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Insider Roundup: 7-Eleven Makeup & More

Wednesday's whirlwind of news

We're halfway through the week! Wow, it's been quite fast, yeah? Especially since we're treated to a lot of exciting information, like the following hot pieces of news we'll be sharing. Get ready for your dose of the latest in fashion and beauty.

7-Eleven Makeup

Yes, you read that right. 7-Eleven has released their own makeup line. It seems like the interest in creating beauty products is quite strong that even the ubiquitous convenience store chain has taken a hand at it. Looking at the offerings from the line, called Simply Me Beauty, we say they look promising. What do you think? Would you buy these products when you chance upon them while on a Slurpee run?

Barbie Aimee

A Barbie in the image and likeness of style star Aimee Song has been debuted. The doll version of the blogger has been seen touring Barbie, the vlogger, around Los Angeles.

Highest-paid model

We bet you already saw this one coming. Kendall Jenner is now the highest-paid model in the world. She has ousted Gisele Bundchen from the post. Bundchen retired from modelling in 2015 but still managed to be the world's highest paid model last year.

PB&J hair

A new hair trend is here again. This time it takes inspiration from a classic food combination. Everyone, meet peanut butter and jelly hair. It's basically highlights of peanut butter-like blonde and berry hues. Would you rock this look?

Congrats, Chrissy!

Model and cookbook author Chrissy Teigen has announced that she's expecting her second child with husband, singer John Legend. Congrats, Chrissy!

(Cover photo from: @misssueet)

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