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Insider Roundup: Kim Kardashian’s "Black Face" Scandal & More

Bringing 2019 to a close

Before we close the decade, it’s good to adopt a positive vibe to bring with you to the next. With belly-ache inducing laughter and heartwrenching moments, the 2010s gave us a lot of memories to look back on. With both good and bad news, here is 2019’s last Insider Roundup.

Kim Kardashian’s new "black face" scandal

Not to start this round-up on a bad note, but Kim Kardashian was recently accused of cultural appropriation with her 7Hollywood magazine photoshoot. Reportedly inspired by Elizabeth Taylor, netizens have pointed out that Kim looked like a person of colour in these photos. An unnamed source merely attributes to this bad lighting, making her skin look darker than it really is. Some people have dismissed this as a mere publicity ploy. Either way, we don’t expect Kim to respond to these allegations any time soon.

Watch Bella Hadid and Michael Kors talk about pop culture

On a better note, we now have the latest installment of Kors Commute where Michael Kors takes supermodel Bella Hadid to a snowy mountain slope. They discuss finsta accounts, their favourite holiday movies, their most memorable moments with fans, gifts, and more. Watch the video above to laugh out loud and set you in a happy mood.

Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker edited out a same-sex kiss

Disney was reported to edit out a scene in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker showing a same-sex couple kissing onscreen to fit a lower age rating for their Singapore screening. This was the first overt display of same-sex relationships in the franchise. While the purpose was to reach a wider audience in select countries, we think a simple kiss should be censored out of a movie where there's violence and death. After all, isn’t Star Wars supposed to be the triumph of good over evil and love above all?

See Prince Harry and Meghan in their first Christmas card

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex happily posed for their first Christmas card with their son Archie. It wasn’t posted on the Sussex royal account, which contains a simple text post wishing their followers happy holidays. Rather, it was shared on social media by The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust. The animated card — or GIF, depending on how you see it — shows seven-month-old Archie crawling towards the camera with his parents beaming behind him. Cute!

You Season 2 just dropped

The thriller Netflix series just released its second season. Before we discuss the general plot, do know that the following may contain minor spoilers for the show. Ready? So, while the first season depicts our female protagonist’s tragic ending at the hands of her stalker, this new season sees a cast of female characters fighting back. Led by Victoria Pedretti, the first few episodes promise to deliver vengeance for Beck (season 1’s protagonist) who also makes several haunting appearances this season. But will this season really be a display of girl power? You’d need to watch the show yourself to find out.

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