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We’re onto the last month of the year already, can you believe it? Though the year may be ending soon, there’s no end to the exciting news brought by the upcoming holidays. From Olivia Jade getting back to YouTube months after the college admissions scandal to exciting store launches in the region, here are all the juicy news bites that are hyping us up for the festive days ahead.

Olivia Jade is back on YouTube post-college admissions scandal

After the news of the college admissions scandal in the US broke out last March, Olivia Jade finally breaks her hiatus on YouTube with a new vlog post. In the two-minute video, she explained she can’t really legally talk about the scandal but confessed that she really misses vlogging. Her attempt to make a career comeback, however, was met with much criticism online.

If you can recall, the YouTuber’s actress mum, Lori Loughlin was among the 33 parents accused of bribing to have their kids accepted into colleges. And though Olivia Jade wasn’t exactly the one who did the crime, people haven’t exactly been happy with how she refused to apologise and hold herself accountable up till now. Would she ever be able to move past this issue and perhaps vlog about all these one day? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Satisfy your K-beauty needs at Amore Store x Lazada

Let’s all move on and focus on the brighter side of things, shall we? For the first time ever, Lazada enters the offline realm and partners with Amorepacific and CapitaLand to bring you Amore Store x Lazada. Launching this Thursday, 5 December at Funan Mall, the pop-up shop blends the best of online and offline shopping by bringing you your fave K-beauty powerhouses. Brands like Laneige, Innisfree, and more will be all under one roof. Be sure to stop by to get your beauty needs for the holidays.

Tiffany & Co. introduces their first-ever dual fragrance

Tiffany & Love Collection's launch and Olivia Jade posting a vlog on YouTube months after the college admissions scandal are just some of the hottest news this week.

Looking for the perfect gift for a loving couple? Just in time for the holidays, Tiffany & Co. introduces the newest fragrance collection, Tiffany & Love. The two complementary fragrances in the His and Hers collection celebrates love and commitment. A tribute to emotional connection, Tiffany & Love is the brand’s first-ever foray into dual fragrances, as well as the inaugural launch of their men’s fragrance. Each of the two fragrances has their own unique scent, but are tied wonderfully together by the blue sequoia notes. Get them at Sephora ION, MBS, NAC and at Tangs Vivo City and Tangs Plaza.

I’Milky brings more of Taiwan’s authentic goodness to PH

I'Milky PH best-sellers

In Metro Manila, on the other hand, it’s easier than ever to experience the premium milk tea goodness with I’Milky opening a new branch in Ayala North Exchange — their third branch nationwide and first ever in Makati. In I’Milky, less is more, as they craft drinks with quality natural ingredients carefully sourced from Taiwan, the birthplace of our fave boba tea. Milk tea lovers should definitely have a sip of their best-selling Taro Milk Tea generously filled with the velvety texture of real taro puree. Sweet Natural Brown Sugar Milk Tea and the slightly tart Strawberry Milk Tea are other crowd favourites that are a must-try. Those aiming to have a lighter drink, on the other hand, can enjoy I’Milky’s wide selection of soy milk-based or fruit tea offerings.

(Cover photo from: @oliviajade)

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Ah, fashion! Just when you think you've seen the most brow-raising pieces out there, it gets even more bizarre (not that we're complaining). Just recently, Alexander Wang's luxury lunch bag clutch trended like crazy on the internet for its, well, very familiar design. Banking on nostalgic recess memories from when we were still in school, the brand's take on the brown lunch bag is anything but cheap and flimsy and makes do without the grease from all the sandwich stains (it's made from satin and polyester and is really not meant for your midday snacks, in case you're curious). Currently in the market for USD295, of course, it inspired both a fair share of amused patrons and some heavy detractors.  

Now, we've seen this coming a mile away. As with every 'quirky' designer item release comes a lot of people who don't get amused by it at all. But in this instance, it's not exactly the design that people are getting annoyed by — it's the idea of it allegedly being yet another fashion copycat case. Many people pointed out the similarities of this Alexander Wang clutch to a USD630 Jil Sander menswear piece released in 2012. The latter also had a coated-paper version sold at USD290 (photo below), which became the epitome of owning 'designer extra' pieces during that time. Neither party has reacted to the issue, but until now, people are still pointing out this coincidence in the AW comments section. 

