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Insider Roundup: Sophie Turner Spills "Game Of Thrones" Hair Secret & More

Throwback trends, collabs, hair secrets —all spilled!

Extra, extra! From old beauty trends making a comeback to Sophie Turner spilling icky Game Of Thrones hair secrets, we're spilling the tea on this week's hottest news so buckle up and get ready. 

Barrettes are officially back

Everything seems to have a hint of nostalgia these days and your hair accessories are no different. Giving us major flashbacks from back in the day when you can't finish a hairstyle without putting a barrette on, these clips are back in the fashion game and even major names like Gucci are jumping on the trend. The question is: are you psyched about this, too?

Polly Pocket makeup

Barrettes are not the only throwback trend we have this week because Hot Topic has collaborated with Mattel's Polly Pocket in honour of the latter's 30th anniversary and it's serving us the toy's signature pastel hues. We're digging it. The line includes both a lip and an eyeshadow palette that honestly looks pretty much like kids makeup. Even so, we can't help but be excited and hope it performs well enough for our adult standards.

Sophie Turner reveals a secret about her Game Of Thrones hair

The actress, who played the red-haired Stark daughter on the hit HBO series revealed that around Season 5 of the show, she wasn't allowed to wash her hair during the entire span of the filming. While she didn't elaborate on the details, it's safe to assume that being a natural blonde whose hair has to be dyed for the show, it might have to do with keeping the hair colour's longevity. Sophie did mention that she used wigs in the latter part of the series so the no-washing rule was officially off the table. 

Beauty meets sports with Maybelline and Puma's latest collaboration

Bold, sporty and perfect for edgy street looks, Puma x Maybelline is a collaboration that we didn't know we needed. The collection includes four matte + metallic eye duo sticks, one gloss face duo stick, a new shade for the brand's bestselling Master Chrome highlighter and a smudge-proof mascara that promises high-performance and lasting power to keep your makeup game strong. All we can hope for now is for it to be available in the Asia-Pacific region and we're all set!

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