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Inspired by the science of Skin & Light for skin softly illuminated with an alluring, irresistible glow, SK-II has raised the bar yet again by enabling Malaysian women to attain a radiant future with flawless, glowing skin with their new SK-II Auractivator CC (Complete Correction) Cream.


SK-II’s Auractivator CC Cream enables holistic brightening through a three-fold action: providing immediate radiance on the surface of the skin, working on the inner layers of the skin to reduce melanin, the cause of dark spots, and protecting skin from future damage with UV protection.  

This product delivers 5 benefits in 1 step: activating aura, protecting skin with SPF 50, evening out imperfections, moisturizing and improving skin’s glow with iridescent micro pearls. It also gives skin the perfect pep-up with an instant soft radiant aura, and works at a deeper level to improve skin’s own soft radiant aura in 4 weeks, while providing full UV coverage (SPF 50) that allows skin to breathe.

SK-II launched this first-of-its-kind CC Cream at the spectacular SK-II #ChangeDestiny Light Museum that was built in the concourse of Suria KLCC, combining a variety of enchanting and transformational experiences for women looking to embark on their journey to defy the odds for irresistibly glowing skin.


SK-II’s Auractivator CC Cream (30g) is available in Malaysia for RM274


Everyone’s favourite season has finally come and I for one am very excited to spend summer with my friends and family. While everyone is busy planning what to do or where to go this summer, there's a burning question on everyone's mind: what to bring to your summer trip.

So for my first article on ClozetteINSIDER, I have decided to share my summer travel essentials and the top things that I pack for trips this summer!


Beauty Essentials

At the top of my list are toiletries and beauty essentials. Whenever I go on my summer trips, I always pack my sunscreen and lotion first. These two are the most common essentials to protect our skin from the harsh rays of the sun. As for me, I always try my best to take care of my skin and just have the right amount of tan that I need for summer.

Next are my trusty sanitizer and wet tissue, just in case I need to clean up any messes during the trip and keep my hands clean before meals on the road. Another on my list is lip balm. When you are on the beach it is not necessary to have your lipstick around. So why not try a more natural look and protect your lips with a lightly tinted lip balm to soothe your dry lips.

Summer Accessories

When it comes to Summer trips, there comes a point when the heat becomes unbearable to handle especially on city tours. So to combat that, I suggest you always bring shades and a big floppy hat. You can also bring along a fan with you to cool you down even more. If you are still concerned about burning your skin, then pack a scarf that you can drape over your shoulders or use as a cover up.

Most girls also love to keep their long hair down; but when it gets too hot and you need your hair away from your face, hair ties are your best friend. Tie your hair in a high ponytail or a messy bun for a great look this summer. 


It is a must to bring gadgets while on a trip as a way to store memories. I usually bring my iPhone, iTouch, instax, and my camera around to take memorable photos. Also with all that gadget usage, do not forget to bring along a power bank so you can freely enjoy using your gadgets without worrying that you will run out of batteries.

Basic Summer OOTDs

If you are having trouble deciding on the clothes to bring on your trip, you can always try for the basics and not over-think your outfits. I suggest a tank top, shorts, kimono (or a cover up), plus your flip-flops and you are good to go. These pieces are also great for packing because they take less space in your bag. If you want to be more stylish, choose attractive colours or do not be afraid to use prints. These would require less accessories on your end as well!



Lancôme has always been one of the top brands for skincare because of their innovation in combining technology, nature, and the “à la française” vision--a kind of beauty that owes its elegance to the  light and grace of a woman. A radiant face with a light complexion is the key to French beauty. It started from the famous "Golden Glow" that has become the speciality of Lancôme as early as 1965.

Lancôme Absolue is a universal prodigious cream that embodies beauty and luxury à la Française. It is dedicated to skin regeneration in order to preserve signs of youth, including the natural radiance of the skin through uniform complexion and smooth skin. The expression of that glow brought by Lancôme Absolue has become the ultimate sign of the beauty of a Lancôme woman. And after 50 years, that Golden Glow remains as the very essence of Lancôme’s savoir-faire in formulae development.

To celebrate 50 years of Golden Glow, Lancôme reveals its latest novelty in the Absolue range, the Absolue Precious Oil Nourishing Luminous Oil. It's a natural radiance primer that reveals all of the Golden Glow’s vital force by reinforcing the skin’s barrier function and maintaining its structural integrity. After using it, the skin is unveiled softer and suppler, but also stronger against exogenous agents. 

This golden-coloured elixir is applied between the lotion and serum. It creates a unique glow through the perfect combination of these four elements--Luminosity: the skin’s radiance is revealed and its translucency enhanced; Evenness: the complexion becomes more even and uniform; Nutrition: intense moisture and comfort, the skin becomes plumper and denser; and Revitalisation: day after day, the skin’s surface is refined, its texture enhanced, and wrinkles and fine lines fade away.

Lancôme has also added more to the Absolue line with its Absolue Premium βx cream for voluptous regeneration and regeneration, Absolue Precious Cell (formulated with Lancôme’s highest level of Pro-Xylane™) for intense regeneration and extreme repair, and the Absolue L'extrait And Regenerating Ultimate Elixirthe most powerful elixir that helps reveal firmer, more elastic, more radiant skin for fascinating beauty. 

Click here to know more about the Lancôme Absolue line