Insider Roundup: The Biggest Beauty Playground In Southeast Asia & More | Clozette

We're halfway through the first half of the year and almost done with this week. Time may be passing by swiftly but the happenings in the worlds of fashion and beauty come just as fast. Ahead, the latest.

Sephora Playhouse

A photo that reads "Sephora Playhouse, Where Your Beauty Beats"

In celebration of their 10th birthday in Singapore, Sephora is opening up the biggest beauty playground in Southeast Asia. The Sephora Playhouse is the first-ever beauty interactive funhouse in Southeast Asia, which will be open to over 40,000 guests in Singapore from 21 to 29 July. Sign up to get passes here.

Pomelo Swim

Woman wearing a blue two-piece swimsuit.

Summer may have already left our side of the world but, hey, it's still summer somewhere. And that's enough reason to plan a trip to the beach and sport the perfect swimwear. If you're looking to add to your collection, check out Pomelo's newly released swim line.


Two pair of hands hold a wooden bowl full of cherry tomatoes

Here's something to try this weekend. Head to Sprout, Singapore's largest Farm-to-People Festival. Learn new recipes by watching interactive cooking demos, buy locally grown strawberries, learn how to make your own acai bowl and just learn more about fresh produce. Head to the Suntec Convention Centre from 7 to 8 July to enjoy the festival. Find out more here.

Ouai for your pets

Ouai products have generally good reviews from its customers. Those who have tried the products have said their hair conditions have improved. Well, it's time to give the same treatment to our dear pets. Ouai has just launched a pet line, and we're so excited!

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Backtrack to earlier this week here.



One of the biggest hair trends these past few years is the bold hair colour trend. While red and purple still dominate the picks when it comes to shades, going silver has been keeping up as a new fave. So if you're in need for some icy locks inspo, take some notes from the Community on how to wear this ethereal hair colour. 


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Dark roots

A woman wearing a blue blouse has a silver bobbed hair and full bangs

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We all want skin that’s free from acne, and so we seek different treatments and solutions. The most common solution we look for is over-the-counter acne treatments. Some work while others don’t. One of the key things to take note on your journey to being acne-free is the ingredients embedded in the product.

You’ll find that most acne treatment products use ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid that can be quite effective. But using products with those ingredients for long periods of time can cause dryness, itchiness or even peeling of the skin.

Sure, it’s easy to just shrug it off and think of dealing with the side effects later, but wouldn’t it be nice to use something that fights acne-causing bacteria right off the bat — without any undesirable side effects?

A small white tube of acne serum laid on black and white hexagon tiles.

That’s exactly what ZNIQUE Acne Serum provides, and why we think it is essential in your beauty fix-it kit. It’s a one-step treatment made from natural ingredients that help to clear up your acne — no matter what skin type — and keep it at bay for good. It calms and treats the inflamed skin by targeting acne-causing bacteria. Plus, its gentle formulation eliminates any possible side effects.

While there is no instant way to treat acne, the natural actives in this acne serum work in a triple-action mode to calm inflammation, soothe irritated skin and reduce redness; providing almost immediate relief to pain or discomfort caused by acne. What's even better? It has been clinically proven to reduce the growth of acne-causing bacteria in just two hours! After using this dermatologically tested product for two to seven days, you’ll notice that your skin is closer to what you hope for — clear, smooth and acne-free.

Ready to be acne-free? Get your ZNIQUE Acne Serum here.