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A new week means a new opportunity to learn more. And we're definitely grabbing all the opportunities we have to learn about the latest in the worlds of fashion and beauty. Here are just some of the ones we've gathered so far.

H&M hullabaloo

It's not the first time a fast fashion brand is engulfed in controversy. But this time, things got a little bit messier than usual — literally. An H&M store in South Africa has been trashed by activists following the backlash received by a photo of a young boy of colour wearing a sweatshirt with the print "Coolest monkey in the jungle" got on social media. H&M has reportedly closed down all its stores in South Africa after the incident.

Goodbye, LANEIGE PH?

While the news has yet to come from the brand itself, there have been talks that LANEIGE is leaving the Philippines. In place of LANEIGE, another Korean beauty brand will be introduced to the market. Can you guess what it is?

Tarte Shape Tape Foundation

A foundation version of the cult favourite Tarte Shape Tape concealer is coming. With many saying that the concealer is holy grail worthy, the coming of the foundation has been highly anticipated. But the launch has not been without controversy because people have been quite dismayed with the colour selection.

MAC x Padma Lakshmi

MAC Cosmetics is not slowing down when it comes to their collaborations. The beauty brand has just announced their upcoming collection in partnership with top model and host Padma Lakshmi. The collection includes eyeshadow palettes, as well as individual colours for the eyes, lips and cheeks. 

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Here's what happened last week, if you missed it.



Our “I Am Her” series features the female movers and shakers of the industry to learn how femininity and power coincide beautifully and seamlessly together.

After being crowned in the 2012 Miss Universe pageant, 25-year-old Olivia Culpo’s life took a 180-degree turn. “I just [kinda been] thrust into a career and travelling all over the world,” the beauty queen and ex-girlfriend of Nick Jonas (formerly from the Jonas Brothers) shared. She was in Singapore last week to celebrate the launch of Skin Inc’s Oxy Recharge Bubble Mask, a 3-in-1 mask inspired by Skin Inc's award-winning oxygen facial and designed to fit into the hectic schedule of a time-starved millennial like Olivia.

When Olivia is not travelling the world modelling, acting, hosting, editing (as contributing editor for Byrdie) and contributing to humanitarian work (as the global ambassador of Pencils of Promise), she enjoys sharing her personal style, make-up tips and cooking recipes with her two million followers on Instagram. “The most fun part of my job is being able to do everything. I like that I’m breaking boundaries, and when I see people doing that, I admire that a lot. So I hope that I can do that for other girls, too.”

At 25, the social star has accomplished a feat most 25-year-olds could only dream of. Ahead, Olivia Culpo tells us how she does it all with ease — and in style.

How do you define beauty?

Beauty to me is knowing yourself, loving yourself and not being afraid to be who you are.

You are the definition of looking good while doing what you do. How do you stay inspired and empowered to do that every day?

For everyone, there are of course moments when you wake up and you don’t feel great. But I do find a lot of inspiration in knowing that I inspire other people. So I take inspiration from other people, and I get to share my inspiration with other people if that makes any sense. I’m inspired by knowing that people look up to me, and I want to set a good example.

How do you cope with the stress of being in the limelight?

Every job has its stress, and this job is just like any other job. So the way to handle it is to take time for yourself, meditating, exercising, having a good support system. Understanding when you need to take a break, and also kind of knowing what you need, and exploring things that you might require in order to do the best that you can. Also, relax when you need to relax.

Do you follow a strict diet? If you do, do you allow yourself to indulge during the weekends?

No, I don’t actually follow anything like that. I try to balance and have a good perspective on diet and health in general. I don’t ever want to feel like I’m punishing myself or depriving myself of something. I do want to feel good, so I don’t eat things that are unhealthy. My mentality is just to be healthy. Don’t deprive yourself but also don’t overdo anything. Too much of anything is bad.

Share with us five of your Clozette essentials right now.

I would say a good hat and a good pair of high-waisted jeans. A good bodysuit is a staple item that anybody should have. Combat boots, and a fanny pack or statement bag.

Skincare or make-up? Why?

Oh my gosh, skincare absolutely! You need to take care of your skin before you can think about putting make-up on. It all comes down to the right products. I also think sleep, hydration, avoiding sun damage, genetics help as well. Diet [helps] and then, of course, a proper skincare regimen.

Your personal mantra of 2018?

Something that I’ve been saying a lot. “God’s rejection is God’s protection.” Everything happens for a reason. Don’t give up if something doesn’t go well. Sometimes, it’s probably for the best.

The Skin Inc Oxy Recharge Bubble Mask is now available at all Skin Inc counters at SGD76.



We're already gearing up for the weekend. But, as usual, we'll be sure to take fashion and beauty news to ponder on during our rest days. Here are some of them.

Bomb Baby Mini

We know you're still not over the Fenty Beauty hype yet. We aren't either. So we're definitely excited about these cute travel-sized versions of the Killawatt Highlighter in Hu$tla Baby and the Universal Gloss Bomb. You can get the two at SGD33 at

Gucci Garden

The Gucci museum in Florence, Italy has been renovated. The fashion house's creative director Alessandro Michele dubbed it Gucci Garden. Aside from the many Gucci goods on display, the "garden" also features a restaurant and a boutique selling exclusive pieces.

UNIQLO x marimekko

UNIQLO and marimekko implore you to discover the joy of being bold through a collection of clothing that bears bold and vibrant print designs. The collection will include nine pieces, all of which will have prints designed by marimekko's Maija Louekari. Get your hands on this limited edition collaboration starting 30 March in all UNIQLO stores in Singapore and on

Nabile Quenum passes on

Capping the week off with a celebration of the life of street style photographer Nabile Quenum, who has passed on at the age of 32. 

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