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Don't you find it fascinating that nowadays one of the most mentioned attributes and selling points of food, clothes or even places involve the word 'Instagrammable'? This truly proves how much of an impact the photo-sharing platform has made in today's social and lifestyle sphere. And say what you will about Instagram culture, but you can't deny how it has changed the mere idea of capturing a memory in a photo — or at least, in this case, saving it in your memory card space or the Cloud. At a glimpse, you can see the world through someone else's eyes, or lens, and in some way, you learn about their story. Sometimes, you can even tell something about their personality with the way they handle their feed. Not that it's exclusive to just that but you get the idea. Cool, right? 

So whether you're out to impress your followers or just merely trying to showcase how you see your world your way, we're not judging. All we're here for is to make sure you take your best shot at it — literally and figuratively — and ensure that the memories you capture are presented to their utmost potential. Ahead, make sure you're Instagram game is on a new level this 2019 with the help of these apps. P.S. All of them are free to download, too!

For editing your Instagram photos


We've all had a tricky relationship with filters. One day it was cool, the next it was tacky, and then it's back to being cool; it's been a cycle. But VSCO definitely changed the game when it entered the arena. Filters became more of personal preference and maybe more so a part of one's 'feed identity' and it changed how you can modify filters to suit a uniform aesthetic that fits your fancy. And unlike other apps where you get a bunch of basic but horrendous filters to choose from and have to actually do in-app purchasing to get decent ones, buying VSCOs alternative presets is down to your own choice as they offer free yet perfectly fine filters on the get-go. 

Download on iOS/Android


Looking to enhance your photo's sharpness? Brightness level? Cool it down a bit to remove oversaturation? This user-friendly app has got it all for you and more. In fact, it strikes a good balance for amateurs, hobbyists and professional photographers, whether using mobile phones or an actual camera to take snaps, in terms of usability and overall results quality. It offers around 29 tools, a couple of filter options and effects, and doesn't really have ads popping at you every five seconds, which is the winning aspect in our book, to be honest.

Download on iOS/Android

Adobe Lightroom CC

Okay, we all know how Adobe products can be really intimidating, especially since for the longest time they've been associated with graphic artists and professional creatives. But Lightroom CC takes a friendlier route now that it's on mobile. Think of it as Snapseed's older and more experienced sibling when it comes to mobile photo editing as this app packs on more advanced features like better precision on colour correction, noise reduction, and even enhancing your photo's whites and blacks — trust us, it makes a major difference. Plus, given that the mobile Photoshop app isn't at par with its desktop version, we're definitely recommending this one instead.

Download on iOS/Android

For editing Instagram Videos


Not everyone brings their laptop on a holiday. But what if you want to share a quick video on Instagram that you want to tweak here and there before posting? FilmoraGo's got you covered. Add titles, music, transitions and more to your clips and make them IG-ready in a snap with its simple layout and straightforward editing methods. Plus, if you're feeling lazy, there are pre-made themes for you to use that are not too shabby. 

Download on iOS/Android


Its multiple awards and acknowledgements from tech sites and bloggers are just one of the reasons why we have VivaVideo on the list. Combine clips, photos, music and more in its storyboard layout and even try your hand at editing each element individually while it's set on your queue. It also supports in-app video camera lenses that allow for multiple modes, which means you can snap and edit without even leaving the app. 

Download on iOS/Android


If you're looking for professional-level editing that seems like you've gone through the effort of syncing files, transferring it back and forth to your laptop and phone, and finally uploading it to Instagram, we've got the app just for you. Kinemaster brings a full package of features including video overlays, voice over options, multi-layer support and more in one, making it feel like you're not using a mobile app editor at all. With how advanced it is, you can even make it your go-to IGTV editor, too. 

Download on iOS/Android

For stylised Instagram stories


If your feed is curated, chances are you're also very particular with the rest of your content. We're talking about something just as casual as your Instagram stories. So give it a nice makeover, too, by giving Unfold a try. From templates focusing on photos, photos and text, or more variations, you can create crisp and clean IG stories bearing a minimalist appeal, which is all the rage right now. 

Download on iOS/Android


If you want a spunkier version of Unfold, StoryArt is your alternative. Offering more stylised templates that range from clean and simple to edgy and pop art-inspired, they also have pre-made Instagram story quizzes that you can share to your followers and a Highlights template maker to ensure your entire account is at its best.

Download on iOS/Android


Straying away from framing and minimalist appeals, here's one for candid story-takers who want to channel a more playful and nonchalant feel that can be enjoyed even with friends. Snow gives a wide assortment of filters, music and shot-types that are way better and cuter than what Instagram and Snapchat have to offer, mind you. Plus, they can be directly downloaded and reuploaded on your Instagram stories. 

