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We're capping off the week with lots of love in the air. Here's the hottest — and sweetest — pieces of news you need to know right now. 

K-love is in the air

(Photo from: Left - @actorctj; Right - @ssinz7)

It's confirmed, friends! Two pairs of Korean celebrities are dating. Park Shin Hye and Choi Tae Joon's agencies have confirmed the news, saying the two started off as friends and eventually started dating late last year. Lee Dong Wook and Bae Suzy are also confirmed to be an item. Dong Wook's agency shared the news, saying they had just started dating and are in the process of "getting to know each other."

See the Surface

Marvel at the newly released members of the Microsoft Surface Family — Surface Book 2, Surface Laptop and Surface Station — at the new Surface Store at the Harvey Norman Millennia Walk Flagship Superstore, which will open on 10 March. 

Petite Heat is here

We can finally get our hands on the mini version of the coveted — and award-winning — Urban Decay Naked Heat palette, the Urban Decay Petite Heat. The palette, which has five scorching hot matte shades, is now available at all Sephora stores and Urban Decay Freestanding stores at Ngee Ann City, Vivo City and Bugis Junction in Singapore. You can also get it online at

Happy Anniversary, Petal Skin Foundation!

The Shu Uemura Petal Skin foundation has turned one. In conjunction with the celebration, Shu Uemura also released the Petal Skin Cushion and the limited edition Sakura Pink Petal 55 brush. The new releases are now available at Takashimaya and will be available island-wide from 12 March onwards.

SM Summer

Summer's almost here, and SM Woman's got you covered. Featuring trends straight from the runway, such as ruffles and hyper botanicals, summer is going to be a fun and stylish season.

(Cover photo from: Left - @actorctj; Right - @ssinz7)

Here's what happened earlier this week.



Korean beauty — these words will surely conjure up images of flawless skin, slim and sharp face shapes, and an abundance of K-beauty brands lining the world-famous beauty street of Myeong-dong. Sure, we know enough about Korean beauty and the vanity treasures it offers. But what do we know about beauty in Korea?

We wanted to find out what Korean women truly think and do beauty-wise in their everyday lifestyle, so we sat down for a chat with Ms. Kim Hyoun Sook, CEO of Yakson House. With nearly 40 years of history, Yakson (which means ‘mother’s hand’ in Korean) prides itself on its proprietary Golki therapy, a health-oriented massage technique invented by Chairman Lee Byung-chul. This unique technique, performed only by Golki therapy masters, can essentially sculpt your face into a slimmer, sharper and more contoured shape.

To complement the V-shape face after a Golki Small Face Therapy treatment is an array of Yakson Skin facial treatment services, exclusively available for female customers at Yakson Harbourfront Centre in Singapore. And unlike commercial beauty brands that offer prescribed skincare, Yakson’s in-house natural skincare brand, EOS Beauté — established after assessing various skin issues stemmed from its rich Yakson history — offers personalised skincare tailored to address every individual need.

Even its facial treatment services offer bespoke solutions for skin issues such as Acne Care, Pigmentation Care and Scar Care — along with a unique facial massage technique for a skin-beautifying experience. After learning about the brand, we only had one more question for Ms. Kim: how do Korean women see beauty? Below, some very interesting observations.

Beauty is a lifestyle

Clothing, food and a roof over one’s head are necessities of life that are valued very highly in Korea. Clothing, which denotes one’s physical appearance whether in the clothes they wear or in the beauty products they use, is often seen as a tool that dictates self-esteem. “Your appearance gives you better self-esteem and gives you more confidence. [With better self-esteem, you’ll tend to] work harder. That’s why the Koreans want to improve their appearance and become more beautiful.”

They start their beauty routine as early as 6 years old

We were bewildered when Ms Kim shared that the Koreans start their beauty routine as early as six to seven years old. Imagine our surprise when she told us that parents start putting makeup on their children from primary school onwards. Beauty is indeed prevalent in every Korean’s daily lifestyle.

Forget using just one toner  they use two

We’ve heard about the 10-step Korean skincare routine, but we just had to ask again: does it really exist? In addition to confirming its existence, we also discovered an interesting fact about the 10-step routine. Instead of using just one toner (also known as lotion for the Koreans) after cleansing, according to Ms. Kim, “in Korea, we use two types of lotions.” The first one is used to balance the skin’s PH level after cleansing. The second toner with alcohol content is used to tighten the skin as the ninth step before applying your nourishing cream — otherwise known as your moisturiser.

