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We're winding down this Wednesday with a few things we learned. Some of them are great, but one is admittedly disheartening. Here are the things you need to know right now.

Dry shampoo... sheets

We've all tried dry shampoo in the form of powder or spray before, but there's a new kid in town that promises to change the game. Dry shampoo now comes in sheets, too! Think of it as blotting paper for your hair. Neat, right?

A royal wedding dress

The date for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's wedding has been set, and now it looks like the actress is starting to look for her wedding gown. The Kensington Palace has reportedly asked Israeli designer Inbal Dror to submit their sketches for consideration.

For the graham

Beauty Bakerie Cosmetics is launching an eyeshadow palette inspired both by cookies and Instagram. The world is soon to meet the Do It For the Graham eyeshadow palette.

So long, Jonghyun

We are saddened to learn that SHINee's Jonghyun has passed on. The Korean pop star left a note before his passing, saying he has succumbed to the dark forces of depression. 

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Apart from our way to give back to your love and support, another reason why we love holding giveaways is that we get to learn more about a lot of things. Our Community is made up of beauty and fashion enthusiasts who have so many tips and tricks up their sleeves. And in a recent giveaway, we were happy to learn about some of your recommendations for the best moisturisers to take while travelling.

Being away from our usual routine can wreak havoc on our skins. But these products promise to keep the problems at bay, according to some of our Community members. If you’re going on a trip soon, make sure to include these products on your to-buy list.

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

This cult-favourite — and Clozette Beauty Awards winner for the third time in a row! — is @litingpls’s secret weapon against skin troubles when she’s on a trip. She says, “It definitely helps maintain my skin moisture especially when I’m on the plane.”

Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm

Let’s admit it, we sometimes overlook taking care of our lips. But this lip balm from Nuxe should be a go-to for anyone who’s going on a trip, according to @fevijean, because “dry lips are the worst” and this makes sure that you don’t get hassled by chapped puckers.

Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Cream

If you’re leaving for somewhere cold soon, make sure you pack any of Crabtree & Evelyn’s hand creams, says @jellyfied. They’re great at keeping her hands from feeling when the weather’s super cold, she adds.

Methode Swiss Thermal Oxygen Overnight Moisture Mask

For @derbylicious8, this mask is great for keeping her visage moisturised. She says she leaves it on overnight and washes it off in the morning to combat jet lag and get soft, moisturised skin.

(Cover photo from: @crabtreevelynsg)

You already know what to bring for your trip. Now here's what you need to take home after.



With each fresh new year, we get an urge to have a 'do-over'. We all hope to have a better year than the last by calibrating some habits and reinventing ourselves. And with that mission, we need some additions to our arsenal to aid us in achieving our personal goals. Here are some trinkets that make a great gift to anyone (so basically, everyone including yourself) who wants to have a do-over this 2018. 

For Organizing Tasks: Planner

(Source) Filed 2018 Keepsake Planner, PHP545

Planners don't have to be rigid, sometimes they can just be a guideline to visualize a plan and put it into action. It can also double as a scrapbook, where your friend can paste or staple mementoes along the way. 

To Keep Track Of Time: Wristwatch

Daniel Wellington Classic Petite 28MM in Melrose, SGD219

It's common knowledge that if you want to get things done, you have to budget your time. As opposed to just relying on a phone's clock, wristwatches help us to be more aware of the hours passing by because it's a convenient visual cue. So encourage your friend to wear a wristwatch by gifting one. 

For A Great Game Face: Makeup Set

(Image Source) Benefit Cosmetics Beauty & the Bay limited edition kit, SGD68

Welcome the new year with a game face on! Get your friend to add a little oomph to her makeup looks by adding some highlights, mascara and a bit of sculpting bronzer. 

For Better Skin: New Skincare Product

Astalift Drink Pure Collagen 10000, SGD11.90 for a box of 3 bottles

Introduce your friend to a new skincare product that will surely be a beauty boost. Aside from serums and sleeping masks, collagen drinks are also raved by beauty gurus these days. As with any new skincare product, we suggest you do a trial run first before buying it in bigger quantities.

For A Style Upgrade: Classic Fashion Item

Zara Leather Jacket, SGD89.90

One piece of clothing can either make or break an ensemble. And the foolproof way to give a gift that will be appreciated by anyone who wants to upgrade their style game is to give a classic fashion item that can be easily paired with clothes they already own. Some options are a black leather jacket, basic cardigans, and basic white tee.

(Cover photo from: AnastasiaLove)

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