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Woohoo! The weekend is almost here. But we're not hopping off to our destinations just yet. As a bit of refresher and a little breather, we're indulging in the latest and hottest pieces of news today.


Christian Louboutin has released bags that feature textiles from the Philippines such as T'Nalak and bear some Filipino culture-inspired design such as the jeepney and the word Makati. The bags are available for purchase online at Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman but are currently sold out.

Manolo Blahnik boutique

From news about one shoe mogul to another, we're happy to share that Manolo Blahnik is opening a stand-alone store in Singapore, which will open this month. Watch out for it at Marina Bay Sands.

Rihanna's makeup tutorial

Rihanna's makeup tutorial for Vogue's Beauty Secrets series on YouTube has been making rounds on the internet, and we can't blame those sharing and watching it. Aside from the tips we got from Rih, we also may have been given a little peek into unreleased Fenty Beauty items. Did you catch those new Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter Duos?

It's all gold

Kat von D Beauty is releasing a gold-inspired collection for their 10th anniversary. Shop the lipstick above and more starting 5 May on their website.

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The change in weather urges us to try the colourful shades in our makeup collections. It's a perfect time to give pink, orange and peach shades a try. Ahead, we share some of the summer makeup picks by the Clozette Community. 

Shimmers and pinks

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Glow like the sun

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We all try to be as prepared as we can be in our everyday lives. From essentials that help us move and live daily to those that we use only for special cases, it’s best to have things we can rely on. Of course, we’re no strangers to beauty emergencies. As much as we think we’re prepared for everything, some things just happen. But don’t panic! More often than not, a beauty emergency needs only a quick fix. Ahead, the must-carry items in your beauty fix-it kit.

For a pesky pimple 

Have you ever had a special event to go to and you get a pimple that’s seeking everyone’s attention on the morning of the big day? What a nightmare! It’s not a helpless situation, though. All you need is a simple remedy for that pesky spot, like the ZNIQUE Acne Serum. It’s an all-in-one solution that cleans and treats acne on all skin types. Plus, it’s made with a combination of natural ingredients that target the cause of the pimple, so it provides not only relief to inflammation but also prevents the growth of acne-causing bacteria.

For a bad hair day 

We’ve all had bad hair days, and the most common way we address it is by putting our hair up in a bun or a ponytail. But we say there’s another way to combat hair woes. Try a texturising hairspray or dry shampoo like the Ouai Wave Spray. Put the waviness and frizziness your hair already has and turn your mane into a glorious version of the bed head. Simply mist your hair with the spray, tousle it and you’re good to go.

For a quick refresher after a long day 

You’ve already had a long day at work or at school, but you’re still meeting friends after. You can’t help but feel a lack of energy. Don’t fret! A simple pick-me-up in the form of a fun fragrance is just what you need to revive your energy — not to mention make you smelling real good. Try Kate Spade’s Live Colorfully for something fresh.

For a makeup blunder 

Sometimes, you’re just not in the right zone for a full face of makeup. If you happen to be having a bad makeup day, a few misting spritzes are all you need. Use a lightweight mist that not only helps seal and finish the makeup but also gives the skin a soothing and refreshing effect. Give the MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ a try.

For chipped nails 

Don’t you just hate it when your nail chips off? Try this remedy at home. Cut a tea bag to the shape of your nail. Apply a base coat, and while it’s still wet, put the cut tea bag on top like a nail sticker. Cut off any excess and apply another layer of clear nail polish, like the Orly Beauty Clear.

Always be armed and ready for a pimple emergency. Learn more about ZNIQUE Acne Serum here.