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So, here we are. It's a new month, folks. But we'll refrain from poring over how time flies by so fast. Instead, we'll pay closer attention to what's been happening. And some fun things have been happening recently. A star-studded event, a fan-favourite brand pushes for e-commerce and more — here are some of the cool stuff you shouldn't miss.


Our Fave Oscars Looks

This year's Oscars was buzzed about despite the reportedly low ratings because of a controversy. It didn't diminish the shine of the lovely and talented women who attended the event, though. Our favourites? Olivia Culpo (pictured), Taraji P. Henson and Brie Larson.

Zara Goes Online

Shopping for your favourite elegant pieces from the beloved Spanish brand Zara is now easier than ever. The brand has gone online in Singapore, so get ready to start clicking (and shopping) here!


It's Back!

Clarins Makeup has returned to Singapore. The entire range will be available for purchase starting March 31.

Jewellery For Brides-To-Be

If you're a bride-to-be, chances are you've given a lot of time and thought to your wedding dress. Don't take your jewellery selection for granted, though. SK Jewellery has a divine line for Chinese women who are soon to tie the knot.


Dior's First Lacquer Sticks

Yup, that's right. Dior has just released its first lacquer sticks. The colour payoff is heavy but the formula is light on the lips. Watch it in action on Jennifer Lawrence in the video above.

Skincare From Urban Decay

Urban Decay has dove into the world of skincare. The brand, known for their makeup range, now also offers cleansers, moisturisers and more.


Web Escentials

Singapore's leading luxury fragrance and beauty retail store is now on the web. Find Escentials online here.

CHANEL Stickers

In conjuction with the release of their Rogue Coco Gloss, Chanel has also released a line of messaging stickers. Download them now from the App Store.


Last week was just as peachy as this one. Want to know what happened then? Check it out here.



With beauty- and fashion-centric movies like The Devil Wears Prada or 13 Going On 30, we were given this stereotype that the two industries are made for overly snooty and dramatic people who are simply fixated on the glitz and glamour of their own elite world. But just like how trends evolve, those who live and breathe beauty and fashion have taken a stand to say 'no' against these claims and have proven that makeup and style are more than just superficial whims. 

For the past couple of years, celebrities, brands, and even publications, dared to move and decided to use the elegance and art found in beauty and fashion to dive into philanthropy, taking the term 'fashion forward' to new heights. So as we say 'yes' to this evolution, we decided to share some of our favourite moments when beauty and fashion were used for causes and movements. 


Emma Watson for sustainable fashion

As if she couldn't be any more perfect, Emma Watson has currently been making waves for her true-to-life Disney princess dresses and outfits. But behind her stunning looks, it's no surprise that the 26-year-old UN Ambassadress and feminism advocate decided to don pieces that stand for a significant cause. 

Aiming to promote sustainable fashion, Emma has been working and collaborating with ethical fashion brands and designers, such as ZADY, to come up with casual wear and red carpet-ready pieces that are made from recycled fabric and other environment-friendly materials. 

Maybelline and Covergirl for gender inclusivity

Hey, guys can wear makeup, too (and their MOTDs are turning us green with envy)! 

YouTube personalities James Charles and Manny Mua are the first two male Ambassadors for Covergirl and Maybelline respectively, shunning the stigma that makeup is only for women. So that's an A+ for gender equality!


Dove for universal beauty

One major criticism of the beauty and fashion industries is that they used to cater to the typical Barbie doll-like women, leading many to feel insecure about themselves. But Dove would have none of that. In the hopes of encouraging every woman — no matter their skin colour, age, body shape, and more — to believe that they are beautiful. And did we mention that they deliver their ads in the most tear-jerkingly amazing way possible?

MAC for HIV/AIDS research and initiatives

(Photo from:

Love your Ruby Woos and Velvet Teddy lipsticks? Why not move to the Viva Glam section on your next visit to MAC and score yourself another gorgeous lippie? You'll be supporting HIV and Aids research when you do so. That's right! Every cent of the selling price of a Viva Glam lipstick and lipgloss is donated to the MAC AIDS Fund, which aims to develop programs, as well as distribute health kits to communities, in the prevention of the disease. 


