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Insider Roundup: Here's Glossier Lidstar & More

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Happy new working week, friends! We hope you're having a good start to your week so far. As always, we're armed and ready to face any day with tidbits from the worlds of fashion and beauty. You should be, too. Here are things you need to know right now.

Glossier Lidstar

Remember the secret Glossier product Beyonce was spotted wearing at the 60th Grammy Awards? Well, it's no secret now. Glossier has announced their latest product, Lid Star, which is a gel-like shimmery eyeshadow. It will launch tomorrow on their website.


Harry Styles was spotted wearing many Gucci ensembles during performances after One Direction took a hiatus. Well, it was only a matter of time until he got a campaign with the Italian label. Styles is set to star in an upcoming Gucci Tailoring campaign, and we can't wait to see how it looks.


The much-anticipated relaunch of KENZOKI's highly sought-after Asian plants-inspired skincare line is now available in Singapore. Starting 15 March, experience "KI Beauty", which focuses on the balance of the mind, body and soul for feeling and looking beautiful inside and out, through KENZOKI's skincare, available exclusively at Sephora Singapore and

Instagram video call?

Yes, it might happen soon. Instagram had already hinted about this feature in the past, and it looks like it's about to become a reality soon. So you can start calling your friends through the app, just like its parent company, Facebook.

(Cover photo from: @overglowedit)

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