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Nine years after its release and seven months since the founders left, Instagram is now testing what arguably is the biggest change in the social media app's interface ever: hiding the like count. It may seem like a minuscule alteration at first, but give it some thought, and you would realise how much of an impact this will have. Once implemented, a shift in content and dynamic will be instantly felt. Spotted by Hong Kong-based reverse-engineering specialist Jane Manchun Wong, the internal prototype is yet to be released to the public. But what happens once it's implemented? Ahead, we discuss the pros and cons of Instagram hiding the like count.

No more popularity contest

Whether we want to admit it or not, the fact still remains that posts with more likes are likely to be given more value than others. Consequently, this puts pressure to produce like-worthy or sensational posts that people will eat up. More often than not, this kind of content is not the same as what we truly want to share with our followers. And by hiding the like count, users will be less conscious in what they post and focus more on expressing themselves. Consider this a pro.

Developing a close-knit community

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In the absence of a like count, people will flock to the comments section to express an interest in your content. The good thing about this is that it will foster a next-level type of interaction that goes beyond just acknowledgement. There will be a deeper discussion with the people who are interested in what you do. Meaningful exchange is highlighted in place of a run-off-the-mill 'like'.

Better for overall well-being

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Since you're the only person who will know the number of likes you get, it will be harder to compare your social media standing to other people. Think about Instagram Stories and how we're more uninhibited and carefree in sharing content because we're the only people who will know how many views it got. The dopamine stream will still be there but the pressure to churn out people-pleasing content will be lessened.

Saturation of posts is likely

On the flip side, because people are more likely to post mindlessly, our feed may become saturated with mediocre content that will bore us in the long run. Along with the decrease in pressure to be sensational, originality may also suffer. It's an obvious con.

Follower count will be highlighted more than ever

When there's no more like counter, marketers will need to base on other visible numbers to determine if a collaboration with a certain influencer is worth it. In this case, the buying of followers may once again be a big problem. And since there's no more like count to countercheck if the engagement and clout of influencers are true, deception will be easier than ever.

You still need to beat the algorithm

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For brands and influencers, beating the algorithm is still a big challenge. Without the like count, it's gonna be difficult to gain insights on what the overall environment is. For example, you wouldn't know if you are doing good in comparison to a similar or competitor brand. Overall, this change will affect marketers more than individuals. Both are of importance to the app, so we'll just see if this will push through and what compromises can be done to satisfy every party.



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Pink Punch 

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Let's kick off the weekend with news from the realms of fashion and beauty. From an exciting collaboration collection to the opening of a new, fascinating exhibition at a local museum, here are the news-worthy headlines that caught our eye. 

Strathberry x Alana Hadid

Strathberry Alana Hadid Collaboration

Strathberry, also known as the brand that carries the Meghan Markle bag, has released a capsule collection designed in collaboration with Los Angeles-based stylist Alana Hadid (sister to Gigi And Bella). Most of the designs feature leopard prints, neon colours and classic beige colourway. To celebrate the launch, the Scottish luxury brand hosted a party in L.A. at Mama Shelter in Hollywood. Guests in attendance included socialites and influencers like Alaina Etue, Andreea Cristina, Taye Hansbery, Ami Lasser, Mohamed Hadid, Lauren Perez and Alexandra Nechita.

CHANEL Coco Flash Club is coming to Singapore

CHANEL Coco Flash Club is coming to Singapore

CHANEL's special beauty pop-up called Coco Flash Club is coming to Singapore next month! From 4 to 11 May, you can stop by the CHANEL 'hidden club' that evokes the psychedelic, pulsating atmosphere of '80s disco. Inside, there will be interactive booths devoted to makeup and fragrances with Rouge Coco Flash as the highlight. You can sign up here so you won't miss this experience.

Jackie Cruz For Kat Von D Beauty

Jackie Cruz Kat Von D Beauty

Jackie Cruz of Orange Is The New Black fame is the face of Kat Von D Beauty's latest release called the Go Big Or Go Home Mascara. Promoted as a long-wearing "volume vegan mascara" that's powered by plant-based fats, it promises to give your lashes a more dramatic look without smudges, flakes or clumps.

Jennifer Lopez to receive CFDA Fashion Icon Award

Jennifer Lopez will receive the 2019 CFDA Fashion Icon Award. Even back in the noughties, JLo's fashion has been the one to watch because of her bold style choices that included tracksuits, plastic mules and, of course, that Versace gown. And just in case you missed it, the multihyphenate is also set to star in a movie together with Cardi B., Constance Wu and Lili Reinhart. 

ArtScience Museum opens Wonderland

ArtScience Museum Wonderland

Want to indulge the kid in you? Visit ArtScience Museum's latest exhibition called Wonderland. Showcasing Lewis Carroll's timeless tale Alice In Wonderland, the exhibit has a remarkable selection of over 300 artefacts and objects including first edition books, drawings, original costumes, films, magic lantern projectors, animation, puppetry, and original multimedia works by digital creative studios Sandpit, Grumpy Sailor and Mosster Studio.

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