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Did you know that while Christian Louboutin is known for their sky-high stilettoes, it was actually Salvatore Ferragamo who invented the style? The first modern stiletto was made in the '50s for none other than Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe. Interesting, right? Wanna know what else is interesting? These fun tidbits from the worlds of beauty and fashion.

All things Everlasting

To say that Kat Von D has captured the hearts of people from our side of the globe would be an understatement. Her namesake beauty brand has garnered a cult-like following, and the love for it, dare we say, has become everlasting. There are many great products from her line, but we're definitely in love with the Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks. With all of those considered, Kat Von D has created her first pop-up store containing all things #EverlastingLip in Singapore. Located at ION Orchard Level 1 from 21 to 30 July, enjoy a display of the brand's love for lip artistry.

New Generation Double Serum

Clarins' Double Serum is already well-loved, but now they've given fans even more reason to adore the product. The eighth generation of the serum has a new 20 + 1 formulation. Plus, it comes in a new bottle, which dispenses just the right amount of product.

Tech Genius

Did you know that the person behind Nike's self-lacing shoes inspired by the '80s film Back to the Future is a woman? Yes. Her name's Tiffany Beers, and she's all sorts of awesome.

Celine Dion Couture

Celine Dion is a musical icon, a mother, and more. But while she wears many hats, the terms fashionista or fashion icon aren't always associated with her. (Yes, even though she actually has her own bag line.) That's about to change, though. If you haven't already, watch the videos of the singer wearing coveted couture looks.

Here's what happened earlier this week.



When it comes to our beauty products, there is a need to be particular. That's why we often opt for Western brands and products, using their big names as guarantee. But what if we say that sometimes, in order to find a diamond in the ruff, you have to look no further than products concocted in the heart of your own home country?

Now, we've done The Little Red Dot's local picks previously, so we're going in straight to the Pearl of the Orient next with these homegrown brands from the Philippines you should be paying more attention to.

VMV Hypoallergenics

With its high-end-looking packaging and very promising claims, it is easy to see why this brand is often mistaken as a Western brand. But before it made waves in the US and Asia, VMV actually started as the brainchild of enterprising dermatologist slash derma pathologist Vermen Verallo from Bogo, Cebu. Their entire range is also well-known for being free from fragrances, dyes, phthalates, parabens, preservatives, SLES, and SLS — not to mention their product safety measure of having a list of allergens their products do not have. So if you are very particular with your beauty products — as anyone should be — give this a shot and you won't be disappointed. 


If you're a beauty enthusiast who is considering a career in makeup artistry, or you're simply on the lookout for brushes and beauty tools are affordable yet pro level, then Suesh is the one for you. From brushes and train cases, to LED mirrors and makeup chairs, their selection will make you want to revamp your beauty room ASAP.


If you love theBalm's retro pop vibe, then Snoe is definitely right up your alley. Their impressive makeup and skincare line, plus availability in most of the leading malls in the Philippines, make them a dream to any beauty lover who lives not just for amazing products but also fun and quirky aesthetic. They also have ingredients like Amazonian clay, which is what Tarte cosmetics is known for, minus the cost of an arm and a leg. Not sure what to pick up? Their lip and cheek tints, and finishing powder are crowd favourites.

Lumiere Organiceuticals

Want something that will give you apothecary vibes that looks magical and provide amazing results, too? This namesake of Beauty And The Beast's well-known character will suit your fancy. They use the potent concoction of 5 to 10 ingredients in every product, making sure that you get the results you want and actually see the changes in your skin fast. From oils and scents to skincare and lip products, you'll get a feel of elegance and luxury not just visually but as a whole sensorial experience. 

The Beauty Bakery

Living up to its name, this brand is all about giving treats to your skin. Made without parabens, chemicals, or preservatives, their sweets- and dessert-inspired products will give you a spa-like experience as you lather them onto your skin, leaving you smelling and feeling delectable. Just be careful not to eat them even though they really do tickle the sweet tooth in everyone!

Human Nature

A proudly Filipino homegrown beauty brand list will never be complete without Human Nature. With the principle that nature possesses the most potent ingredients to clean and nourish our hair and skin without harmful chemicals, they deliver some of the most tried-and-tested beauty products that had become cult favourites in the country. They also offer luxurious beauty picks that are at par with some of the more expensive Western beauty brands, like their Rosehip Oil and Overnight Elixir that have received high praise from its patrons. 

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There's no denying that most women from our side of the world prefer matte lip products. With the abundance of sunshine — and heat — in our part of the world, having sticky substances on our lips is not a pleasant feeling. That's why women wearing lip gloss is not exactly something that we see often. Add to that the fact that the lip glosses we were accustomed to had little to no pigment. Well, the ball game has changed. There are now highly pigmented lip glosses that are not icky on the lips. 

The Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamored Hi-Shine Lip Lacquer Lip Gloss (SGD28) has the shine we've always wanted in lip glosses, plus the pigmentation of "30 coats of lacquer." Plus, there are a bunch of delicious colours to choose from. We were able to get our hands on the Summer 2017 collection called Enamored, and well, colour us enamoured. Intrigued by the shades? We swatched them in the video above!