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Insider Roundup: Crystal-Embedded Healing Shoes & More

One for the road!

We're off to close another working week. How did yours go? Well, we can't say we're not excited for the weekend. But, to be fair, we're only as excited for it as we are for these hot news.

Healing shoes

Crystals are said to possess healing powers. And with that belief, Astara has created shoes that "allow the wearer to walk forward with clear intention." They currently offer footwear embedded with clear quartz (to enhance and amplify good energy), rose quartz (to magnetise love and harmony) and black onyx (to ground and protect).

Lust: Gloss

There's no stopping Pat McGrath now. After the successful release of her previous collections, the celebrity makeup artist has teased the release of the latest offering from her eponymous label: Lust Gloss. They're duo-chrome, highly pigmented lip glosses.

Shop CHANEL online?

The French label has had quite an aversion to selling their highly coveted bags online. But a recent redesign of their website has fans thinking they might finally bite the bullet and go online. Are you ready to shop for CHANEL on your phone?

The Meghan Markle Effect

It seems like everything Meghan Markle touches turns to gold. Or, well, most of the pieces she wears gets sold out. The New York Times investigates the Meghan Markle Effect and argues that the soon-to-be royal is going to surpass the Duchess of Cambridge's fashion influence. Do you agree?

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