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We've gone past the halfway mark of this month, but we still have a lot of things on our to-do list. One of the many things we want to continue to accomplish is to stay abreast on what's happening in the worlds of fashion and beauty. Like any other enthusiast, we've got our noses over the latest and hottest. So here's what we found out.

An avocado mask

Glow Recipe, the brand that popularised the now cult-favourite Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask, has unveiled a new product that promises to be just as good — and as popular. Meet the Avocado Melt Sleeping Mask, which is made with real avocado and Manuka Honey promises to make your skin silky smooth while you sleep.

Selfie check-in

The future of staycations and hotel experiences has arrived. The Grand Park City Hall has just announced their facial recognition technology for mobile check-in. Yes, with your selfie, you can check in for your stay and even avail of different services offered by the hotel. Download the GPCH app (for Android and iOS) to learn more.

The Outnet clearance sale

Ready your wallets for The Outnet's series of sales. You can now start availing of products in reduced prices starting today. The discount goes up to 80% off, so better hit now!

Sunday Riley in hot water

Sunday Riley, the creator of her eponymous skincare brand, is under hot water for not being clear about her credentials. The entrepreneur has always referred to herself as not just the CEO of her company but also its product formulator, but a report on Business Insider says her "credentials are murky." This comes a few weeks after it was made known to the public that employees of the brand were asked to write positive reviews about their products in different beauty e-commerce stores.

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With years of professional experience in makeup and millions of YouTube subscribers under her belt, we knew that Lisa Eldridge releasing her own beauty line is not a matter of 'if' but 'when'. And the wait is almost over because she's about to drop her first items this season, just in time for the holidays. We know you're already pumped so we're gonna spill the tea on what we know so far about this long-awaited beauty launch.

It's all about the red lip

She is known for her red lip tutorials and the look has become her signature. So it's very fitting that the first makeup items she'll be releasing under own beauty line are red lipsticks. Three limited-edition lipsticks will be released: Velvet Morning (orange-red), Velvet Jazz (brick red) and Velvet Ribbon (red with blue undertones), according to Fashionista. As the name suggests, these lipsticks are said to have a pigmented, velvet-like finish. 

The packaging will feature her signature

We're all sticklers for beautiful packaging and it's safe to say that these lipsticks don't disappoint. The bullets' design is simple and elegant featuring gold accents and an engraved signature of the creator. These lippies will surely add sophistication to our vanity tables.

It's available for international purchase

Is there anything more disappointing than not being able to buy coveted beauty items because they're not available for international delivery? Well, thankfully that's not the case with these lipsticks. You can buy them on Eldridge's own website starting on 19 November for £26/~USD33.26 each or you can buy them as a set for £75/~USD95.94. 

She literally dreamed of these lipsticks

Eldridge shares that she actually dreamed of these lipsticks. “I often dream about makeup and I dreamt about this product several years ago,” she said in a press release. Wow, so these lipsticks are literally what dreams are made of! It seems like Eldridge is a bit of a clairvoyant. On Instagram, she shared how she cut a piece of red velvet fabric and stuck it on a model's lips for an editorial shoot whose concept was also inspired by her dreams.

Who's next?

Over the past few years, we've seen influencers and creators release independent makeup lines but there are some that have yet to launch their own. For one, Jenna Marbles, who does quirky makeup-centric videos has already shared that she's not so skilled when it comes to makeup, so it would be interesting to see some Jenna-approved 'user-friendly' makeup items from her. Another vlogger we can't wait to have her own makeup line is Jenn Im, who previously had a bestselling collab with Colourpop. Whoever is next to build their own beauty empire, we'll surely be here to tune in.

(Cover photo from: @lisaeldridgemakeup)



Women's relationships are like a growing beauty stash. In the beginning, it's quite hard to find your perfect fit, but as you learn and grow and sometimes even experiment, you slowly build on your holy grails and find yourself sticking with them for life. And while you might cringe at the thought of memories of you post-breakout and pre-brows-on-fleek a couple of years back, knowing that you and your gal pals have gone through those awkward beauty moments together makes the memories somehow precious and laughable. So now, as adults who have evolved both inside and out and have discovered your beauty journey together, add on to your giftees' growing vanity — and bond — by giving them the perfect skincare presents that fit their current lifestyle. 

For the girl boss: a spa experience they can take at home

The Body Shop At-Home Facial Mask Experience, price unavailable

We all have that friend who always seems like she has it all together. But hey, as friends, we need to remind them that they need to relax, too! Being a girl boss often leads to tired-looking skin, so much needed pampering is necessary. In consideration of your girl boss pal's busy schedule, make them take the spa experience at home during the holiday break with this gift set from The Body Shop.

For the stress bunny: a get-back-your-glow kit

Kiehl's Let It Glow Kit, SGD179/~USD130

Sometimes, because of conflicting schedules, it's really hard to get together with your best gals. But even when you get a chance to head out on a coffee date, there's always that one friend you just can't secure some time with. They're always out and about chasing deadlines and running from place to place that when you get to see them, their skin reflects all the stress they have gone through — prominent dark spots, dehydrated skin and maybe even age lines. So in support of your friend's always-on-the-go lifestyle, make sure she still looks her best despite the pressures of her 9 to 5 by recommending a complete routine like this Let It Glow Set from Kiehl's to bring hydration and rejuvenation to her fatigue-damaged skin in the form of the perfect package for the holidays. 

For the night owl: a 'skin waker' gift set

Drunk Elephant The Big Reveal Kit, USD88 (

The resident insomniac, this friend is the reason why you're up chatting and gossiping at some nights. And while there are days when you wish you could channel their sleepless energy, one thing you couldn't pass up on noticing is their dull-looking skin and vampiric dark circles caused by their lack of zzzs. So while you can't entirely control their sleeping habits, make sure you help them bring back some life into their skin with this rejuvenating kit from Drunk Elephant

For the daily commuter: a quick but effective kit

Laneige Sleep & Glow Set, USD39 (

The one who always chronicles random anecdotes from her daily commute on social media, this friend is the one who knows public transport like an expert. And given the pollutants her skin horks down on the daily, she's that friend who's prone to intense and massive breakouts. With this, finding the compromise between her skincare needs and the physiological call of her body to just rest as soon as she survives the daily traffic is a must. The Laneige Sleep & Glow Set allows her to hit those two birds.

For the makeup maven: a prime-and-prep bundle

Tatcha Skincare For Makeup Lovers Obento Box, USD64 (

The beauty sister in your circle, this gal may be your go-to when it comes to makeup trends and product recommendations. But it's still a wonder why skincare seems like a whole new world to this friend (for those who are wondering, yes, they exist!). You're always persuading them that skincare is just as exciting as makeup but they just wouldn't budge, so take the opportunity of the holidays to gift them with a kit like this Tatcha Skincare For Makeup Lovers Obento Box to get them started on their journey. Trust us, the gorgeous packaging is a great start to entice them to begin their skincare regimen.

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