Drama-aside, this isn't the only designer item out there that truly sparked our interest and amusement. After all, the fashion industry just never seems to run out of bougie novelty. So whether you're one to make the purchase or are simply here to get amused in the oddity of it all, we're lining up more quirky designer items to feed your fancy below. 

Moschino dry cleaning bag dress

We all know that plastic/PVC-panelled clothing has always been in circulation ever since the futurama obsession of the '70s. But Moschino definitely upped the ante in 2017 when they released this dry cleaning bag dress that was seemingly meant to protect your clothes while you're wearing them. The brand is well-known for its eccentric aesthetic, sure (especially during Jeremy Scott's creative direction at the time), but this one really hit the home run when it came to weirdness. P.S. The USD735 price tag still doesn't cover a garment to wear under the plastic piece. 

Everything in the Tiffany & Co. Everyday Objects line

Tiffany & Co. Sterling Ball Of Yarn

(Photo from:

Love knitting? Or probably want to give your cat the best bougie life he/she can live? Either way, this USD9,270 sterling silver ball of yarn from Tiffany & Co. may just be the thing for you (or your feline companion). Now, before you think this is an April Fools joke that's way too advanced, let us tell you, we ain't kidding. Since the release of T&C's Everyday Objects line in 2017, it never ceases to amaze with its selection of interesting homeware, from USD310 yo-yos, USD550 pillboxes, and even a USD275,000 greenhouse. And yes, some of them even sell out once in a while. 

Maison Margiela's distressed sneakers

Maison Margiela Distressed Sneakers

(Photo from:

The resurgence of '90s grunge definitely brought distressed everything back into the fashion radar. But it seems like Maison Margiela decided to take it one step further back in 2017 with this Future Destroyed High Top Sneakers. The shoes looked practically destroyed, but it didn't stop it from being sold out despite the USD1,425 price tag. Talk about a dystopian aesthetic! 

Hérmes wrapping paper

Hermes Wrapping Paper

(Photo from:

With the holidays coming up, why wrap your presents with normal wrapping paper when you can use these ones from Hérmes instead? Going for USD190 for 12 sheets in six different designs, how about that for going the extra mile when it comes to gift-giving? We're kidding, of course, but you do you.  

(Cover photo from: alexanderwangny)

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From Carolina Herrera and Isabel Toledo to Oscar de la Renta and Manolo Blahnik, Latin America has produced notable fashion designers through the years. The vibrant aura, colourful patterns and lively looks that designers from this region are known for has been beloved the world over. If your fashion taste calls for exuberant styles, then you should definitely look out for collections from up-and-coming Latin American designers. Keep reading to get to know them.

Johanna Ortiz

While Johanna Ortiz is certainly a name known among the elite, her label has now gained mass international recognition after the announcement of her upcoming collaboration with H&M — joining the likes of Giambattista Valli and Karl Lagerfeld who both launched collections with the Swedish clothing retailer. She's most known for her unique and inventive floral patters and dramatic silhouettes that will surely catch the eye of any fashionista. 

The Mallarino sisters

Founded by the Mallarino sisters, who both live in Paris and their native Colombia, MALLARINO is a jewellery label that combines the sophisticated Parisian aesthetic with bold Colombian elements to create one-of-a-kind designs. All pieces are handmade in the Mallarino Mallarino workshops where trained Colombian craftsmen use a unique technique called filigree which is the hand-sewing of jewels using a gold thread.

Silvia Tcherassi

As a hotelier, interior designer and fashion designer, Silvia Tcherassi is a master of many trades. Her hotel, The Tcherassi Hotel + Spa in Cartagena de Indias in Colombia, is deemed as one of the most successful and beautiful in the area. Her fashion label? Thriving more than ever. Silvia Tcherassi pieces are sought after and known for its high-quality materials and vivid designs. The perfect picks for ladies who love donning playful gowns and dresses.

Juliana Ferreira and Maya Pope

Brazilian designer duo Juliana Ferreira and Maya Pope are the forces behind Isolda, a womenswear label popular for their bright, tropical-printed casual and beachwear. Most of their pieces use breathable fabrics like linen which is always a plus. 

Jessica Butrich

Love pop design elements in your shoes? You should check out Jessica Butrich's shoe label. From novelty heels to cutesy touches, Butrich's designs are all ambassadors of positivity and boldness. Their innovative and quirky collections will surely appeal to playful souls. Not to mention that the designs are so unique, you won't find it anywhere else. 

(Cover photo from: @jessicabutrich)

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