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Cheers to the end of another busy week! In celebration of the weekend, we're filling you in on the latest in the worlds of fashion and beauty.

Fila at MFW

Athletic clothing brand Fila is going to showcase at Milan Fashion Week for the first time. What can we expect? Well, the brand has sought the help of former Adidas Originals Antonio Ingrasciotta and Joseph Graesel as creative directors, so it's definitely going to be exciting.


Strong women are beautiful. That’s the message conveyed by the film Wanita Besi, featuring many strong women including Malaysian superstar Yuna, who is now Pantene Malaysia’s brand ambassador. Watch the clip and get inspired to show your strength and beauty!

Wanna get a makeover from Sandara Park?

Here's your chance to make it happen. If you're a Viu fan in Singapore, you're in luck. You can stand a chance to win a makeover session with Park and Tony Anh. You only need to follow a few steps: 1) be a Viu member 2) Like their page on Facebook 3) upload a video in English saying why you want to win the makeover and 4) submit your application here. The contest runs till 8 July. Good luck!

Solid foundations, anyone?

Lush Cosmetics is the latest brand to release a wide range of foundation shades. But unlike most who have come before it, the brand is coming out with a solid foundation. Yes, real solid. Are you guys excited?

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When in doubt of what lipstick colour to wear, you can never go wrong with red. It's powerful, classic and sophisticated, with just a hint of playfulness in between. It's a foolproof choice for any mood, style or occasion. But because of its many varieties, undertones and even price range, we can't help but wonder which one takes the crown home for being the best red there is — at least within our most available selection.


With that, we compared five red lipsticks to see which one deserves a place in your beauty arsenal. Taking into consideration the price range, formulation, finish and undertones, we put them to the test and weigh in on their pros and cons. 

Top to bottom swatched for fair and medium skin tone: Kris Aquino x Ever Bilena Matte Matic Lipstick in Love; MaxFactor Marilyn Monroe in Marilyn Berry; Shu Uemura × Yazbukey in Yaz Red; Clarins Joli Rouge Velvet in Shade 742; HERA Rouge Holic Shine in Shade No.341 Amazing Red

Kris Aquino x Ever Bilena Matte Matic Lipstick in Love

PROS: Has great pigment in a single swipe and does not emphasise dryness nor settle on lines. It's also a classic red with blue undertones that works well on most skin tones. The price is also the most affordable among the bunch at PHP245 (~USD4.50). 

CONS: While the packaging can be cute to some, it might look too 'young' for some ladies. The lipstick itself also looks vampy on the tube as compared to when it is swatched. 

Recommended for:  Women on a budget who are on the lookout for a great daily red. 

MaxFactor Marilyn Monroe in Marilyn Berry

PROS: It's a cool-toned red that glides smoothly onto the lips. The packaging also gives a classy feel despite the affordable price of around ~USD10+. 

CONS: The colour can come off as soft upon first application but definitely buildable. It can also emphasise a bit of texture on the lips. 

Recommended for:  Ladies who prefer to take their reds with a little subtlety. 

Shu Uemura × Yazbukey in Yaz Red

PROS: The colour payoff is smooth and buildable and the packaging will definitely catch your eye. Glides on nicely on the lips. 

CONS: You would definitely need to swatch or research the shade properly before purchasing as the packaging does not indicate the shade. The price can be heavy on the pockets for some ladies at USD50.90.

Recommended for: Edgy ladies who like their reds in spunky casing. 

Clarins Joli Rouge Velvet in Shade 742 Deep Red

PROS: Another gorgeous blue-red that gives amazing colour payoff, it glides on smoothly without tugging and settles on the lips nicely without making them look chapped and dry. Longevity is also its strong suit lasting up to six to eight hours without touchups. The gold packaging completes the classy, sophisticated look. For USD29, we'd say it's a bang for your buck.

CONS: It claims to be moisturising but while it does not look and feel dry on the lips, it doesn't really have a solid hydrating feeling. 

Recommended for: Women who are looking for a red that offers a total package of performance, packaging and price in one. 

HERA Rouge Holic Shine in Shade No.341 Amazing Red

PROS: The softest and creamiest among the bunch, the high colour pigment also seemed to adapt to the wearer's undertones when we tested it. It looked a bit pink on fair skin tone and a bit purple on medium skin tone. The packaging is also gorgeously sleek in black. 

CONS: The price can be a bit steep at SGD42.80 (~USD32) and might need some testing to see how the shade will turn out depending on your skin tone. 

Recommended for: Ladies who are fans of soft and creamy lipsticks that are comfy to wear throughout the day.

Next, we battle out these micellar waters to see which one swipes off your makeup the quickest and cleanest. 



We all have different ways of taking care of our skin. Some of us have elaborate routines, with 10 to 12 steps, while others keep it to a minimum and are happy with just three. There is, however, a certain addition to any type of routine that can make it even better. A moisturising mask.

But what is a moisturising mask? As the name suggests, it’s a face mask that gives the skin a boost of moisture and hydration. But unlike other face masks, which might be too potent with too many active ingredients, moisturising masks are effective yet gentle enough to be used daily. Senka Perfect Aqua Rich Masks are the perfect examples of this. Plus, they have two variants you can choose from according to your needs.

Dry-skinned girls, you’ll love this! The Senka Perfect Aqua Rich Extra Moist Mask gives your skin a boost of moisture that lasts for — get this — 24 hours. With URUOI-rich formula, this mask encapsulates “nomitsu,” the Japanese term for short but rich intensive care. Enjoy extra hydration with the help of micro-sized essence that penetrates deeply into the skin. Amp up the moisture of your skin with Silk Essence derived from a natural white cocoon and W-Hyaluronic Acid. It also contains collagen that further boosts moisture on your skin.

If you have a more normal to combination skin type, you’ll love adding the Senka Perfect Aqua Rich Luminous Moist Mask to your routine. Also formulated with URUOI and contains Silk Essence and W-Hyaluronic Acid, this mask gives the skin a boost of moisture and hydration. But aside from giving you much-needed moisture, this also contains Pearl Essence, which helps get rid of dullness and makes you glow. Talk about double duty!

Which will you be adding to your daily routine? Now available at all Watsons outlets. Discover Senka here.