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Insider Roundup: Gucci Vs. Forever21 & More

Hi, July!

We're now on the second half of the year, and things are heating up despite the weather getting a bit cooler. There are lots of releases, as usual, but more than that, there are lots of feuds brewing. It's interesting to see the viewpoints of opposite parties, and we have to admit that we're learning a thing or two in the process of discovering these news tidbits. Here are just some of the things we've been reading about.

Gucci vs. Forever21

Gucci and Forever21 are battling it out over the use of what Gucci says is a pattern known because of the brand (see above). Forever21 released  a few items of clothing and accessories that have a similar pattern. Gucci called Forever21 out, but the fast fashion retail brand says they're not infringing Gucci's trademark. Watch this space for what will happen next in this issue.

Kat Von D vs. NARS

NARS recently announced that they're no longer cruelty-free. The brand is expanding to China, where it's mandated that beauty products are tested on animals. Kat Von D is not taking the news lightly and has written an open letter to the brand condemning their decision.

Plus-size Pinay in Paris

Katrina Gumabao will be the only Filipina to walk at the Pulp Fashion Week Paris in September. The model has slowly been conquering the international scene, walking for Melbourne Fashion Week last year.

VB x Estee Lauder

Part three of the collaboration between Estee Lauder and fashion designer (and former Spice Girl) Victoria Beckham is coming soon.

(Cover photo from: @gucci)

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