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Happy hump day! We're having a good week so far, and we hope you are, too. We're so excited for what the rest of the week brings — and that includes what will happen in the worlds of fashion and beauty, of course. But before we look ahead, here's what's poppin' right now.


Using an egg-shaped sponge to blend your base makeup has been one of the biggest makeup-world-game-changers in recent years. But we have to admit that we'd rather use it than clean it. Taking all the gunk off can be quite the feat, but the makers of Beautyblender has got your back. They've launched Instaclean, which, as the name of the product suggests, allows you to instantly clean your makeup sponge. Think of it as the dry shampoo of makeup sponges.

You x Max Factor

Max Factor is calling for a new era in beauty wherein depth is the focus. The brand, with their global initiative You x Max Factor, wants to put the spotlight on women's experiences and celebrate their beauty from all angles.  Find out more about it by watching the video above.

Proenza Schouler makeup

Proenza Schouler is the latest designer brand to dabble in cosmetics. The fashion house is partnering up with Lancome for an exclusive collection. No word yet on what products the collaboration would consist of, but we're keeping our eyes peeled. 

The biggest Uniqlo store in the PH

Get ready to shop till you drop because Uniqlo is opening their biggest store yet in Southeast Asia in the Philippines. Enjoy 4,100 square metres of selections at Glorietta 5 in Makati. 

(Cover photo from: @beautyblender)

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Blogging has come a long way from its early days. It's gone from a personal hobby to a multi-billion dollar industry in just a span of a decade. And with the transformation of blogging came the rise of digital influencers. They're a new breed of tastemakers that have gained an important role in the industries they are in. Some are even shaking things up and changing the game altogether, challenging big names and old conventions. Read on to know who they are and how they were able to influence not just their audience but also the industry that they're in. 

Tony Liu and Lindsey Schuyler from Diet Prada

Becoming a known fashion critic used to take years and years of building influence as an insider in the industry. But Diet Prada managed to become a formidable fashion police in just a little over a year, getting the attention of big brands like Gucci and Prada and even getting into a feud with some notable names in fashion, such as Stefano Gabbana from D&G and Vetements. The duo behind the account, Tony Liu and Lindsey Schuyler, gained popularity by publicly pointing out design copycats. Their success mostly comes from their amusing captions, candour and the willingness to drop names. It's a recipe that never fails to entice the public. 

Leandra Medine of Man Repeller

Leandra Medine's blog is called Man Repeller because it showcases clothes that most men may find unappealing. Medine started her blog in 2010 to encourage women to just wear what they want and not care about other people's opinion. Fast forward to eight years later and she's revamped her personal blog to a women's website with an ever-growing following that discusses any topic that women are interested in with a splash of witty humour. Man Repeller's honest and relatable tone resonates so well with readers that it influenced a style revolution to embrace everyone's unique sense of style. It has also paved the way for the term 'man-repelling fashion' to find its place in popular culture.


There was a time when male influencers could barely break into the beauty blogging industry. All that changed when Filipino-American PATRICKSTARRR came into the spotlight. His funny antics and expert tips caught the attention of many beauty enthusiasts. Soon enough, he was already one of the most popular beauty gurus and was even able to snag prestigious collabs, most recently with MAC Cosmetics. We're confident that his rise to prominence will introduce more diversity in the beauty world.

Jackie Aina

Another trailblazer among beauty bloggers is Jackie Aina who is known for celebrating and championing inclusive beauty. Her savvy makeup skills mixed with her inherent boldness in voicing opinions about the beauty industry is what made her popular among beauty lovers. Because of her audience and influence, she was awarded the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People’s First-Ever ‘YouTuber Of The Year’ Award. As of now, she's also working with Too Faced to expand their foundation range so it will be more inclusive for all people who love makeup. 

Susie Lau

As part of the first-generation bloggers, Susie Lau pioneered most of what we know and love about the fashion blogging industry today. She was one of the first to document her eccentric style and quirky fashion choices. Now, Lau has transitioned from a personal blogger to a respected fashion expert with her website Style Bubble becoming a top source for the latest fashion coverages. She has also worked with BBC and The Business of Fashion and was the first blogger to be asked the honour of choosing the winner for the 2013 Bath Fashion Museum Dress of the Year. We definitely owe her a thank you for breaking the barriers and introducing bloggers to the mainstream media. 

(Cover photo from: @susiebubble)

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We know there are a ton of things on your mind — and your list — when you're travelling, but trust us when we say that taking care of your hair while you're away should definitely be part of your priority. For one, you won't regret the time you spent primping when you see photos of yourself with immaculate tresses. And two, taking care of your hair now (or anytime, for that matter) can actually help make it become healthier. 

But what's a girl with a limited stash of hair care products got to do to achieve good hair days while on vacation? Ahead, our top tips.

Bring the essentials

(Photo from: Paperkitties)

We know how tempting it is to bring our entire vanity when we leave for a vacation, but, alas, we cannot! So the next best thing is to take the stuff you really, truly cannot go without. From hair care products to accessories, make sure you bring things that you will surely need and use. Get mini versions of your faves so it's easier to store them.

Opt for heatless hairstyles

(Photo from: StilettoesDiva)

Heat styling tools can be hard to bring because they might take up space from your luggage. So opt for heatless hairstyles that are comfortable and stylish instead. Go for braids if you're going somewhere hot and humid so you can keep your tresses away from your neck and nape. If you're going somewhere a bit cold, go for a style where you can let your hair down like curls. But instead of using a styling tool, try setting them the night before you go around town.

Let dry shampoo be your best friend

(Photo from: RoxanneChia)

We go on vacations to wind down and let loose. But if your itinerary's packed with a lot of must-sees and should-dos, you'll be pressed for time before you even know it. While it's ideal to take all the time in the world while getting ready, sometimes it's just not possible. For days when you need to just jet out and go on with your agenda, let dry shampoo be your best friend. Keep your hair and scalp clean with just a few spritzes and a bit of tousling. 

Pamper it

(Photo from: Junedujour)

Just as you would prepare everything you're going to bring during your trip, prepare your tips (and tresses), too. Before you jet off to your destination, give your hair a bit more TLC so it's ready and pretty when you arrive at your vacation's location. Moisturise your hair before the trip to ensure that it's soft and smooth with the help of a mask. You can also use a leave-in moisturiser while on the plane to give your hair a bit more moisture. We all know how planes seem to be sucking out the moisture from our skin, and our hair experiences the same.

Protect your hair

(Photo from: itsmariahazel)

Just as your skin might get sunburnt when exposed under the sun for too long, your hair can get dry (and fried), too. So make sure you're protecting it with the help of a sunscreen especially for your tresses. Or if you've packed one for your trip, don't forget to wear your hat or cap while you're out and about.

(Cover photo from: itsmariahazel)

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