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Finally, it’s Friday! We’re sure it’s been a gruelling week for everyone, so in case you missed it, here’s a recap of the hottest news this week. It’s all here — from the return of the biggest fashion event in Southeast Asia to the reveal of the newest streaming service. If these don’t amp up your excitement for the weekend, I don’t know what will.


Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival is back for its 10th season

A banner showing event details of PMFFX with models walking the runway in the background.


With the theme “Fashion Formation Decoded,” Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival returns this coming month. Celebrate the art of fashion through this most prestigious fashion event from 2 to 5 April at EDSA Shangri-La, Marquee Tent. Witness the breathtaking designs of promising and emerging talents from the region on the runway and learn more about the craft through the series of workshops and forums during the week. 

An Hermès skincare and cosmetic line is coming your way

Beauty aficionados rejoice, because the renowned luxury fashion house aims to be a global beauty brand by perfecting the three main axes: fragrance, makeup, and skincare. The products, set to be released in 2020, will be developed in-house but will be manufactured by third-party suppliers in France and Italy. Though you might have to wait a year for that, you’ll be excited to know that Hermès will be using plastic-free packaging for their upcoming line.



José Jeuland returns with "Longevity Okinawa" exhibition

The Singapore-based French photographer is holding his second photography exhibition, titled “Longevity Okinawa.” Through his photography, José attempts to capture the secrets behind the longevity of centenarians living in Okinawa. Aside from those, you can enjoy a short documentary in the exhibition, which runs from 19 April to 30 May at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore.

You can soon watch the all-new season of Project Runway on TLC Southeast Asia

Your favourite fashion reality show is back this April for its 17th season. With the departure of Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn, the show will be introducing supermodel Karlie Kloss as the new host and series alumnus Christian Siriano as the new mentor. Catch 16 designers compete and take on guest-inspired challenges starting this 1 April at 9PM on TLC Southeast Asia (SingTel TV Channel 254).  



Apple unveils new streaming service

You read that right — Apple is making sure we never leave out Apple devices while we indulge in our guilty binge-watching pleasures with Apple TV+.  After years of just focusing on the production of state-of-the-art devices, Apple has announced with a star-studded parade their decision to dabble in content and entertainment. Apple TV+ will feature new original programs, as well as favourites from networks like HBO.



Today, having the most innovative or high-quality product isn't the only thing that keeps brands at the top of their game. If sustainability and being eco-friendly is not on their list, chances are people will keep walking and start looking for other options. Because hey, nothing is cooler (pun intended) than fighting against global warming, reducing your carbon footprint, and just saving the Earth in general while being pretty, fit, and fabulous. So, if like us, you also want to give the environment the same love you give your skin and body, these eco-friendly initiatives by some of our favourite brands deserve your attention. 

Human Nature on pushing for accessible and mainstream sustainable projects

As we've mentioned, people are ready to be enablers for change. But sometimes, old-school policies and laws tend to be restrictive. This and the fact that the Philippines does not exactly have a lot of resources for many large-scale recycling plants prove to be a factor for environmental concerns. But facing the fact that the country has to deal with approximately 163 million plastics daily from home-care products alone, along with the issue of toxic wastes from textile and cosmetic productions, someone has to step up to get things straight.

Thankfully, homegrown brand Human Nature takes its mandate of keeping sustainable beauty accessible and affordable to the Filipino people one step further with their "Refill. Recycle. Reuse." initiative. Partnering with organisations like the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Greenpeace, Buhay Zero-Waste and more, not only have they recently launched their home-care refilling stations and their recycling drop-off points across Metro Manila, they are also creating a petition and a position paper to move forward making the laws surrounding sustainable projects easier not just for their brand but for other businesses as well.   

Lush Cosmetics on going "naked" for the environment

From boasting organic, cruelty-free, and handmade products since Day 1 to employees literally going naked back in 2007 to start their movement towards sustainable packaging, we can't talk eco-friendly without mentioning Lush Cosmetics. Their "naked initiative" is moving beyond just biodegradable packaging and creating products that can be taken at home as-is. Post-usage the concept is that products will disappear without a trace once used up; just think of a solid shampoo or lotion that won't have an empty plastic bottle to be thrown afterward. To date, 30 per cent of Lush products are "naked" but they have hopes to push for 100 per cent in the future. With the products as alluring to the senses as Lush's, who would even hesitate to follow this movement?

Poh Heng on committing to cutting down on plastic

Singapore jewellery brand Poh Heng steps up in contributing to the global movement of environmental protection. Committing to reducing their use of unnecessary plastics in operations, including serving plastic bottled water in all their 14 boutiques in sunny SG, this project will officially launch on 22 April, the same day as Earth Day. This commitment alone leads the brand to reduce approximately 215,000 plastic bottles a year, which will definitely encourage not just its patrons but others in the country to follow suit. 

Antipodes on keeping both its environmental pledges and its mandate to beauty

Need to add anti-pollution picks to your beauty stash? Antipodes recently released the Blessing Anti-Pollution Light Face Serum, which helps deal with free radical damage to the skin while keeping it fresh, smooth, and soothed. But that's not all. While the brand encourages you to take care of your skin, it also plays its role on a larger scale by combating pollution even outside of its beauty mandate. Following their Green Beauty Ethos policy, they also pledge to maintain sustainable processes within and outside of production, even by keeping their packaging and organic product verification practices in mind. We love a multi-pronged approach to beauty for us and the environment so this receives a two thumbs up from us!

