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Excited for the weekend? Us, too! Especially because we've got a lot of launches and exciting happenings to look forward to. From the release of the Harry Potter x Pandora collection to the opening of local pop-up spaces, here are the updates you shouldn't miss.

Harry Potter X Pandora collection is here

Harry Potter Pandora Collection

After launching the Pandora Me line with Millie Bobby Brown, the Danish jewellery brand is back again with another exciting collection. This time, they're collaborating with Warner Bros. Consumer Products for a capsule collection of 12 hand-finished products including charms, pendants, and a bracelet inspired by iconic characters and symbols from the Harry Potter films. We're particularly loving the cute Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley sterling silver charms and the elegant Golden Snitch pendant in Pandora Shine. For this collection, prices will start at SGD69/~USD50. Not bad, huh?

Pantene Miracles launches in Singapore

Pantene Miracles Singapore Launch

Pantene's first-ever treatment range is now in Singapore! This special hair care line first garnered popularity in Japan and has since become one of the most talked-about treatments in the region. Formulated with Pantene's 'Liposhot' which is a unique repairing ingredient with a high concentration of Pro-Vitamin B5, Pantene Miracles helps replenish damaged hair. To celebrate this launch, Pantene and Guardian Singapore partnered to unveil a grand atrium event at Knightsbridge Mall in Singapore from 30 November until 8 December. Anyone who visits the atrium will be treated to instant hairstyling with Pantene Miracles Treatments. You can also receive free product samples by participating in their games and programs. Do visit!

BLACKPINK to make a comeback in 2020

That's right, we can all expect a comeback from BLACKPINK this coming 2020! As reported by News1 Korea, the beloved girl group is preparing for the spotlight once again and will be releasing new songs (maybe even a full album?) soon. According to AllKpop, YG Entertainment also responded to the news by saying that although there's no exact date yet, the expected comeback is early next year and that the girls are currently busy with recording. Oh, yes!

Guardian x Olive Young K-Beauty Playhouse is now open

Guardian x Olive Young K-Beauty Playhouse

Not sure where to hang out this weekend? Get your girlfriends together and go see the newly opened K-Beauty Playhouse — an experiential and multi-sensory pop-up space at ION Orchard B4 Atrium. It will feature up-and-coming Korean beauty brands like BOTANIC HEAL boH, Bring Green, RoundAround and WAKEMAKE. It's open from 27 November to 3 December only, so make sure to visit soon. 

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Fashion Nova is in hot waters again. If you haven’t heard already, fashion powerhouse Versace just filed a lawsuit against online clothing store Fashion Nova for allegedly creating a knock off of Jennifer Lopez’s iconic Jungle dress amongst other famous designs by Versace. J. Lo first wore the floor-grazing ensemble to the 2000 Grammy Awards and went viral — as viral it could be back then — among publications and news channels. If you could remember, J. Lo recently walked the runway just this September during the Versace show in Milan. She wore an authentic recreation of the iconic Jungle dress which sprouted a lot of attention online.

Fashion Nova is a fast fashioned retail company that’s popular among social media influencers in the West, as they were one of the first to truly utilise social media marketing. Fashion Nova has a massive fanbase, largely due to the recognition they give to their customers who post photos of themselves wearing pieces bought from their store. They have also successfully had celebrities as their ambassadors, with the likes of Kylie Jenner and Cardie B sporting skintight rompers and bodysuits from Fashion Nova. Cardie B also collaborated on a collection with Fashion Nova just last year.

The knock-off dress in question can be seen in this post from Fashion Nova’s Instagram that went up last 24 September, just days after the Versace show in Milan. At first glance, the eerie similarities that can be noted are the choice of print, the flowy fabric, the plunging neckline, and gathered material showing off the model’s legs. The thing is that a resemblance in the silhouette is not exactly blatant copying. So is this merely a case of coincidence?

It turns out that the dress itself is from Fashion Nova's holiday collection. So maybe it's really a homage to an iconic moment in fashion history?

But J. Lo’s ‘Jungle’ dress aren’t the only ones that Fashion Nova reportedly replicated, according to Versace. Fashion Nova also allegedly replicated their multicoloured ‘Pop Heart’ and black and gold ‘Barocco’ print designs in other dresses found on the website. Versace claims to own the trademarks and copyrights of these designs and such replications may lead to confusion and misleading amongst the haute couture house’s customers. As we know, knock-offs and imitation pieces are a big no-no in the fashion world.

In addition to these complaints, Versace adds that Fashion Nova has been using their trademarked words as tags on the pages where the clothing items are sold. This boosts the visibility of the items on search engines and social media.

Keep in mind though, this is not the first incident where Fashion Nova was accused of copying designs from other designers. In February of this year, Kim Kardashian called out the fashion site for recreating the Thierry Mugler dress she wore to the Hollywood Beauty Awards show. She issued that statement after speculations that she was working with Fashion Nova. There were some reports that the Fashion Nova dress was tagged as 'Kim dress' or 'Kim Kardashian dress' on the site.

Whether they truly intended to copy designs or pay homage to J. Lo's Grammy moment, it does not reflect well on Fashion Nova. After all, the 'costume' they made was almost a carbon copy of the original. This lawsuit casts a shade of doubt on their brand integrity and how they choose to conduct their operations. Should they have asked permission from Versace? Is that even a thing when making a costume replica? While they provide affordable 'alternatives' to big-name brands, should it really be based on replication rather than genuine creation?

(Cover photo from: @fashionnova)

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This year seems to be the time for reinvented style trends. Along with the rise of the 'retro meets pastel meets hipster' VSCO girls now come their edgier sisters: E-girls. 'E' stands for electronic, in reference to social sharing app TikTok being the driving force behind this trend. In quick terms, it's today's generation's take on a mix of '90s grunge and the early 2000's scene and emo subcultures. 

E-girls (and boys) are characterised by their coloured hair, either in pastels or in bright bolds but never natural shades — most of the time, they're wigs. A cat-eye and a deliberately drawn accent in their cheek (often a heart or a star) are synonymous to their signature makeup style. As for their style choices, vintage shirts or animé and pop culture merch from Hot Topic dominate their outfits.

Accessorising takes a quirky turn as it will definitely send you on a throwback. We're talking colourful hair clips (yes, the ones we used to wear in the '90s!), studded earrings and armbands, chains, chokers — you get the idea. Pleated plaid skirts or high-waisted pants tie-in the look, completing the distinct aesthetic. 

What differentiates the E-girls from the previous subcultures we've mentioned is that they only exist online. It's a reflection of a person's more experimental alter-ego mediated by a screen. You wouldn't see E-girls and boys donning their style in public, at least on a lifestyle choice perspective. They'd rather reserve it for their online persona (thus the heavy filters in most of the photos). Obviously, such an idea is causing a lot of debate, especially with all the implications social media has on today's society. Still, we can't help but deny that E-girls know how to own a look. We can only wish they do the same in real life!

With all this said, it's definitely curious to see new styles evolving no matter what your aesthetic or lifestyle preference is. And if you're more conservative with your style IRL, then maybe being an E-girl is your opportunity to get a little more experimental. E-girls embrace the bolder and braver side of fashion and it's a great inspiration on how our attitude should be when it comes to our own personal style. 

(Cover photo from: @iinsaeii)

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