H&M for solidarity and unity

Social media paved the way for many organisations, both for and non-profit, to deliver and participate in causes, no matter which part of the world you're from. H&M took advantage of this by partnering up with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), in spreading the word about culture, understanding, and closing the gaps between nations. 

The collaboration highlighted efforts that provided educational support for children displaced from their homes by war, unrest, and calamities. The two organisations used social media to spread the message while putting the goal to action by promoting that every H&M gift card sold during the holidays will help buy school supplies for child refugees.


Beauty and fashion initiatives start from within! Take a hand at body positivity with our top tips.



(Cover photo from: Lexiepuzon)

Beauty tool cleansing is like applying sunscreen — a lot of people advocate its importance, but only a few listen. That is why, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, we’re here to tell you that cleaning your makeup, skincare and hair tools is essential in making sure they maintain their quality year after year and continuously deliver flawless results. 

Whether you’re a makeup artist, skincare expert, hair stylist or someone who loves to dabble in various aspects of beauty, properly cleaning your tools at least once a week is a rule. Want to know if you’re correctly deep cleaning your tools? Just keep reading for our guide.


Makeup Brushes

(Photo from: cassansaurusanaesi)

There are a lot — and we mean a LOT — of brush cleansers out there — from solid soaps to liquids to the ones you spritz. While they are all amazing, you want to go for something gentle like baby shampoo for a good deep clean. 

First, rinse your brush in lukewarm water, then put a few drops of baby shampoo on it and massage it until it lathers and you see excess makeup dripping down. You can then proceed to wash your brush. To make sure every bit of dirt, oil, makeup, and bacteria is removed from the brush, repeat the process — double cleansing, yes? To ensure that your brushes maintain their shape, start reshaping them while they’re still wet, and let them air dry.

Makeup Sponges

(Photo from: janiceyeap)

You may be thinking that you can use the same baby shampoo method with your sponges, but sadly, you can’t. Sponges, like everyone’s favourite beautyblender, harbours bacteria deep within that no amount of baby shampoo will ever be able to remove. 

Cleansers and soaps that are specifically made for these types of beauty tools are your best bet to remove every ounce of foundation, concealer, and blush. So just wet your sponge, apply a sponge cleaning soap or cleanser, squeeze and clean until you see all the makeup dissolving, and rinse it with water.


Hair Brushes

(Photo from: tebisha)

Surprised that a hair brush is supposed to be cleaned? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Now that you're aware, though, here's how to do it. To remove all the trapped hair strands, dirt, and bacteria, take a toothpick or a pen and insert it in the middle of the brush to loosen up the hair stuck in the bristles. Once it’s fairly loose, take a pair of scissors and begin cutting in the middle, making easier to remove after. Once you’ve cleaned the brush out, you can now wash and cleanse it using baby shampoo. Lay it on a flat surface with the bristles facing down, and let it air dry. Easy, right?

Skincare Brushes

(Photo from: CelineChiam)

Skincare brushes such as the Clarisonic and Olay Pro-X promise to give you smoother, clearer skin each use as they clean deep within your pores to remove dirt and oil. But if you don’t clean your own skincare brush, it won’t be able to do any of its promises. To always get the most out of your cleansing tool, after every use, wash out the head with baby shampoo or a mild soap. Then just pat it down with a clean towel and let it air dry.


Straightening and Curling Irons

(Photo from: Everestsays)

Every time you use a hot tool, you also make use of protective hair sprays and serums, right? And once you run the iron or rod over your locks, residue from the spray and serum stay on the hot tool, building up over time. When it does build up, it can make your hair tool less effective. 

So to get the most out of your tools, make sure that at least once a week, you run an alcohol-soaked cotton pad over the plates and the body to clean it; your tool shouldn’t be turned on, of course. Wipe it down with a clean cloth and store it in a protective bag to prolong its lifespan.