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Insider Roundup: A Vampire Facial Gone Wrong & More

Surprising news!

We're already halfway through this month. How time flies! But time and the happenings in the busy worlds of fashion and beauty wait for no one. So we're back with fascinating pieces to feed your mind. Ahead, the latest and the hottest.

No more vampire facial?

Woman covering her face with a hat

It is still the first and only reported case of it happening but should it prompt you to avoid getting a vampire facial? There have reportedly been cases of patients being exposed to HIV and hepatitis B and C in New Mexico in the U.S. after undergoing a vampire facial. 

More than a booboo

A grey sweater

Screenshot of the now deleted item on Revolve

LPA released a set of shirts with quotes reportedly inspired by real-life quotes made by real people. One of the shirts bore the words "Being fat is not beautiful; it's an excuse." It didn't sit well with people and was later removed from Revolve's website where it was first released for purchase. The brand has apologised for what happened. One of the founders reportedly said that the shirts were released earlier than expected so context for the prints was not given. 

Glam gowns

A black cut-out gown

Right on time for holiday dressing, Japanese designer Tadashi Shoji, who is based in Los Angeles, has opened his first boutique in Manila. Get your hands on his pieces at Rustan's Makati.

Powder Kiss

MAC Cosmetics is known for their matte lipsticks, but they're releasing a new finish next month. Say hello to Powder Kiss, which is still matte but feels like a balm on the lips. 

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