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Are you counting down to the weekend? We are, too! But since watching the clock can be agonisingly slow, what do you say about recapping this week's hottest headlines with us to pass the time? From Barbie's new prosthetic leg to an Instagram glitch costing people thousands of followers, today's Insider Roundup will surely fire you up for the weekend. 

Lady M reopening promises a more sensorial experience

Last Tuesday, Lady M reopened its 2,734- sq. ft. flagship boutique in Singapore’s Orchard Central mall with the promise of bigger and better things to come for their patrons. The famed New York City dessert patisserie welcomed guests to the event with an interior refresh that aims to redefine dining along their renowned Mille Crêpe, delicate cakes and other favourites. To complete the sensorial experience, the art installations will change to match certain seasons and festivities, making it more exciting for all the boutique's visitors. 

Barbie now comes with a wheelchair and a prosthetic leg

Barbie has always been an empowering figure for young kids because she depicts a woman who can 'be anything' with regards to future careers. Still, that didn't stop people from criticising the Mattel doll in the past when it comes to their depiction of the blonde-hair-blue-eyed beauty. But hey, they know how to listen. From creating curvier dolls of different body types to diversifying their dolls' skin colour and creating Barbie dolls representative of many significant women throughout history, now they're packing on their Fashionista collection with one doll in a wheelchair and another with a prosthetic leg. Many people are now praising Barbie for this initiative and hope that considering she is still the most popular doll worldwide, they would further expand their doll designs.

Instagram glitch caused influencers and celebrities to lose thousands of followers


Instagram has raised a lot of brows yet again when people — including celebs and influencers like Ariana Grande, Katy Perry and James Charles — started losing a significant amount of followers. We're talking thousands and even millions. Yikes! The photo-sharing platform claimed that it's just a glitch and is to be resolved soon, but a lot of people also speculated that the drop is Instagram's way of purging fake and inactive accounts. Instagram then updated on Twitter that the issue should have been resolved the morning of yesterday but many still claim that their numbers have not been restored. 

Victoria Beckham launches beauty line

With the success of her fashion line's launch, Victoria Beckham crosses over to beauty with her eponymous beauty line, which she announced on Instagram yesterday. It's still unclear as to what the scope of the first collections will be, but from the IG video, we can immediately tell that lipsticks are just some of the few releases we have to keep our eyes peeled for. 

Katy Perry's latest shoe design accused of blackface

Raising another debate on the internet, Katy Perry's latest shoe collection will be pulled from shelves after accusations of promoting blackface. The pair that caused the outrage feature caricaturish facial features embellished in gold, blue, and red and is sold in variants of black, gold, and beige. People immediately took their opinions to social media, saying that the black variant is 'insensitive','racist' and 'offensively reminiscent of blackface'. The Swish, Swish singer has since apologised and claims to be saddened by the backlash. However, some people came to Katy's defence, saying that basic colours such as black and beige are typical for any shoe brand to release and this is just another case of over sensitivity. Now we ask: do you find Katy Perry guilty or not guilty?

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As beauty enthusiasts, we’re always on the lookout for effective products that we'll continue to reach for because they make us feel great with every use. We're sure you're the same. So if you happen to fall in love with any of these amazing new items from our curation this month, share the love with your girlfriends and get them on board ASAP!

Guerlain L’Essential Natural Glow Foundation


Formulated with 97% natural origin ingredients, mineral pigments and marine and plant active ingredients, Guerlain guarantees impeccable performance and long-lasting hold, resulting in a fresh and hydrated complexion to last all day.


Dior wants to help you achieve your skin goals this year through the Dior Prestige Light-in-White and Diorsnow. Fight the harmful elements of city life and maintain a youthful radiance with Light-in-White and make sure you glow all over, all-day with Diorsnow.

It’s the year of reinvention as Peter Philips brings forth a foundation range that will encourage you to love your skin. The Dior Forever is a matte 24-hour foundation that is also a moisturiser, creating a flawless canvas without the risk of drying out your face. Did we mention it’s also available in a whopping 67 shades?

The tried-and-true Dior Perfect Cushion Foundation returns this season with a super-sexy limited edition look, inspired by couture and runway shows. The formula remains unchanged, correcting imperfections and evening out skin tone with a boost of luminosity.

Urban Decay NAKED Reloaded


Your go-to neutral palette just got a glow up! Urban Decay has reinvented and redefined their iconic NAKED palette with 12 new shades in larger pans to continue giving us amazing looks throughout the year. Here are four of the many looks you can create using this palette.


Daringly Distinct Lipstick, SGD53/~USD39.09; Daring Voyager, SGD50/~USD36.88; Daringly Demure Lipstick, SGD53/~USD39.09

The brand has an all new Spring/Summer release that we are dying to try out for ourselves. Express your best self with the Daringly Distinct Lipstick or play it down with the Daringly Demure Lipstick for polished, elegant looks that can go from day to night. Indulge in their limited edition Daring Voyager cream glitter eyeshadows that melt upon contact with the lid, providing a divine silky finish.