They don’t always rely on plastic surgery to achieve the coveted V-shape face

Developed by Yakson House, Golki (meaning ‘bone-tonification’ in Korean) therapy is a non-invasive massage treatment that uses the properties of our facial bones to reshape facial contours. We’ve heard that Golki therapy can be a painful process, but Ms. Kim says that only one or two out of 10 customers had a slightly unpleasant experience. “When you feel pain, it means that you have bad circulation. In the beginning, you’ll feel pain because of the stored waste [surrounding your bones]. Gradually [the waste] will be released and you’ll feel fresh.” Along with a slimmer, more lifted and sculpted #NaturalVFace, this is Korean beauty redefined.

Find out more about Yakson House here.



This year is all about embracing your uniqueness. Previous iconic hairstyles and hair accessories are being brought back to our attention, but this time we don't have to follow rigid steps to achieve them. It's up to us how we decide to put our own twist. Any manner you do the trend is the right way, as long you're expressing your personal style.

Already excited? Keep reading as we unveil the best hair trends to try this year.


Dolce & Gabbana Spring/Summer 2018

The last time headbands were in the spotlight was back in the late 2000s when Blair Waldorf's preppy fashion caught the eye of many fashionistas. The Gossip Girl character's ensembles were never complete without her headband and the popularity of the show back then helped made this hair accessory a big trend. A decade later, the headband is making waves again in the Spring/Summer 2018 shows ranging from Dolce & Gabbana's bold, embellished ones to Delpozo's more subtle, elegant designs. Sport one that best represents your personality.

The new wave

It looks like pin straight hair will have to take the backseat this year as we see celebrities debut their new wavy hairdos on the red carpet. You can either do it like Jennifer Lawrance and make the curls more prominent, or you can go for a sleeker look with sophisticated waves like Margot Robbie

Slicked Back Hair

Slicked back hair is not just for the boys. Ladies can definitely rock this hairstyle, too! Case in point is Gigi Hadid's slicked back hairdo styled by celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkins. You don't need to go to the salon for this look. You can also recreate it at home with some styling tools and hair products.

Feel like you don't have the time to do the look? If you're a busy gal, you can skip washing your hair from time to time. However, you need to use a quality dry shampoo to make sure that your hair is clean and grease-free. We recommend TRESemmé Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo. It's a spray so it's very handy and sanitary. It uses powder to absorb oil from the scalp and hair, removing dirt and odour instantly. Now, you're ready to do the slicked back style.

Aquatic Aesthetic 

You may remember Preen's recent collection by its glittering beauty looks. But it's not just the flashy makeup that caught our eye, the complementary natural-looking locks also stood out because of its wearability. Wella and ghd fashion week ambassador Eugene Souleiman says "this look is about enhancing imperfections and not torturing the hair, allowing it to do more of what it wants to do.” 

Eugene used ghd styling tools to create soft waves and hair texture. “For some of the girls, we’re adding movement with the ghd Gold Styler and the ghd curve classic curl tong. As a final touch, Eugene added glitter onto the models’ hairs to add an aquatic sheen that emulated the makeup look. "There’s a real beauty to it; it’s angelic and soft,” he said. We absolutely agree with Eugene; this hairdo is so easy to achieve if you have the right beauty gadgets.

The low bun

Practical hair trends were also seen on the runway this year. NYFW served us the most sensible hairstyles seen for Fall/Winter 2018 shows. With Prabal Gurung and Alexander Wang bringing back the pushed back, low bun trend. It's easy enough to style your hair like this, and you may already know it. First, put your hair in a pony, then twist it into a bun, and fasten with a hair tie. You can tuck the ends for a clean look or leave it sticking out for an edgier style. You can add headbands to complete the whole runway hairdo. 

Fancy Frizz

Remember the Jheri curls of the '80s and crimp mania of early 2000s? It seems like our fascination with frizz is back as the runways of Miu Miu and Sonia Rykiel made us fall in love again with this dramatic hairdo. For this, you can just tease your hair using hairspray, preferably the sea salt texturising variant, so you can achieve a naturally tousled look. For best results use a fine-toothed comb. Or if you don't mind it, you can also take a salon trip and have your hair permed. 

Next, check out the latest beauty releases for this month.