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Insider Roundup: Urban Decay X Game Of Thrones Is Coming & More

Hot stuff, incoming!

Got busy during the weekend? We're bringing you up to speed with fashion and beauty's latest so sit tight and buckle up. From Clarins introducing their own ice cream bar to Urban Decay launching a Game of Thrones collection, read 'em all here in today's Insider Roundup. 

Urban Decay x Game of Thrones

Rejoice, Throners! The final season of the hit HBO series may be hitting our TV screens for the last time on April but with this new collab with Urban Decay, you can be your own Khaleesi or Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. Besides the photo of a model wearing a dramatic teal and cobalt blue eye makeup with the words 'For The Throne' on it, no other details have been given about the inclusions in the collection. 

Beauty and ice cream? Clarins says yes to both

Clarins Ice Cream Bar

Who doesn't love ice cream? Apparently, even the skincare experts from Clarins can't say no to its appeal because they're mixing beauty and sweet treats together in their new Ice Cream Bar in collaboration with gelato boutique Birds of Paradise. From 8 to 17 March at ION Orchard B4 in Singapore, you can enjoy fun-filled activities that join together a personalised skincare and ice cream-making experience. This is a treat for both your skin and your tastebuds that you wouldn't want to miss. 

Kat Von D accused of scamming by fans

Kat Von D is embroiled in another controversy. Fans have accused the artist's brand of scamming people, saying they sold a USD20 full-sized Tattoo Liner tube that supposedly contains the same amount of product as a sample size. The allegations first started when a customer posted on Facebook that the cartridge of her full-sized liner isn't even nearly as full as the liner's body. In an Instagram post, Kat Von D responded by saying, "The cartridges in both full-size liners and mini liners are the same — it’s the amount of product inside each cartridge that is different." She then went on to explain more specifics about actual measurements done for filling in their products. While it went on to appease others, others are still sceptical. What do you think?

Singapore's first ethical marketplace is here

Singapore's First Ethical Marketplace Event Details

Is your beauty routine sustainable and cruelty-free? Whether you're already there or just starting to head the greener route, this event may just be the thing for you. Singapore's First Ethical Marketplace is happening 2 March 2019 at Visual Arts Centre in Penang Rd., where you can shop, learn DIYs and participate in talks that revolve around everything ethical beauty. You can also participate in The Beauty Swap activity where you can donate samples, slightly used or brand new makeup that you don't want or need anymore. In return, you can find new treasures from others who have also shared their own faves. Awesome, right?

(Cover photo from: @urbandecaycosmetics)

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