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It’s the start of a new week, but we’re almost at the end of the month. Would you believe the -ber months are almost here? Time does fly swiftly, especially when there are lots of exciting things happening around you. Here are just some of the fun beauty, fashion and tech bits we’ve gathered for you.

Everlane Denim

Everlane, a retail brand rooted in ethical practices, has announced that they’re expanding their line of basics and adding denim into the mix.

MAC x Aaliyah

MAC is on a roll when it comes to collaborations. The makeup company is set to release their collection created in honour of the late R&B artist Aaliyah.

Facebook Watch

Facebook has launched its video platform, where users can watch shows. The social media network debuted the platform with a series by popular humanities account Humans of New York.

Make Me a ZALORA Model

ZALORA's search for new models is on! Two victors will be announced during the grand finals in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Learn more about how you can stand a chance to be the new face of ZALORA here.

(Cover photo from: @everlane)

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Along with the cooling weather and the changing of the racks in our favourite shopping outlets come fall. We may not have the exact A/W vibes around our region, but as fashion and beauty lovers, we get on with the tide. But whether or not you're keen on sporting the more obvious trends for the season even when living in the tropics, you can always exude the autumnal spirit using your nails.

No fur coats or thick scarves to take into consideration, getting your 'tips ready for the season's vibe is almost fuss-free. And that's the very reason why we're giving you these top nail ideas to get you started. 

Classy nudes

(Photo from: madamelindt)

Autumn is either all about bold and deeply saturated colours or clean and minimalistic neutrals. If you're the type who prefers the latter, a pinky nude or even a straight up flesh-coloured nail coat is the thing for you. The last quarter of the year is also usually the busiest for most of us, so this spells practicality, too.


(Photo from: AnastasiaLove)

Prismatic looks are all the rage right now, whether it be in makeup, makeup tools, clothes, and of course, nails. And the trend is not going anywhere. Complement your fall neutrals or burgundies and reds with this simple yet eye-catching whimsical nail finish. 

Neutrals with a twist

(Photo from: Beautyperkz)

Muted pinks, khakis, and greys get more exciting if you mix them together in one nail look. But why not step up your fall game by going for a little texture, not just with your clothes, but with your 'tips as well? Nicely polished and even matte nails are still cool, but go for something a little edgy this season and incorporate autumn's call for faux fur and sparkly silvers with this trend. 

Classic but rustic

(Photo from: silverkis)

There's nothing wrong with sticking to tradition! Rustic colours will always reign during this time of the year. So whether you're a glossy, matte or gel kind of lady, this trend is definitely something to go back to.

(Cover photo from: AnastasiaLove)

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We're all creatures of habit; no matter how carefree or spontaneous someone is, chances are they're still predisposed to a set of solid habits. And that's both good and bad depending on which habits you cultivate.

When it comes to beauty habits, we probably already have detailed skin care routines. But there are still some little practices that we should not overlook. Read on as we list beauty habits that you should start doing now. If you can master your 10-step skin care routine, then you can do these too.


(Photo from: kiyokoyasuda)

This is the one crucial dental hygiene step that surprisingly most of us skip. Flossing is just as important as brushing your teeth. When you don't floss the food debris stuck in between your teeth will contribute to the formation of plaque and tartar. And this will eventually destroy your teeth's protective enamel and damage your pearly whites (plus, it will make you more vulnerable to gum-related problems). Yikes! 

Reapplying Sunblock

(Photo from: maybelinesim)

Here's the truth: sunblock must be reapplied at least once. We get it, it's a hassle to reapply sunblock because there's the worry that you might smear your mid-day makeup, get an unsightly white cast or you simply just don't have the time. One solution that you can try is to reapply sunblock using a beauty blender or a cushion puff to blend your sunblock seamlessly onto the skin. It will just take ten minutes.

Applying Skincare Underneath Your Makeup

(Photo from: Hannahchia)

When we're in a hurry, we tend to skip our morning skincare routine and go straight to makeup. But just as how we don't sleep with our makeup on, we shouldn't face the day without at least moisturiser underneath our makeup. This ensures that our skin stays hydrated, protected and healthy all day. Spare a few minutes for this and we promise that the skin benefits you'll reap will be worth it.

Trimming Your Hair Regularly


(Photo from: jennifermarcellina)

Getting a regular trim is a must if you don't want to end up with dry-looking hair. Since we all have different hair conditions, the frequency of your trim depends on the texture, length and other factors (such as if you have bangs or if they are dyed). So just listen to your hair. A good indication that you already need a trim is when you start noticing split ends. The sooner you cut them off the better because if you don't, the damage will continue and you'll end up with lackluster locks.

Applying Eye Cream

(Photo from: Genzel)

The skin around our eyes is very sensitive and fragile when compared to other parts of our face, but it's often the most overlooked part, too. So start giving them attention and care by making it a habit to apply a potent eye cream to soothe and moisturise the eyes. You can even use your regular face moisturiser if you like.

(Cover photo from: maybelinesim)

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