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It's a hectic hump day! But the hustle and bustle are not gonna stop us from getting updated on the latest and hottest in the worlds of fashion and beauty. Here's your scoop.

Rayban's first store in Southeast Asia

Get ready to shop at the first ever Rayban store in Southeast Asia. Head over to Plaza Singapura to try on their sunglasses and shop for your loved ones... or yourself. We totally won't judge.

Lil Miquela x Pat McGrath

Pat McGrath has named Lil Miquela her latest muse. For the uninitiated, Lil Miquela is a computer-generated musician and Instagram model. 

Naked Petite Heat

The fan-favourite Urban Decay Naked Heat palette — which totally has the Clozette seal of approval — now has a petite version! The mini palette will include six shades that are also found in the original palette and will be available in the U.S. starting 22 February. Crossing our fingers for its release on our side of the world soon.

It's Stormi

We're sure by now you've already heard of Kylie Jenner's birth announcement. The beauty mogul has continued to open up about the new chapter in her life. On her Instagram account, she shared the first glimpse of her daughter, as well as her name. In the caption of the photo, Kylie simply said: "Stormi Webster."

Catch up on what happened earlier this week here.



Thinking of shopping for new lipsticks but don’t exactly know from which brand to choose? Don’t worry because we have your back. Check out these new picks by our Clozetters.

The Face Shop Flat Velvet

(Photo from: Vinvola)

Marc Jacobs Le Marc Liquid Lip Crayon

(Photo from: penmyblog)



Organic beauty products are very much coveted these days. The growing number of ingredient-conscious consumers has contributed to the demand for this new breed of skincare. However, it's very much talked about but there's still a lot of things that remain vague. For example, what's the difference between 'natural' and 'organic'? Keep reading to know more about organic beauty products and some brands that we recommend for you to check out.

What does organic really mean?

By agricultural definition, the word 'organic' means naturally occurring. With food supply, it basically means farming foods without the use of synthetic fertilizers or chemicals. The same goes for skincare products. They must contain ingredients that are organically produced. The catch is the organic certification varies per country. The USDA organic seal is given to beauty products with over 95% organic ingredients. Sadly, most countries still do not have official standards when it comes to regulating organic products. So, our best bet is to examine the ingredient list. 

What does the label 'natural' mean?

This is where things get really confusing because natural is such an ambiguous label. Water is natural, so if you have a body lotion that's made up of mostly water then it can be presented as 'made with mostly natural ingredients' but we're guessing it won't be as effective for moisturising your skin. So instead of looking for the word 'natural' in the labels, it's better to discern plant-based ingredients that are good for your skin type.

Can vegan skincare be considered organic?

In a nutshell, vegan skincare means cruelty-free but it doesn't mean that it's organic. It's just a guarantee that no animals were hurt in making or testing the product. Which means there are no animal-based ingredients such as emu oil or horse oil are present. But it may contain synthetic ingredients or ingredients that are not organically derived. Again, this is a case by case basis. 

Now that it's been made clear, what are the organic beauty brands you can recommend?

If you want to try organic beauty products, you may explore these brands that have been certified as such. 

CANVAS: This Australian beauty brand offers skincare and aromatherapy products that contain a minimum of 90% organic ingredients. Over 20 essential oils, carrier oils and body oils have been approved by the Australian Certified Organic (ACO). 

Rose Otto Facial Hydro Gel Mask, 98% organic ingredients, SGD132.20 (90ml)

KORA Organics: Founded by Miranda Kerr, this beauty brand has a solid cult-following and fans swear that the products are effective. It's one of the brands that's certified by the COSMOS-standard and ECOCERT

RMS Beauty: They are known for their pure and organic beauty oil and raw coconut cream, which have garnered praise from skincare junkies. Their skincare products are certified by the USDA, which means their products contain over 95% organic ingredients. 

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