LANEIGE Silk Intense Lipstick


If you’re a lippie lover, you’ll love the new rose-inspired collection from LANEIGE, with five new shades that will allow your beauty to bloom. Our favourite is Autumn Rose, a creamy terracotta rose — flattering and sophisticated. This release also includes a new shadow quad in Autumn Mute and a blush duo in Mute Rose to create a complete look.

YSL Beauté Collector’s Edition Rouge Volupté Shine


Ah, Valentine’s. To celebrate the season of love, YSL Beauté has released a set of four iconic Rouge Volupté Shine colours with the gold casing stamped with their signature hearts of love in the same shade as the lipstick inside.

Lipstick Queen

Rear View Mirror Lip Lacquer: SGD37/~USD27.29; Lip Restore Balm: SGD32/~USD23.60; Lip Restore Scrub: SGD32/~USD23.60

Inspired by the surface of a shiny new car, this innovative gloss stick imparts the perfect wash of colour with the jelly-like stock melting into your lips, creating high shine and comfortable wear. Infused with vitamin E, the Rear View Mirror Lip Lacquer is not only pretty but works to moisturise your lips as well.

Be sure to also check out the Lip Restore Balm to give your lips a little TLC because it’s been formulated to form a barrier that locks in and provides much-needed hydration. The vegetable-based ingredients help prevent dry, chapped lips and will condition the lips to smooth, soft perfection.

For added loving, get your hands on the Lip Restore Scrub that features a dual action scrub in a unique gel-based formula that protects the lips from dehydration and contains peppermint oil to leave you feeling refreshed.

Clarins White Plus Targeted Spot Brightener


Beat back the dark spots and dullness with this highly concentrated roll-on treatment to precisely treat localised problems to reveal a brighter complexion. The Clarins White Plus Targeted Spot Brightener glides smoothly over the skin and can be easily applied over makeup as a touch-up throughout the day.

Eve Lom

SGD175/~USD129.08; SGD115/~USD84.83

If smooth, radiant skin is what you’re after, Eve Lom has the solution for you with the Time Retreat Radiance Essence, power-packed with nine hyper-active, anti-ageing ingredients, such as liposome-encapsulated retinol, vitamin A and wild indigo extract for visibly radiant, smooth and hydrated skin. 

The brand also addresses dark circles, puffiness, and dryness through the versatile, nourishing formula of the Radiance Antioxidant Eye Cream. This product is highly concentrated but promises to absorb quickly, diminishing the appearance of dark circles, while also improving skin tone and restoring firmness.

THREE for Men Gentling

THREE For Men Gentling Emulsion, SGD109/~USD80.40; THREE For Men Gentling Lotion, SGD89/~USD65.65; THREE For Men Gentling Foam, SGD62/~USD45.73; THREE For Men Gentling Lip Balm, SGD35/~USD25.82

This range of products was specially formulated to address the skin concerns of the men in our lives. As male skin tends to be more sensitive due to the surplus of sebum and lack of hydration, the THREE For Men Gentling range zeroes in on immunity, moisture and the rebalancing of hormones to lend a beautiful, supple and shine-free complexion.

Miss Dior Eau De Toilette

50ml, SGD137/~USD101.05; 100ml, SGD196/~USD144.57

Dior is back with a new variation to their Miss Dior EDT, emphasising the essential Grasse rose, with a hint of freshness from lily of the valley. The scent is brightened with notes of zesty mandarin, creating a vibrant, floral twirl. The brand also rolled out the EDT version of their exquisite Miss Dior Roller-Pearl that sparkles like a jewel — perfect for a lady on the move.

Dolce & Gabbana The Only One 2

30ml, SGD112/~USD82.61; 50ml, SGD157/~USD115.80; 100ml, SGD218/~USD160.80

Envelop yourself in a sensuous sequel from Dolce & Gabbana, now with the signature coffee and violet noted mixed with a blend of powdery red roses. You’ll detect top notes of freesia, pear and red berries, freshening the origins' warm scent. Pick one up today to suffuse yourself with luxury and self-love.



We all have beauty favourites that we can never get enough of. But sometimes, as we make our way through counters and shelves, we discover new finds — maybe not new releases, but new to us — that make it into our stash. Some of them eventually usurp the place of the ones previously at the top of our list, which is inevitable. Out with the old and in with the new, they say. So if you're heading out to a shopping spree soon, here's a glimpse of which beauty products the Clozette Community is currently obsessing over for some ideas. Who knows? Your next best pick may just be on this list.

Benefit Cosmetics Badgal Bang! Mascara

(Photo from: itsmariahazel)

Make Up For Ever Matte Velvet Skin

(Photo from: penmyblog)