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Social media is supposedly here to help us build positive connections, but why is it making people miserable? Instagram has been named the worst social media for our mental health. More and more reports show that the photo-sharing app can adversely affect our mental health, and has been associated with high levels of anxiety and depression. The FOMO-inducing platform has become a medium, not only for our daily stories and milestones, but also for cyber-bullying. Trolls and haters attack an unassuming user’s post with unnecessary toxicity that everyone has become pressured to appear perfect online. Sometimes, even real-life bullies turn to the platform to continue their attacks virtually. It’s become so bad that even a celebrity like Selena Gomez has had to delete the app from her phone to protect her mental health. 

It’s good to know, however, that after hearing about the effects of their app, Instagram has started to ramp up their efforts to fight for mental health this year. Just recently, the app has rolled out two new features to help fight cyber-bullying. 

Providing support

The app’s creators were not deaf to these overwhelming concerns of their users. Since last year, Instagram has been filtering out bullying in the comments and photos to make it a more inclusive space for all. Just this last May, in honour of Mental Health Awareness Month in the US, Instagram launched the #RealConvo campaign, in partnership with American Foundation For Suicide Prevention (AFSP) to encourage people to open up about their mental health. Aside from the awareness campaign, during the same month, the app experimented with hiding like counts. This test of theirs was well-received, as it helped prevent users from unhealthily comparing themselves to others in the app.

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Encouraging positivity

As part of their commitment to fight cyber-bullying, Instagram started rolling out a new AI-powered feature that notifies people when their comment might be offensive. Before users can post the said comment, the app gives them a chance to think twice and undo the comment before the recipient can receive the potentially harmful words. 

Taking control

In the unfortunate case that the commenter decides to go through with it, receiving users still has a way to not see such negativity. For those reluctant to block or report their bullies in fear of worse retaliation, Instagram now has a “restrict” option. The new feature allows users to control their online experience by warding off unwanted interactions without notifying them. If you decide to restrict someone, their comments on your posts would only be visible to them, and not to you and other users. They also won’t be able to see if you’re active or if you’ve seen their messages. 

Woman is happily being photographed as social media sites fight for mental health

Social media has become such an integral part of basically everyone’s life in this age. Because we humans are social beings, our interactions on the platform, despite being online, can still greatly affect our self-esteem. With its creators now becoming more and more pro-active with these issues, hopefully, we can be a bit more comfortable in expressing ourselves online. After all, sharing our happy moments are what these are made for, right?

Next, here's why you shouldn't feel bad about taking a mental health day.



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The first week of July is over and it's brimming with interesting news! From Japanese and Singaporeans owning the most powerful passports to China introducing beauty filters in their face-scan payment methods, we've got them front and centre for your enjoyment in today's Insider Roundup. 

Uniqlo pledges new sustainability measures

Following the news of Sweden cancelling Stockholm Fashion Week in the name of sustainability, Japanese fast-fashion brand Uniqlo also announced how they're taking part in this global movement. The brand's parent company, which also carries labels GU and Theory, pledged to cut their use of plastic up to 85 per cent. The company will also start rolling out recyclable shopping bags and other environment-friendly materials in its products in line with this change. Awesome, right?

Japan and Singapore top this year's list of countries with the most powerful passports

Japanese and Singaporean passports are the most powerful passports to date. Both countries have 189 destinations each allowing them access without a need for a visa. They're followed by South Korea, Finland, and Germany with 187 countries under each of their lists. For Malaysia, there are 176 countries they can visit and for the Philippines, there are 64. 

Kim Kardashian won a lawsuit versus fashion brand Missguided

After years of continuously tagging and associating Kim Kardashian to their social media posts and product promotions without her consent, Kimmy's finally taken legal actions against fashion brand Missguided. Kim won the case by forfeit when the brand failed to address the lawsuit, which requires Missguided to pay the KKW beauty brand owner almost USD2.8 million for damages. The court order also includes restricting Missguided from using any trademarked products or labels under any of the Kardashians' ownership moving forward. 

Sophie Turner's (second) wedding gown are #goals

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But it looks like the Dark Phoenix star's second (and more traditional) wedding dress would be the one landing the most on Pinterest boards this year. Showing off her décollatage in a beautiful flowing lace dress from Louis Vuitton, she's definitely owning up to her Game of Thrones Queen in the North status with this look. 

China's Alipay introduces beauty filters to their face-scan payment system

Biometrics and facial recognition are just some of today's usual privacy and security measures. But what's supposed to bank on accuracy and detailing is now also being infiltrated by beauty filters — at least that's the case with China's Alipay face-scan payment system. This feature is said to address the complaints of users that the cashless face-scan system makes people look ugly. According to Alipay's Weibo post, the feature they will roll-out will "make you look even prettier than with a beauty camera." Interesting, right? What are your two cents on this?

Pokemon invades Jewel Changi

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(Cover photo from: @uniqlo)

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