L'Occitane on pushing for recycling

Following their initiative from 2018 to be a drop-off point for plastic bottles in order to collect them for recycling, L'Occitane recently announced that they're taking their initiative one step further. Incorporating the use of Loop PET Plastic — 100% sustainable and can be upcycled — for all their product packages starting 2022, they aim to translate their movement for both internal and external operations as they go along. They also plan to roll-out their recycling drop-off points from 30% to 100% by the year 2025. So the next time you use up your favourite L'Occitane products or even have empty bottles from other beauty brands you need to dispose of, keep in mind that you can drop them off at collection outlets instead of letting them find their way to the ocean. 

The Body Shop on green chemistry

It's no secret that The Body Shop has been on the sustainability front even before it became mainstream. But one of the most fascinating aspects of their initiatives would be 'green chemistry'. Every year, they rate their products and categories with an environmental score, which indicates a product's ability to biodegrade or dilute in water over time. And to ensure that their products are always within a point that won't cause harm to the environment, they work closely with their suppliers to ensure 'green chemistry'. This pertains to using only processes, ingredients, or any other raw materials that are neither toxic, chemical, or harmful to the environment. They also ensure to post reports on how their scores are improving over time through their website. Gives you a new and positive perspective for when you pick up your favourite TBS products, right?

Planning to begin your zero-waste journey? Here's a guide.



Every year, our favourite beauty and skincare formulations get an upgrade. While it’s exciting to see what it is they’ll come up with next, it can be pretty difficult to track which ones are worth the hype. With a bit of research, we’ve narrowed down the five beauty ingredients to look out for this year as well as some of our product recommendations so you can access them easily. Here are 2019’s top 5 skincare breakthroughs, in no particular order.


biossance serum

Biossance Squalane + Phyto-Retinol Serum, SGD106/~USD78 (

Last year, retinol became a skincare favourite for its anti-ageing and skin-clearing properties. Unfortunately for some, it proved too harsh on more sensitive skin types. The good news is there’s a new, natural alternative: bakuchiol. Traditionally used in Chinese and Indian medicine, bakuchiol is extracted from the seeds and leaves of the babchi plant. Similar to retinol, it contains powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which encourage cellular turnover and help restore skin to its peak. It’s also gentler and more stable, meaning there’s less dryness, irritation, and photosensitivity — three things which often come when using retinol. Biossance’s Squalane + Phyto-Retinol Serum features bakuchiol as its main ingredient to address fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and loss of firmness and elasticity.

Blue Algae

sunday riley retinoid

Sunday Riley A+ High Dose Retinoid Serum, SGD128/~USD94 (

Often found as a supplement to food and drinks, blue algae is gaining traction as the next skincare power ingredient next to bakuchiol. That’s because it prevents moisture loss with its potent blend of antioxidant vitamins, essential amino acids, and minerals. It’s also really effective in fighting free radical damage, which is the best thing when you’re dealing with pollutants and environmental stress in the city. Sunday Riley’s A+ High Dose Retinoid Serum contains 0.5 per cent blue algae for its natural, retinoid-like activity.


Gold facials and gold-infused skincare products gained a lot of buzz the previous year, but now a new metal is on the rise. Copper, as an ingredient, dates all the way back to ancient Egyptian cosmetics but is now finding ground in today’s formulations. Lauded for its ability to reduce wrinkles, combat hyperpigmentation, reverse sun damage, and increase firmness and elasticity, copper is becoming a new staple in night creams. Aesop’s Elemental Facial Barrier Cream uses Copper PCA to soothe and nourish skin while improving barrier protection.


cosrx pha cream

CosRx PHA Moisture Renewal Power Cream, SGD34/~USD25 (

You’ve heard of AHAs and BHAs, now get ready for PHAs. The new figure in Korean skincare, PHAs offer mild exfoliation due to their large molecular structure, which limits their ability to penetrate deeply into the skin. That means they’re safer and gentler for those with more sensitive skin types who usually tend to experience the negative side effects of AHAs and BHAs, such as redness and irritation. PHAs also contain antioxidants and anti-inflammation agents, which help heal skin. CosRx's PHA Moisture Renewal Power Cream is the latest addition to its lineup of chemical exfoliators, with 3 per cent PHA to prevent moisture loss and 2 per cent niacinamide for a brightening effect.

Vitamin F

alpha h hydration cream

Alpha-H Essential Hydration Cream, SGD59/~USD43 (

Everyone’s heard of vitamin C but few have really noticed vitamin F. Vitamin F, also known as linoleic acid, is an essential fatty acid-rich in omega-6. Essential fatty acids improve the skin barrier, which helps in combatting damage from environmental aggressors and prevent the loss of moisture. While eating foods rich in linoleic acid generally improves skin appearance, vitamin F can be applied topically for an added boost. Alpha-H’s Essential Hydration Cream has essential fatty acids which help repair damaged skin.