

REDValentino Bomber Jacket, HKD9,800/~USD1,248.67; REDValentino PVC Raincoat, HKD 6,950/~USD885.53 

Every season, there's an ultimate wardrobe must-have that you should never skip. During summer, it's sundresses and loose tops. For the rainy season, it's a weather-proof stylish outerwear. This year, take part in the PVC trend or go for a sleek bomber jacket. Both pieces can easily be paired with any comfy outfit that you have in mind, be it a midi dress or just a shirt and jeans combo.

Long-sleeved dresses

A long sleeved collared black dress with butterfly print

Bora Aksu butterfly print dress, Price unavailable

Stay warm and stylish by stocking up on casual long-sleeved dresses. It may seem counterintuitive to wear dresses during a downpour but it's actually a better option as they're less likely to soak in rainwater than when you're wearing jeans. Remember to choose those with lightweight fabrics so it'll dry faster if you ever get caught in a little drizzle.

A pair of cropped pants

A pair of Old Navy distressed denim cropped pants

Old Navy distressed jeans, Price unavailable

If you prefer to wear pants, we suggest that you opt for the cropped ones. The last thing you'd want is to end up with unsightly — and icky — wet hems (hello water puddles!). Match it with a blazer for a chic, smart ensemble. 

A sleek, waterproof bag

A shiny black Melissa backpack made with PVC

MELISSA Back Pack, SGD195/~USD143.39

Gone are the days when waterproof accessories meant tacky designs. Now, PVC bags, shoes and even hats are being revamped and are give a more elegant look. Invest in one or two waterproof bags this rainy season to secure your belongings from the unfriendly weather. 

A pair of boots 

A Timberland Flyroam Chill Chukka laced-up boot in black full grain.

Timberland Flyroam Chill Chukka in Black Full-Grain, SGD239/~USD175.74

It's time to swap your breezy sandals for closed shoes. And there's no other footwear that's better for combatting a rainy day than a trusty pair of boots. Pick simple, no-nonsense boots with a functional design that can withstand repeated exposure to water.

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