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Insider Roundup: Beyonce To Buy Out Ivy Park & More

Weird and wonderful

The worlds of fashion and beauty are always abundant with fun happenings. Case in point: these tidbits we gathered. Here's your weekly dose of news.

Beyonce to buy out her brand?

As you may know, Beyonce has an athleisure brand created in partnership with Topshop called Ivy Park. But since Topshop hotshot Philip Green has been embroiled in a harassment case, there have been rumours that Beyonce is buying out her brand from the British company. No confirmation yet, but we're holding our breath for a resolution.

Blending makeup with a pancake?

Just when we thought we've seen it all — from cellphones to that part of a man's body — here comes another material used for makeup blending that just isn't right. Riverdale actress Camila Mendes was caught on video using... wait for it... a pancake — we're serious! — to blend her foundation in between takes. Well, it goes without saying that we will not try this trend but we assume that the sponge-like texture of the pancake does make for a good blender substitute.

Weed you try this?

Cannabis has been used for skincare and haircare products before, and more recently for mascara. But now we're moving on to colour makeup as Melt Cosmetics has just unveiled its Smoke Sessions Collection. And yes, the products in the line, which include an eyeshadow palette and a few lipsticks, are infused with weed. 

Cardi B x Fashion Nova

Cardi B has released her much-awaited collaboration with Fashion Nova over the weekend. The bad news is it's already sold out. Inspired by her favourite fashion designers, the clothes are meant to be affordable versions of what you may see on runway shows.

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