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Insider Roundup: Instagram's New In-App Shopping Feature & More

Fresh news for Friday

Can you believe another week has already passed? Don't worry if you missed a couple of headlines because of how time flew by fast. Celebrate the end of the week with a smile with news from Instagram, Netflix, and more in today's Insider Roundup.

Are you ready for Instagram shopping?

Instagram In-App Shopping Feature

Good news for you, bad news for your wallet: Instagram now has an in-app checkout feature. This allows users to simply tap, add to cart, and immediately purchase products straight from their feed without even leaving the app. Shipping methods, details, and payment options are all intact with this new feature as well, making the platform now close to how e-commerce sites are. Still, it was no surprise that the platform has ventured into this and has enhanced its past business-friendly technology since its family of apps like Facebook has been implementing this for quite some time. We can only anticipate how these continuous advancements will change and merge our experience with both social media and online shopping in the future. 

Barbara Palvin as the first plus-sized VS Angel? 

It's been just almost a week since Victoria's Secret announced Barbara Palvin as their newest Angel. And yet the news is already causing so much trouble for both the brand and their patrons. Many fans of VS kept on claiming that Barbara is the first plus-sized model to don the brand's title — and while some are happy, others even go to lengths to body-shame Barbara. Obviously, people are furious. The 25-year-old Hungarian model stands 5'8 and weighs 121 lbs., which is definitely a lot curvier than VS's past Angels, but plus-sized? Not even close. Still, she doesn't deserve to be body-shamed for either being too skinny or too curvy.

This year has not been particularly good for Victoria's Secret with the decline of the ratings of their most recent Fashion Show and the announcement of at least 53 stores in the U.S. closing down. Now, despite them not being at the helm of labelling Barbara as their first plus-sized Angel, critics still hold them partially responsible for remaining to be stubborn to rebrand in the face of diversity and propagating a linear perception of beauty in the past years. 

Influencers face backlash over California super bloom incident

Lake Elsinore Bans Influencers

Not again! After recently being banned from areas in Paris, London, and more for obstructing traffic and causing residents inconvenience in their pursuit of finding the "right Instagram spot," influencers are facing backlash yet again, this time in California, for similar reasons. During the rare super bloom of Lake Elsinore's poppies, California needed to declare a state of emergency in the area for the sudden influx of visitors they received. The city hall claimed that the terrain of the botanical site is rough and is not meant for such a surge. Because of the attempts of both "families and Instagram-influencer wannabes" to free-climb to reach the spot, rocks and large boulders toppled behind them, putting the residents in danger of getting hit below. One injury was reported due to this. Soon after, the area was declared closed until further notice by the city officials. 

To All The Boys I've Loved Before starts shooting for second movie

Missing Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky already? Well, they are going to be back on our screens sooner than we think. The stars of the Netflix hit, Lana Condor and Noah Centineo, teased their return to production with a short Twitter conversation on how they can't wait to see each other again on set. And while we're waiting for its comeback on Netflix, what do you say about giving the first movie a watch again this weekend?

Gucci creates diversity campaign post-blackface controversy

Fashion brands are always caught in some controversy and Gucci is no different. Just a couple of weeks ago, they were under fire for debuting a balaclava sweater allegedly portraying blackface imagery, but now, they are trying to bounce back. Called the Gucci Changemakers program, the initiative aims to create support for students who are venturing into fashion. But that's not all. According to the fashion house, the program also aims to strengthen connections and create opportunities for African-American and communities of people of colour, in general. Good start to make amends, don't you think?

LOEWE opens first standalone store in PH

LOEWE PH opening

A brand known for striking colour themes and beautifully crafted pieces, LOEWE finds a home in Shangri-La Plaza for its first standalone store in the Philippines. Aside from admiring its modern aesthetics featuring furniture and displays from designers across Japan, Spain, France and more, find yourself shopping for a curated selection of leather goods, accessories, and eyewear that will truly add some flair to your current wardrobe. 

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