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Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Can you feel the love? Well, some do and others don't — especially those who called out Gucci over a supposedly racist piece of clothing. To balance things out, though, we think you'll swoon over Lipault's collection with Jean-Paul Gaultier. Those are just a couple of the hot pieces of news you need to know right now.

Gucci Blackface Controversy


Gucci was in hot water for what many believed is a racist sweater depicting blackface, makeup or costume worn by non-black people to represent a caricature of black people. The brand has apologised for the misstep and said they will internally do more to increase diversity and to "[turn] this incident into a powerful learning moment." The sweater has been removed from the brand's online and physical stores.

Lipault  Paris x Jean Paul Gaultier

(Photo from: Lipault Paris)

On a lighter note, you'll be happy to learn that Lipault Paris's collection in collaboration with Jean Paul Gaultier is now available in Singapore. Featuring the merger of their different styles, the collection contains pieces that are perfect for globetrotters who are the perfect mix of laid-back and structured.

Makeup-free Hailey

Mr. and Mrs. Bieber (Justin and Hailey) grace the cover of Vogue magazine's March issue. We're sure you've already seen Hailey before — with or without Justin — but her cover shows a different version of her in that the model who's almost always seen wearing glam looks is makeup-free in it. 

Year of the bangs?

Many were surprised to see Kendall Jenner sporting a fringe a couple of days ago on her Instagram. Shortly after the reveal, Bella Hadid was also spotted wearing bangs. This makes us ask: Is this the year of the bangs?

(Cover photo from: @gucci)

Here's what you may have missed earlier this week.



Ah, love. It’s that time of the year again where we bask in the bright saccharine glow of affection. Whether you’re newly dating your significant other or have been with them for more than a decade, take this season as an opportunity to strengthen the bond you have and enjoy experiences that are new to both of you. Skip the candle-lit dinner; these unexpected — and flawless — date ideas will surely make your hearts pitter-patter a little.

Become photographers together

You’ve probably taken lots of selfies together. But this time, why not kick it up a notch and conduct a photo shoot? Plan a theme, source props and look for locations together. Teach each other how to use a camera and what angles work best. Style each other, too. And, of course, don’t forget the grooming. Make sure you’re ready for the session by perfecting your makeup. A good base is the best place to start.

For a complexion that looks great not just in person but also in photos, go for a foundation that offers high coverage but looks natural. The Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Foundation is perfect for this because it offers 10CM high coverage and a finish that’s matte but looks flawlessly natural. There are also over 40 shades to choose from, so picking the right one for you would be a breeze.

Exercise teamwork and make it out of an escape room together

While we’re not suggesting that you give out tests within your relationship, we do believe that doing exercises that strengthen little aspects of it is worthwhile. Try to make it out of an escape room. The adrenaline rush can easily make you lose sight of your goal, but by working together, there’s a huge chance you’ll come out successful. Oh, and did we mention it’s also super fun?

It will involve a lot of physical activity (as much as mental dexterity), though, so make sure your base won’t budge even if you sweat buckets. A sweat-resistant foundation is key.

Indulge in a sunset sail

If you’re more the type to enjoy the outdoors, an afternoon by the bay is just perfect for you. Cruise down the sea as the sun sets while you enjoy some champagne and chocolates. Talk about anything and everything. But make sure you’re ready for unexpected moments, too, like taking a dip in the waters. A base that’s water-resistant is just what you need for such an occasion.

Recreate your first date

There’s nothing quite like the rush and excitement of a first date. The anticipation for uncertainty gives a feeling like no other. Get nostalgic as you try to replicate the day step by step. From picking out clothes to figuring out what makeup look to try, remember how to indulge in the giddy feeling of doing something for the first time.

Pick a foundation that will keep you looking flawless for an entire day, just like the Esteé Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Foundation. It’s long-wearing, to say the least. With staying power for up to 24 hours, you’ll be sure to look as fresh at sundown as you did when you met in the morning.

Create your own outdoor cinema

If you like the outdoors but would like to cosy up instead, a backyard, garden or rooftop is your best location option. Work together in creating your own outdoor cinema. Make a fort out of blankets, buy your favourite snacks, play your favourite movie or watch a new one. But also make sure your makeup stays on and doesn’t transfer to your partner’s shirt by wearing a transfer-resistant foundation base. Then, cuddle to your heart’s content.

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When was the last time you’ve had eight hours of uninterrupted sleep? With our ever-changing lifestyles that seem to become busier as we grow older, sometimes greeting our bed, much less indulging in deep slumber, appears to be an elusive dream. It’s unfortunate because the myth of beauty sleep isn’t a myth after all. When we sleep, our body — the skin included — goes into recovery mode. Think of it as a time when all the stress of the day is washed away, making you wake up refreshed and better than ever.

Not all hope is gone, though. While we still think that getting sufficient shut-eye is ideal, we’ve found a way for you to get the skincare benefits of sleep even when you can’t find the hours. Origins’ GinZing™ line is a skincare regimen that consists of products formulated especially to give your skin the clarity, smoothness and glow it can get from sleeping.

Stay hydrated

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Target those peepers

No matter if it’s caused by long hours at work or late night with friends, dark circles under your eyes say “I haven’t had time to sleep properly in ages.” Wake your under eyes up and look awake with the help of the Origins GinZing™ Refreshing Eye Cream. Made with the signature blend of reviving Panax Ginseng and Caffeine, this cooling eye cream gives your skin an immediate jolt of freshness and lasting radiance. It also contains Magnolia Extract, an anti-irritant that helps reduce the appearance of dark circles; Vitamin B Complex that helps skin fight off stress; Apple Extract and Cucumber Extract that brightens the skin; Chestnut Extract that wards off dull skin cells; and Silica and Mica that illuminates the undereye area.

Give your skin a perfected finish

Did you know that all the care you’re giving your skin can be countered by the harmful rays of the sun? This is why sun protection is a must. Cap off your morning routine with a finisher that will not only give you a glowing look but also keep the sun’s rays from harming your skin. The Origins GinZing™ SPF 35/PA+++ Hydrating Prettifying Finisher does just that. With its unique blend of Panax Ginseng, Caffeine and antioxidant-rich Guava, this lightweight and oil-free finisher gives your skin a perfected finish. Plus, its scent that’s made with a blend of Grapefruit, Lemon and Spearmint will lift up your spirits and keep you energised.

Pick a fuss-free multitasker

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