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Monday never disappoints when it comes to giving us some fresh fashion and beauty news. Hush Puppies celebrate their 60th anniversary in the cutest way possible, a beauty mogul stirs a discussion on a controversial topic, new technology is introduced in the fast fashion retail scene and more. Keep reading to be updated on the latest buzz. 

Stylised Hush Puppies sculptures up for online auction

Hush Puppies celebrate their 60th anniversary this year! To mark this special occasion, they collaborated with six Singaporean artists to add their artistic touch on the brand’s iconic Basset Hound sculptures, which will be displayed at The Clementi Mall from 22 to 28 June. These six stylised sculptures will be available for public auction until 21 June with all proceeds going to animal welfare centre Save Our Street Dogs.

Kat Von D in hot water

Beauty mogul Kat Von D stirred a controversial discussion after she posted on her Instagram that she would be raising a "vegan child, without vaccinations". The reactions were mixed; some fans supported the mum-to-be about her decision while others expressed their concern about the welfare of her son and the children he might affect as a non-vaccinated child. There was also some outrage on how anti-vaccination sentiments by celebrities may influence others and ultimately endanger public health. 

Sephora Singapore turns 10

Sephora Singapore celebrates their 10th anniversary by giving us sweet deals this month. You can enjoy some beauty specials like the IGK 10th Anniversary Foamo Set for just SGD32. Shop up to SGD80 online or in stores and be rewarded with some Sephora collectables. Hurry while stocks last. 

Park Hyung Sik for Bench

Park Hyung Sik is the newest face of Filipino clothing brand Bench. The young actor started his career as a member of South Korean boy band ZE:A and has since moved on to bigger projects like starring in Strong Girl Bong-Soon and in the Korean remake of the American legal drama Suits. Judging by the teaser posts and video that Bench has released, we can expect some sporty and casual pieces from this upcoming collection. Are you excited yet?

SM Youth Go-See winners set to become brand ambassadors

Winners Jaime Borromeo and Julian Rodriguez are the newest brand ambassadors for SM Youth. We can expect to see them in SM Youth’s upcoming lookbooks, campaigns, events and fashion shows. They are now part of the prestigious group of SM YOUTH brand ambassadors, which includes up-and-coming personalities like Tommy Esguerra and Richard Juan, as well as past two season’s winners, Kaila Estrada, Kyle Perry, Erika Kristensen, and Macauly Lofgren.

SABON is now in Singapore

Luxury bath and beauty brand SABON just launched their first boutique in Southeast Asia at Takashimaya Shopping Centre in Singapore. The 350-square foot store will house the full range of products for bath and shower, face, body and the home.

H&M sets up "Voice Interactive Mirrors"

Clothing retail giant H&M started setting up a new technology called "Voice Interactive Mirror" after its initial unveiling last month. The "mirrors" use a face recognition technology to be activated and offer services such as customised selfies and fashion inspiration displays. If this will be a hit, then we'd say that it's definitely a game-changer for the fashion industry. 

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Time to say goodbye to another week, but not before we take a break and ponder over the latest and hottest in the worlds of fashion and beauty. Ahead, new products and much-awaited updates.

No Filter Foundation

It's nice to see that the beauty industry is finally delving into diversity. After the successful launch of Rihanna's Fenty Beauty, many brands followed suit and the latest of them is ColourPop Cosmetics. The cult-favourite brand from Los Angeles has just announced the release of their #NoFilter Foundations that come in 42 shades. They'll be available on the brand's website starting 12 June.


We've already drooled over previous collaborations between OFF-WHITE and various brands, and now we're adding a new product to our must-get list: the RIMOWA x OFF-WHITE luggage. The transparent luggage is inspired by "one's emotional connection to their own 'personal belongings,'" according to OFF-WHITE's creative director, Virgil Abloh. The luggage will be available on 25 June at select RIMOWA and OFF-WHITE stores worldwide.

Legally Blonde 3

It's true, friends. Reese Witherspoon herself confirmed the news that Legally Blonde 3 is happening! Our favourite lawyer is coming back. Are you excited?

A different kind of brow pen

Do you remember those pens that had different colours and you had to click buttons down to choose which colour to use? Well, they're back. Sort of. The same mechanism has been used by Benefit Cosmetics for their new Brow Contour Pro. No word yet on when the product will be released, but keep an eye on this space for updates!

(Cover photo from: @colourpopcosmetics)

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The summer season is synonymous with beach outings. The call of the waves and warm sand just seem to be louder when the weather is hot. And just like any other vacation, you need to be armed and ready for your beach trip. We’ve got just what you need. Ahead, the kind of beach bag spill you need according to your personality. 

The Style Conscious

You’re the type to always have your whole look on point and ready for a snapshot. Of course, you need your camera handy for taking those shots. But you also need a CC cushion (with SPF!) to make sure your face base is perfect for that photo op.

And because you’re detail-oriented, you never forget even those that seem like little things — like your hair! You need something that’s quick and easy but very effective. So make sure you have the Pantene Summer Limited Edition Shampoo and 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner in your bag for a quick primping. The shampoo and conditioner are formulated with cationic polymer, 80% more key conditioning ingredient and Pantene Pro-V complex that repair hair damage and make hair healthier, stronger and shinier in just three minutes. Plus, isn’t the limited edition packaging just so chic?

The Sporty Spice

You lead an active lifestyle and your mind is always set on “go.” So get your action camera ready for jetpacking, skimboarding or any other fun thing you’ll be doing under the sun. Make sure you’re protected from the harsh UV rays, of course, by conveniently spraying on a sunscreen.

Since you’ll be moving a lot and the weather is hot, your hair is prone to dandruff and greasiness. Keep your hair and scalp fresh and clean with Head & Shoulders Limited Edition Anti-Dandruff Shampoos in Cool Menthol (for men) and Lemon Fresh (for women). The shampoos make sure your hair and scalp are grease- and dandruff-free and protect your hair from the sun. The refreshing cooling sensation of the menthol variant and the invigorating scent of the lemon fresh variant are great for staying cool in the heat.

The Luxuriator

You’re all about the luxe life, even at the beach. You see the time off in nature as a way to indulge, rejuvenate and get ready for your busy life in the city. So go ahead and take the opportunity to relax on your own terms. Bring your favourite snack to nourish your body. Do a quick spritz of a facial mist for a quick pick-me-up.

Also, make sure your hair is detoxed and refreshed with the Herbal Essences Bio:Renew Volume White Grapefruit & Mosa Mint Shampoo and Conditioner. The products have 0% parabens, glutens, colourants and silicones, which is great for taking care of the hair. Plus, it has an invigorating citrusy scent that’s perfect for waking up the senses and revitalising the spirit.

The Beach Bum

Your definition of the beach is “home.” If there’s one place in the world you’re most at peace and comfortable in it’s by the water. All you need on top of that is a good book to indulge and get yourself lost in for hours, sunscreen to keep your skin protected from the sun’s damaging rays, and the Rejoice Perfume Fresh Shampoo and Conditioner for hair that has a scent you’ll remember good beach days by. Aside from having an exquisite new summer scent crafted in collaboration with an international perfume expert, the products hydrate and soothe the hair.

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