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End your week with a bang with the freshest news on the block. From Singapore Stories coming back for its second year to the Song-Song couple's divorce affecting South Korea's stocks, we sum up and spill all the deets in today's Insider Roundup. 

'Spotlight: Singapore Stories' Year 2

Spotlight: Singapore Stories, an initiative by the Textile and Fashion Federation (TaFF), is celebrating its second year this 30 July 2019 (Tuesday). With its aim to raise awareness and highlight works of Singaporean designers, it puts the focus on seven fashion creatives this 2019, bringing a much-anticipated capsule collection to the table. Here's a peek at what you can expect from this year's event. 


Cue in "Oh. My. God" in Janice's voice as TBS teased something brewing for FRIENDS fans this September. The beloved TV sitcom, which aired for a decade — from 1994 to 2004 — is celebrating its 25th anniversary a couple of months from now and by the looks of it, the Central Perk gang is in with the surprise. Are you excited?

The impact of the Song-Song divorce on stocks in South Korea

K-drama fans all over the world are still devastated about the Song-Song couple's divorce even after weeks of its initial announcement. But it seems like with the finality of the separation process, brands and agencies related to both halves of the Descendants of the Sun reel-to-real couple were also affected — both good and bad — with some after-effects.

It was reported that Studio Dragon, the agency in charge of Song Joong-ki's latest Netflix series, The Arthdal Chronicles, closed 1.29 percent lower the previous day when the divorce was announced. Blossom Media & Cosmetics, a subsidiary of Joong-ki's agency Blossom Entertainment, also suffered a 2.4 percent decline. On the upside, brands the former couple represent individually have been seeing an increase in their sales.

Jaclyn Hill returns to YouTube to talk more about her brand's lipstick controversy

A couple of months ago, fans of YouTuber and beauty influencer Jaclyn Hill expressed dismay and disgust over her latest lipstick line due to the presence of hair and other contaminants in almost every tube. Hill has then released an apology video disclosing the production details of her products, but many people still didn't buy her excuses.

Now, after a month of silence, she comes back to YouTube talking about her "failed launch." In summary, she committed to pouring more efforts in creating a new quality control team and system to avoid any more sanitary mishaps within her brand. 

Forever21 in hot water after sending diet bars to plus-sized customers

Fast-fashion brand Forever21 angered U.S. customers when orders for plus-sized pieces came in the mail with diet bars. The public immediately called out the action, saying that it's a step backwards from body positivity and might even trigger those with body dysmorphia and eating disorders.

In the brand's defence, they said that the inclusion of the product was promotional and was sent to online customers of all sizes as a free sample. Still, Forever21 apologised for the wrong message they might have sent to their consumers, pledging to rethink the repercussions of their actions as a fashion brand moving forward. 

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We all love styling and colouring our hair to achieve different beautiful looks. But in doing so, we're sacrificing the health of our locks, making it look dry and lacklustre. Of course, giving up heat styling and hair highlights is not an option we'd want to take. After all, who doesn't want perfectly coiffed, Instagrammable tresses? This is where the new SUBLIMIC by Shiseido comes in. 

SUBLIMIC by Shiseido

Freshly launched in Singapore and Malaysia, this salon-exclusive premium hair and scalp care line boasts the latest technology that will 'reform' your hair to make it more rejuvenated and bouncy. The product lineup is divided into two categories: salon care (for intensive, professional treatment) and home care (for maintenance until next salon visit).

SUBLIMIC by Shiseido

At the Malaysia launch

They also have different selections catering to each haircare need: Aqua Intensive (damage care for weak and dry hair), LuminoForce (to help coloured hair retain shine), Airy Flow (for managing unruly hair), Fluente Forte variants (for those with dry scalp, oily scalp or dandruff concerns).

SUBLIMIC by Shiseido

Aqua Intensive and Airy Flow

SUBLIMIC by Shiseido has four key updates that distinguish the line from other hair care products. First is the "Hair Reforming Technology" that focuses on correcting the distorted shapes of strands caused by damage, restoring its smoothness and form. Next is the "Self-Moisturizing Technology," which harnesses the human skin's ability to generate moisture on its own and strengthen its barrier function. The third is the "Daily Shielding Technology," which keeps hair-damaging and scalp-irritating airborne pollen from sticking itself on our crowning glory. Finally, the SUBLIMIC by Shiseido is said to be formulated with an aromatherapy feature to uplift our mood. 

SUBLIMIC by Shiseido

Guests at the Malaysia launch getting a sensorial experience with Shiseido Professional

Along with these hair care and home care products, the haircare line also offers Wonder Shield (SGD56/MYR156). It's a leave-in treatment with heat-activated ingredients that will protect hair from external stressors and keeps the salon-quality finish of the hair for a longer time.

SUBLIMIC by Shiseido

Wonder Shield, LuminoForce & Fluente Forte

The SUBLIMIC by Shiseido range is priced at USD32 to USD78/MYR104 to MYR250 depending on the product. As of now, it's available at over 30 salons in Malaysia (such as Hair Atelier in Selangor) and 10 salons in Singapore (like Walking on Sunshine, Corner Hair Design Studio, and D.A. Hairdressing Far East). But there are plans to expand to more salons in the future.

Want to test out these new products at home? You can also find the SUBLIMIC by Shiseido home care products in every Shiseido Professional boutiques.