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Hey, May! We’re already on the fifth month of the year. Oh, where did the time go? Well, you know what they say — time flies by when you’re having fun. And boy, are we having so much fun discovering fun new things and learning about juicy new collabs in the worlds of fashion and beauty.

Wanna know what piqued our interest this month? Here they are.

Met Gala Faves

Fashion icons and the biggest names in Hollywood got together on Monday to celebrate the work of Japanese label Comme de Garcons, founded by Rei Kawakubo. All of them were dressed to the nines and prettified like no other, but the ones who stole the show for us were Rihanna and Zendaya.


Still on the fashion train, ZALORA has just launched the exclusive Sometime Designed by Rizalman collection. The bag collection named RIBAG created by two of Malaysia’s most renowned fashion brands, Sometime and designer Dato Rizalman Ibrahim, comes in 12 different colours that will suit just about every style and personality.


“When was the last time you told your mum you appreciated her?” asks Millennials of Singapore. The community partnered with L’Oreal Singapore to spread the message of the importance of letting our mothers know how much we value them, no matter how busy we are.

Two words: crepe cake

Flying with Singapore Airlines anytime soon? You’re in for a treat — and a sweet one at that. When you fly suite, first class or business class, you’ll have the chance to experience delectable custom-designed Lady M Mille Crepe Cakes. Yum!

Kate Moss’s daughter in hot water

Kate Moss’s daughter has followed her footsteps. Lila Grace has made her modelling debut, but she was not exactly welcomed warmly. In the ad for Braid Bar, Lila is seen sporting colourful cornrows. The ad was deemed to be culturally appropriating.

Colourpop Super Shock Cheek Palette

Moving on to a different kind of shock, the first Super Shock Cheek Palette is coming soon courtesy of the brand’s collaboration with fashion and lifestyle blogger Sonya Esman.

(Cover photo from: @zendaya)

Wanna recap last week's fun stuff? Here you go.



Online shopping makes almost everything convenient. Note that I said 'almost' because while it can be quite easy to shop for clothes, it's not usually the case when it comes to makeup — especially with foundation. Getting the right shade when you buy from beauty counters is already challenging, so you can just imagine how hard it is to buy cosmetics if you're only relying on your computer or mobile phone screen.

But if you've found yourself wanting to buy a specific foundation that's not available in your country and shopping online is your ONLY option, then who's to say you should just give up and settle for something different that's available locally?

Follow these top tricks on how to get your foundation match perfectly when purchasing through the interweb. 

Know your undertones

(Photo from: VETLEOW)

Pull up your sleeves and check the colour of your veins. If they're bluish, then you have a cool undertone, and if they're green, then they're warm. Somewhere in between means that you can play it neutral. This will come in handy in checking whether you should go for pink-based, yellow-based, or flesh/beige-toned foundation.

Use Temptalia's Foundation Matrix as a reference

In purchasing foundation online, we advise that you do your research. One of the things we've done is going through this website and looking up a foundation shade that already matches our colour. It helps generate dupes, not just for shade-matching but also formula-wise. They have a wide variety of brands to choose from as your basis, whether it be drugstore or high-end, which makes this a good starting point to use as a reference.

Buy at least two shades

(Photo from: DollUpMari)

The safest bet to get your true match? Get a shade lighter or darker aside from the one closest your skintone. This will be great for mixing to tweak the shade you'll get, and can be used as an alternative to either illuminate or contour. No waste!

Make sure the seller is legit

(Photo from: VETLEOW)

If you're not directly buying from the brand's website, make sure you're purchasing from an authentic online seller, not only to make sure you're not wasting money, but also for your own safety. There are a lot of fake products circulating in the market, and if too steep or too cheap, then you might want to consider finding another seller. 

Cover photo from: TeawithMakeupMagic88



Did you know that aside from keeping your scalp and tresses clean, using dry shampoo also comes with other benefits? Read on as shares tips on how to maximise the use of your favourite dry shampoo.

Hold your hair pins in place

(Photo from: SmitaDeSouza)

If hairspray is not your thing, go for dry shampoo to keep your hair pins in place. Pin your hair and spray on dry shampoo, or apply the dry shampoo first before you pin – either way, they are going to stay in place.

Keep your fringe from sticking to your face

(Photo from: Vanessaxlim)

It can be quite a hassle maintaining a fringe when you live in a country that’s so humid. Oil and sweat can make your fringe limp and greasy. Stop your fringe from sticking to your face by spraying on some dry shampoo. Let the product dry for a minute then brush it out.

Texturise your hair

(Photo from: imkimsantiago)

If your hair needs a bit of texture but you don’t want to be bothered by the stickiness of mousse, reach out for dry shampoo instead. Spray the product in the middle part of your hair, let it sit for a minute, then scrunch up your hair for instant texture.

(Cover photo from: SmitaDeSouza)

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