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Insider Roundup: BTS' Label In Search Of New Female Idols & More

End your Monday with a bang!

End your Monday with a bang by scrolling through today's hottest news. From BTS' label looking for new female idols to James Charles causing yet another drama in the beauty community, we have all the tea ready to be spilt in today's Insider Roundup. 

BTS' label in search of new female idols

Dreaming of becoming an idol and possibly working alongside BTS? Now might be your chance. The K-pop boy group's label Big Hit Entertainment just announced auditions for their next girl group, to debut in 2021. Structuring a multi-label approach to debuting more international hit-makers, Big Hit is opening their doors to aspiring idols in over 16 cities, from Hanoi to Tokyo to even Los Angeles and New York starting this October.

YouTube launches a fashion-centric section on the platform

Known as the hub of many beauty gurus, YouTube decides to widen its horizon and open a Fashion Vertical to better organise content under the style category. This is in line with the growth of fashion influencers, channels, and even brands sharing content on the video-sharing platform, with statistics going up to billions of views. This is said to also open opportunities for YouTube to 'pull an Instagram' and maybe introduce a shop-as-you-watch feature in the future. 

Hillary Duff launches makeup collection with Nudestix

Following the recent announcement of Hillary Duff reprising her role as a grown-up Lizzie Mcguire is another surprise for her fans: she's also launching a makeup collection. In collaboration with Nudestix, Hillary dropped Daydreamer, a limited-edition kit with 'ethereal custom shades to remind us to never stop dreaming', last weekend. The collection comprises of six multi-sticks, a sharpener, and a holographic makeup bag with the word 'Daydreamer' on it and is said to be cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. 

James Charles accused Wet n Wild of copying his palette

It seems like drama is still not over for the beauty guru community in the U.S. as James Charles accused Wet n Wild of copying his palette made in collaboration with Morphe. The issue initially started with Wet n Wild posting about their '40 Palette' on Twitter during RuPaul's DragCon, where fans of Charles were quick to point out the similarities between the two palettes. The makeup brand replied to one of the tweets saying, "We certainly didn't copy the price," which was viewed by many as an admittance of copying.

James then reacted saying that while he nor Morphe owns the exact colours in his palette, a line was crossed when Wet n Wild copied even the layout "without even trying to hide it." The beauty community has gone divided over the issue, with some saying that dupes have always been existent in the industry and others claiming that boundaries still have to be set. What's your take?

(Cover photo from: @bts.bighitofficial)

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