Insider Round-Up: A Hijabi Making Waves In Fashion, Lily-Rose Depp For Chanel And More | Clozette
We're close to ending another month. 2017 is flying by! How's your year so far? We sure hope it's as exciting and positive as the news bits we gathered for you this week. If you've been feeling a bit low lately, maybe these could cheer you up. Let's go through what happened in the worlds of beauty, fashion, travel, and tech this week!


Pimple-free in 15 days?  

Some of us went through a rough phase dealing with acne during puberty, while others experience it later on in life. No matter your age, though, there's a product that promises to rid you of your pimple problem in just 15 days: the Honesi Exofila Cream. Watch how this raved-about product on Shoppee works below.

Lily-Rose for Rogue Coco Gloss

Actor Johnny Depp's daughter Lily-Rose Depp continues to make a name for herself in the modelling industry. The 17-year-old has just been named the face of the new Rogue Coco Gloss, which is a line of well-formulated glosses in a variety of hues.  


Celine Dion Collection

There are new Celine bags that aim to take the fashion world by storm, and it's not by the famous French brand. Singer Celine Dion has launched her own bag collection.

Hello, Halima!

Hooray for diversity! A hijabi model is making waves in the fashion scene. Halima Aden, who has signed with IMG Models, has recently walked the runways of Yeezy and Alberta Ferretti. Plus, she's also on the cover of the latest issue of CR Fashion Book.



For those who can't get enough of Instagram, here's something new: the photo-sharing app has just released a new update. You can now add multiple photos and videos in one post.

Beach, please!

Here's something to add to your must-visit list: Trip Advisor has named its Travelers' Choice for the top beach in the world. Say hello to Baia do Sancho in Brazil.  


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(Cover photo from: beautifulbuns)

It used to be taboo for men to use and wear beauty products — because apparently, using it would make them feel like less of a man. Luckily, the beauty industry has broadened its horizons and men are now encouraged to be a part of it, too (yay, inclusivity!). 

That is why if your bae is looking to get into using beauty products on a daily basis, all he has to do is try out a few of yours. What are those? Keep scrolling as we list down the five beauty products you can gladly share with your man.



(Photo from: musicalhouses)

Men produce oil on their skin too, and they acquire dirt and pollution in their pores just like us. So don’t hesitate to let him use your cleanser morning and night so he can give his complexion a gentle cleanse as you do on yourself.

Face Mask

(Photo from: Jeankuah)

Not only will sharing a face mask make an excellent photo that’s worth sharing, but you can turn it into a moment for you to reconnect with each other. After all, you’ll have 15 to 20 minutes to spare while you wait for the mask to work its magic!



(Photo from: streetlove)

Protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays is crucial so why not let your boyfriend or hubby benefit from that protection too by sharing your sunblock with him? Just remember that the SPF must be at least 30 and both of you should re-apply it every few hours.

Facial Mist

(Photo from: Paperkitties)

If you both have dry skin, why not opt to share a face mist instead of buying two separate ones? Not only will you both save a bit of cash, but you’ll both be able to experience the refreshing treat together.


Hand cream

(Photo from: thetouchofyellow)

You can tell a woman’s real age through her hands, and the same goes for men. So go ahead and make holding hands a little more fun (and smoother) by getting him into the habit of using your hand cream on a daily basis. We promise he'll instantly love its buttery and light texture.


Thinking of sharing your style with your boo, too? Here are fun ways you can master couple wear without looking tacky.



“What company takes you to an island resort?” asked Gregory Arlt, Global Director for Makeup Artistry at MAC Cosmetics. 

On February 6, we were whisked away from the confines of our work places and transported to the beautiful Shangri-La Mactan resort in Cebu to witness the presentation of MAC’s Spring/Summer 2017 trends.

The presentation was done in a tent a few feet from the sea, which proved to be an apt location as the upcoming trends and releases from the brand dared people to return to what feels more natural to us — less of the heavy, more of the raw (yes, "raw," we'll explain in a bit). With that said, what looks should you be sporting now that the cold is slowly starting to leave us? Here’s a guide.



Gregory Arlt demonstrating the "Real" trend on model Stephanie Zubiri. The look is au naturel with a bold lip.

Say goodbye to heavy, Instagram-inspired looks. It’s back to basics with a bold twist. For spring and summer, it’s all about getting real. Unfiltered, unpretentious, and easy are just a few words to take note of. In line with this, MAC will be releasing a new face colour called “Next to Nothing,” which aims to let you be as comfortable with as little makeup as possible. 


Arlt giving singer-actress Karylle coloured lashes — a staple in the "Free" trend.  

Fans of colour will not be left behind as MAC also sees the resurgence of 80’s beauty trends. It’s time to cast away your inhibitions and start embracing colour — everywhere. Put some on your eyelids, eyelashes, cheeks and lips. MAC will be releasing mascaras and eye colours in bright hues



Arlt gives Miss World 2013 Megan Young glossy lids. 

While strobing is still a hit among many, powders will take a backseat. Liquids and emollients are the way to go to achieve a more natural-looking glow. Perfecting the glow of your base is always a good place to start. For this, you can mix your favourite foundation with the Care Blends Essential Oils. Put some Clear Gloss on top of your eyeshadow, and you’ll have a look that’s not only great for pictures but also eye-catching in real life.


Arlt making model-actress Bianca Manalo look like a bronze goddess.

Embrace the warmer weather brought by spring and summer and show it on your face. Opt for hues that are fiery and feisty for a feminine take on a sunkissed look. Glow with bronze hues on your cheeks, peach tones on your lids, and make sure to swipe on some hot hues of red and orange on your lips. MAC Lipglass, which will have a new packaging, has a huge variety of hues to choose from.


Watch out for new MAC releases you can use to achieve these beauty trends when they hit stores in June.