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We know you try to be as updated as you possibly can, but with all the fun happenings in the worlds of fashion and beauty, it can be really hard to keep up. But don't worry because we got you. Here's what you need to know right now.

ASOS inclusivity

Two girls, one in a wheelchair, wear matching pastel paint splattered outfits.

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After their efforts to promote sustainability, ASOS is at it again with meaningful programmes. This time, it's for inclusivity. The brand has teamed up with differently abled producer and reporter Chloe Ball-Hopkins on a fashion piece that's great for people who use a wheelchair (and those who don't). The piece was also modelled for the site by a differently abled person.

Selena x Coach Part III

It's the third time Selena Gomez has appeared for a campaign for Coach. This time, however, her photos for the brand were released at the same time those of international ambassadors were. Joining Gomez is Coach's latest ambassador, Kiko Mizuhara.

Charlotte Tilbury's gold

Charlotte Tilbury has given her fans what they've been dreaming of: one palette that contains all of her highlighting bars. Get glowing as the product is available now at the makeup artist's website. It retails for USD58.

Anastasia x Norvina

Anastasia Beverly Hills is releasing a palette curated by their president, Norvina Soare. The palette, which has lots of pinks and purples, is named after its creator. Get your hands on it starting 17 July.

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Twitter exploded over the weekend with the news that Justin Bieber and Hailey Balwin got engaged. It was said that a close source from the singer's side was the one who confirmed the news and the speculation was further ignited by social media posts from Bieber and Baldwin's parents. Captions of the posts were vague but are clear enough to have us at the edge of our seats. Then, earlier today, Bieber confirmed the news via his Instagram account, saying that Baldwin is "the love of his life" and that he "wouldn't want to spend it with anybody else."

The 24-year-old singer and the 21-year-old model briefly dated in 2016 and has recently reunited after Baldwin's sudden surprising split with singer Shawn Mendes, whom she recently attended the Met Gala with. On the other hand, fans of JBiebs and his ex Selena Gomez — collectively known as 'Jelena' — also took the news as a surprise as Bieber has always been outspoken about how 'special' and 'eternal' his on-off relationship with the Can't Keep My Hands To Myself singer is and how she is his 'soulmate'. 

And now that the news of the Biebs popping the question is proven true by the man himself, it's definitely causing quite the drama. Which makes us want to look back at some of the beauties his name got tangled with in the past. What do you say about a roundup of some of the best beauty looks of the Where Are You Now singer's confirmed and rumoured exes?

Jayde Pierce

One of the people with Justin when his memorable nude photos were leaked in Bora Bora back in 2015 was Pierce. The two briefly dated before the model-YouTuber announced that she was pregnant with rapper Mike Dixon's baby six months after their split. We're totally in love with this beauty look that shows off her natural curls up in a knot, accentuating her gorgeous eyes and great bone structure. 


Xena Delia

Now married to 64-year-old multi-millionaire Ossama Fathi Rabah Al-Sharif, the 28-year-old model who appeared in the singer's What Do You Mean music video is now blooming and pregnant with their first child. With glowing skin and full brows, this fresh-faced look is simple yet definitely one of our faves!

Ashley Moore

All cuddly in an LA Clippers game back in 2015, the two reunited last February and went hiking together, sparking rumours that they're reigniting the flames of their relationship. However, seeing as how Justin got cosy with Selena and then Hailey after that short reunion, it's safe to say that they're just friends.

The baby-faced model can pull off almost any beauty look with her youthful features, but the sleek hair, smokey eyes and bold brows combo is just perfection in our book!

Miranda Kerr

Who can forget reading the bizarre 2014 headline of Justin Bieber being punched by Orlando Bloom because of the latter's ex-wife Miranda Kerr? It's been almost five years and we still can't get over how weird it is to have these names in the same news article! Just a refresher, it was rumoured that Kerr and Bieber exchanged a lot of flirty texts during the time that the model was still with her now ex-husband Bloom, causing tension between the actor and the Canadian pop star when they crossed paths in a bar.

Fast forward to the present, Kerr is now married to the CEO and founder of Snapchat — not that she needs the filters from the app. Just take this almost-bare beauty look as proof.


Kendall Jenner

Yet another romance that supposedly bloomed in another post-Jelena era, Kendall was quick to shut down the rumours by saying that Justin is nothing more than a longtime family friend. In 2015, the singer and the model appeared on each other's Instagrams yet again, reigniting dating rumours. Whether they really dated or not is still left as a mystery but if there's one thing we know for sure, it's that Kendall knows how to slay an old Hollywood beauty look.

Sofia Richie

At this rate, it's clear to see that the Biebs really has a thing for models. And his time with model Sofia Richie started and ended with so much drama including the Jelena fans wreaking havoc in the comments section of the singer's Instagram. Justin and Selena supposedly bit back at each other which eventually led to Justin deactivating his Instagram account and Selena issuing an apology on her Instagram. Talk about a whole round of crazy. But it's safe to say that the air has now cleared for the model a few months after the whole ruckus. With her often fierce beauty looks intensified by her piercing eyes, her showing a different side of herself with a candid attitude, dewy skin and high ponytail in this photo is our favourite look so far.

Selena Gomez

At this point, can we really talk about Justin without mentioning Selena? And the same goes the other way around. It was reported that while the news of Justin's engagement with Hailey caused internet chaos, Selena was seen in a yacht with her friends unbothered. If there's one thing we can't help but look forward to, it's Selena's unending spot-on beauty looks. Just check out those enviable sultry smokey eyed look.



We're halfway through the first half of the year and almost done with this week. Time may be passing by swiftly but the happenings in the worlds of fashion and beauty come just as fast. Ahead, the latest.

Sephora Playhouse

A photo that reads "Sephora Playhouse, Where Your Beauty Beats"

In celebration of their 10th birthday in Singapore, Sephora is opening up the biggest beauty playground in Southeast Asia. The Sephora Playhouse is the first-ever beauty interactive funhouse in Southeast Asia, which will be open to over 40,000 guests in Singapore from 21 to 29 July. Sign up to get passes here.

Pomelo Swim

Woman wearing a blue two-piece swimsuit.

Summer may have already left our side of the world but, hey, it's still summer somewhere. And that's enough reason to plan a trip to the beach and sport the perfect swimwear. If you're looking to add to your collection, check out Pomelo's newly released swim line.


Two pair of hands hold a wooden bowl full of cherry tomatoes

Here's something to try this weekend. Head to Sprout, Singapore's largest Farm-to-People Festival. Learn new recipes by watching interactive cooking demos, buy locally grown strawberries, learn how to make your own acai bowl and just learn more about fresh produce. Head to the Suntec Convention Centre from 7 to 8 July to enjoy the festival. Find out more here.

Ouai for your pets

Ouai products have generally good reviews from its customers. Those who have tried the products have said their hair conditions have improved. Well, it's time to give the same treatment to our dear pets. Ouai has just launched a pet line, and we're so excited!

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