Download on iOS/Android

For detailed planning of Instagram feed


Want to see how a photo would look on your feed before you even post it? While your imagining skills might be strong, we highly suggest that you see it in actuality. And Preview gives you just that. As its name suggests, this app helps you sync your account to its system and let you view the image you are planning to upload. If you're looking to upload multiple photos, you can easily drag and drop and curate as you wish!

Download on iOS/Android


If you want to move even further than just planning, UNUM offers a wider range of options for you. Aside from a visual planner, it also provides statistics on which of your posts are most liked, when your audience is most active and more. This is extra helpful if you're not too keen to activate your business profile just to see insights. It also has a calendar option where you can schedule posts and have it remind you through an alarm when the set time has been reached. Plus, it also allows you to plot dummy tiles so that you can anticipate and give space to sudden postings without having to adjust your entire plans for your feed. 

Download on iOS/Android


One of the saddest things about wanting to keep an active social profile is when you're too busy to maintain it. But don't fret as we have another app to solve just that for you. Planoly not only helps you visually plan your feed but it also helps you auto-schedule and upload your Instagram posts complete with auto-populated hashtags and IG handles. It also allows you to plan out your IG stories and when they're going up on your profile. Just like a personal secretary who takes care of your IG for you, don't you think? 

Download on iOS/Android

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Summer is slowly creeping in and we've only got a few days left to shift our wardrobes for brighter days ahead. It's time to say goodbye to heavy knits and start stocking up on breezy clothing. Speaking of keeping cool in the summer, did you know that lighter hues are great at reflecting light? Wearing bright colours can actually make you feel less stuffy when the temperature starts shooting up. Sure, you can go for your go-to white shirt but we urge you to live a little. Try yellow outfits for a change! If you're unsure of how to sport this eye-catching shade, let these ensembles from the Clozette Community be your guide.

Loungewear chic

(Photo from: justephanielee)


(Photo from: Danetelle)



Caught in the hustle and bustle today? Slow down, take a deep breath and have a little break. And while you're at it, why don't you catch up on the latest news bites? We promise you that today's lineup is as juicy and entertaining as it can be. From Ariana Grande ditching the 2019 Grammys to NYFW highlights, keep reading to know the deets.

Ariana Grande ditches the Grammy Awards

After the controversial cancellation of her performance at the Grammys, Ariana Grande decided not to show up at all at the awarding ceremony. But in an ironic twist, it was at this night that the pop icon won her first ever Grammy award for Best Pop Vocal Album. Her studio album Sweetener beat other bestselling records like Taylor Swift's reputation and Camila Cabello's Camila. Grande tweeted about the award saying, "this is wild and beautiful. thank you so much [sic]." Even though we didn't see the pop princess receive her award onstage, at least we still got to see the incredibly beautiful Zac Posen dress she was supposed to wear for that night. 

Erika Jayne x Too Faced

Erika Jayne just launched her much-anticipated beauty line with cult-favourite cosmetics brand Too Faced. The collection, which is aptly named "Pretty Mess", includes plumping lip gloss, a pink-toned palette with a few neutral shades, highlighter and shimmer powder. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star said that she personally tested all products for a long time before launching. Are you excited to get your hands on these?

The Kardashians just won a lawsuit

Before Kylie Cosmetics and KKW Beauty, there was Kardashian Beauty. It's one of those Kardashian ventures that was almost completely forgotten as soon as it launched. Hillair Capital Management, who invested millions on Kardashian Beauty betting on the family's fame and influence to market the brand, sued sisters Kim, Khloe and Kourtney in 2016 for allegedly not promoting the beauty brand enough, causing it to become a flop. Naturally, the trio fought back and after two years they finally won the case this month and was awarded over USD10 million. Whew!

Dolce & Gabbana is under fire (again) for their CNY collection

After the debacle in Shanghai last November, Dolce & Gabbana is getting heat again for their newly released CNY collection. Many netizens commented that the designs were done in poor taste and was insensitively launched despite the previous big scandal being fresh on everyone's mind. Do you think the luxury brand could ever redeem itself again? 

NYFW is still alive

Since 2017, there have been numerous commentaries about how NYFW is slowly dying. But in 2019, the iconic fashion week is still alive and kicking. After the extravagant silhouettes presented last season, the Fall collections look much tamer in comparison. At Tom Ford, sleek yet simple designs are prevalent. Over at Prabal Gurung, the carefree hippie aesthetic makes a comeback. Meanwhile, Tory Burch makes the case for chic officewear. We've yet to wrap up NYFW but it's looking good so far.

(Cover photo from: @arianagrande)

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