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There are just days when you want to doze off and hit the snooze button. Mondays are usually those days. But we bet you wouldn't want to sleep on these hot happenings, though.

Miss Universe 2017

The annual Miss Universe pageant has wrapped up and a new winner has been announced. Miss Universe 2017 is Miss South Africa Demi-Leigh Nel Peters.

Mamonde Boutique

A new Mamonde boutique has been opened at Takashimaya S.C., Ngee Ann City. Drop by to see the latest from the brand, including their fun holiday offerings.

The iconic Bata Hotshot

If you're a fan of Kurt Cobain, you'll love this. The iconic Bata Hotshot shoes, worn by Cobain during his heydey, is now available in Singapore. It comes in three colour schemes and retails for SGD119.

Shilla Beauty Concert and some Shinee Gifting Tips

We were lucky to have been able to attend to ask a few questions from Shinee, who were recently here for the Shilla Beauty Concert. Here are some of the things we learned from the guys. Jonghyun never travels without health supplements.

Since the holidays are nearing, we had to know what the guys would gift the women in their lives. Jonghyun said he'd probably give the most expensive beauty product he could find. Tae-Min, meanwhile, joked that he'd probably go for the cheapest product but added that it would actually depend on whom he is getting the gift for. Minho said he'd ask what the person wants and go from there, and Key said he'd go for health supplements. 

(Cover photo from: @missuniverse)

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There's no escaping ageing; it's a part of life and we all have to go through it. However, what we can do is delay its signs by caring and pampering our skin with hardworking serums. Moisturisers play a big part in making sure our skin stays in tip-top condition, but it's not enough. We need serums to nourish deep into our skin and deliver potent results. 

With numerous anti-ageing serums available in the market, it's a challenge to pinpoint which ones are the most effective. To help you narrow down your choices, we asked a panel of beauty enthusiasts and experts to share their holy grail serums.

(Photo from: StilettoesDiva)

Estée Lauder's widely acclaimed Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II is popular among the beauty panel. According to Clozette Ambassador Roanna Tan, "It helps soothe the skin and prevents fine lines." Clozette Ambassador Cheryl Chio seconded and added that this particular serum has been around for so long that it's become an iconic beauty product. 

(Photo from: Paperkitties)

Clozette Ambassador Alene Breddemann admits that it was a close call between Estée Lauder's Advanced Night Serum and Lancôme's Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Serum because, for her, the efficacy of the products is almost the same. Nevertheless, this serum still made it into her top picks. 

(Photo from: beautifulbuns)

The Double Serum is arguably the product that Clarins is most famous for. Its innovative two-way system combined all the essential ingredients to produce "the best skincare product in the world." This year, Generation 8 was released and Clozette Ambassador Grace Myu was impressed. "It's lightweight and non-irritating to my sensitive skin," she said. Beauty expert Lolent Lee shares the same experience, saying, "It's easily absorbed into the skin, no greasy feeling at all. I also saw that it faded the appearance of fine lines."

Another serum with a cult following is Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate. Clozette Ambassador Genzel says it gives her skin a youthful glow. Clozette Ambassador Cindy Tan also raves about this serum, saying, "It improved the firmness and elasticity of my skin. Thanks to this, I have a radiant complexion," she added.

Who knew that Fujifilm, the company that makes hip and amazing mirrorless cameras, could also come up with a great skincare brand? We were all pleasantly surprised by their skincare products, especially with the Renewal Jelly Aquarysta, which is like a serum and moisturiser in one. Our very own Creative Director Kersie Koh loves this product. "It's lightweight and jelly-textured which feels good on the skin," she says. "It does a great job of replenishing moisture loss. I can feel the difference just after three or four days of using this."

Even Clozette Ambassador Shivani Balraj vouches for its efficacy, saying, "It's definitely one of the best hydrating products I've ever used. It gave my skin a boost of hydration plus it relieved any form of flakiness and dry skin."

(Cover photo from: astaliftsg)

Did your favourite serum make it into the list? Support it by voting in this year's Clozette Beauty Awards 2017.



Time to set the record straight: Head & Shoulders is more than your regular go-to anti-dandruff hair care brand. True, Head & Shoulders always delivers when it comes to promoting a healthy scalp. But do all anti-dandruff products actually aggravate your strands to lacklustre dryness?

Many people have a misconception that Head & Shoulders may also be too strong or that using it makes the hair dry. We’re here to debunk that with Head & Shoulders’ Supreme Series — which consists of an ultra-nourishing shampoo and (the first-of-its-kind) conditioner to bless your crowning glory with much-needed softness and vibrancy. The key ingredient in the products? Argan oil. Packed with vitamin E and essential fatty acids, argan oil is known for its hydrating benefits for the hair, skin and nails.

Did we also mention that it smells divine like a slice of fruity heaven with a sweet concoction of strawberries, pineapples, winter pears and more? This is one anti-dandruff duo that we’ll be happy to grace our manes with. Ahead, four Clozette readers share their Head & Shoulders experience: They use Head & Shoulders. What about you?

Kersie Koh, 44, Entrepreneur

“I first noticed I had dandruff around the time when I was travelling a lot for work. I tried Head & Shoulders and it really helped my dandruff issue. But more than that, I love that it's not overly scented, it refreshes my scalp, and it is gentle enough for daily use. Even after my dandruff issue stopped, Head & Shoulders continued to be one of my staples.

I was really curious about the new Supreme Series and started using it. I’m surprised at how soft my hair feels after using the Shampoo & Conditioner.”

Audrey Ang, 24, Media Executive

“Head & Shoulders has been one of my go-to hair care brands since I was a teenager. I had dandruff then, but as I got older, I stopped having dandruff issues but still continue to use Head & Shoulders to this day.

The thing is, it really isn’t as harsh as what everyone thinks about anti-dandruff hair care. My hair actually looks healthier and feels softer after using Head & Shoulders.”

Lim Junying, 28, Merchandiser

“Because I lead a very active lifestyle, I frequently need to wash my hair for hygiene reasons. Sweat that isn’t washed off after exercising can leave my scalp sensitive and itchy and my strands dry and dull-looking.

I started using Head & Shoulders simply because it‘s convenient, accessible and reasonably priced. Plus it provides relief! My scalp feels great after a good lather, and it hardly leaves my strands tangled or uncomfortable. I also appreciate that it doesn’t build up heaviness in my hair. My hair definitely feels softer and more manageable!”

Mikhael Motus, 29, Visual Content Designer

“To me, Head & Shoulders is not just another anti-dandruff hair care brand. I’ve been using the brand for a while now, simply because it not only keeps my scalp dandruff-free, it also keeps my hair soft and smooth.

I may not be new to the brand but I am definitely impressed with the new Head & Shoulders Supreme Smooth variant. I like the creamy texture that is complemented with a unique aroma. I also like the results after a blow-dry. My hair looks glossy and feels soft and moisturised."

Head & Shoulders Supreme Series is now available at retail stores in Singapore and Malaysia.