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Innisfree Will Teach You All About Beauty In "Beautiology 101"

(cover photo from @innisfreeofficial)

When it comes to product marketing, let’s be honest, Koreans do it best. Just look at how Innisfree did it by creating a web drama collaboration with OnStyle which feature its products, beauty trends, and tips!

Innisfree’s first web drama collaboration with OnStyle was Sweet Youth – if you haven’t watched it, get a sneak peek by clicking here!

(photo from Instagram/@sandy716167)

In their second drama, titled Beautiology 101, the show levels up the quality with its spot-on acting and beauty information naturally delivered to you as if you were a student in a beauty school. And what’s even better are all the models-turned-actors who provide the show with a little eye candy!
(photo from Instagram/@innisfreeofficial)

Besides the gorgeous actors and beauty information, Beautiology 101 also introduced some interesting new products from Innisfree, such as their changeable colourful cushion cases through their campaign, called “Made By Me, My Cushion”. These cushion cases are great for switching up your compacts depending on your outfit and mood.

If you happen to be travelling in Seoul and want to customise your cushion foundation cases from Innisfree, then drop by their #MyCushion ATM! It’s a pop-up store at Garosu-gil, Seoul where you can instantly switch your case to a fun and cute design! But you have to hurry, because the pop-up will only be there till the end of June!

(photo from Innisfree)

If you’re more of an eyeliner lover, though, then you’ll be glad to know that Beautiolgy 101 also introduced Innisfree’s Always New Auto Liner – an eyeliner with a sharpener inside its cap, so you can get a sharp tip every time you use it!

And because Innisfree understands that a sharp eyeliner tip is crucial to create a perfect line, they also thought about giving makeup lovers and pros a lot of colour options by releasing 20 different shades to suit everyone’s liner needs!

By perfectly combining “drama” and “beauty” in one show, learning how to use Innisfree’s products has never been more fun or easy. And since Beautiology 101 just finished airing, you can now marathon the entire 10-episode season and pick up more beauty tips and tricks here!


Which scenes or tips did you love from Beautiology 101? Share your favourites with us in the comment section below!