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Did you know that eating strawberries can help whiten your teeth? Yup! And did you also know that there are a lot of cool things to learn in the worlds of fashion and beauty today? Here are just some of the ones we think you should be thinking about.

Millennials in mind

Millennials often get a bad rep, but just like everyone else, they (or we) need help when it comes to skin-care. To the rescue is Shiseido's latest skin-care line. Especially created with millennials in mind, WASO is formulated to target common skin issues amongst the age group, such as dryness, oiliness and visible pores.

Edited or not edited?

A famous British blogger has been called out for supposedly editing her travel photos. Netizens were quick to point out some alterations in Amelia Liana's photos, but the blogger was quick to squash the allegations. What do you think?

The Orbit

Carrie K.'s new collaboration with Singapore Airlines titled "The Orbit" is set to hit stores in September. While the wait might be long, it will surely be worth it as the collection features elegant pieces inspired by the moon's orbit.

Grace Kelly-esque

If you may recall, Miranda Kerr tied the knot with Snapchat's big boss. And while it may have happened two months ago, the excitement for its details is still high. With Vogue, Kerr gave a peek at her wedding gown inspired by style icon Grace Kelly.

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We all know that period problems go beyond cramps and blood leaks. A week before Aunt Flo visits, we experience hormonal fluctuations that can dampen our moods and mess with our complexion. As if feeling sluggish and moody is not enough, we still have to deal with dreaded breakouts and bloating, among other things.

Even though these beauty woes are inevitable, we can still do something to manage them. Here are ways you can abate these PMS beauty problems. 

Breakouts And Oily Skin

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The fluctuations of your hormones a week before menstruation can cause your oil glands to become overactive. Thus, your pores are more likely to clog and become inflamed. So what can you do? Adjust your sleeping habits and beauty routine. While you should strive to get enough sleep every night, we know that this is not always achievable due to our busy schedules. But during this particular time of the month, take a break from the hustle and make sure that you get enough sleep to help your skin get into a rejuvenation process.  

As for your skincare, it's best to keep your routine to the basics. Too much product can suffocate your skin and can do more harm than good. Another thing to note is to skip your heavy moisturiser and switch to a lighter formulation. Of course, don't forget to exfoliate so you can get rid of the dead skin cells and minimise the chances of clogging your pores.

Puffy Eyes

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Most of us experience increased water retention starting from our ovulation day to the last day of our menstruation. It can make us feel and look swollen especially around our eye area where the skin is thinner than other parts of our face. There are numerous ways you can minimise the puffiness. A popular option is to use cold tea bags or coffee grounds as it is widely believed that caffeine can decrease puffiness. You can also try the jade rolling technique, where the cooling sensation and gentle motion can promote circulation. Once you've tried these techniques, finish by dabbing a light and relaxing gel-type eye cream to soothe the under eye area.

Dull Skin tone

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The rise in progesterone in the latter part of our cycle can cause sluggishness, which can make us want to stay in bed, eat junk food and watch TV all day. The combination of unhealthy diet and lack of activity can result to dull skin. To counteract this, modify your exercise regimen to something that involves more light stretching rather than muscle training.

For this, Yin yoga is a good option. It's a slower-paced style of yoga that puts more emphasis on meditation and flexibility. The poses of Yin yoga, such as the butterfly and the melting heart, can also ease back and hip discomfort commonly experienced right before and during menstruation. 

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Boost your mood by wearing your best outfit.

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There’s no denying that ladies with long locks have countless options when it comes to styling their hair. If you’re one of these ladies, read on as shares some versatile hairstyles that you should try in this sweltering heat.

Beachy Waves

This fun and sexy look can be easily achieved in three simple steps. First, apply a generous amount of sea salt spray into hair, then scrunch it or braid it and let it sit for a few minutes. Finally, loosen the braid and blow dry.

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