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Malaysia is known for its food. But with the blossoming of the cafe industry, it's about to be known for their quaint places, too. And did we mention that these spots don't only have delectable selections for your caffeine fix but also interiors that are to die for? Ahead, the spots you need to visit in Kuala Lumpur if you're hankering for a shot... of caffeine and one from a camera.

Merchant’s Lane

Nestled on a small street just beyond Chinatown is a little oasis where you can kick back and enjoy a great meal amidst lush greens with a little old-world flair. The interior here focuses on preserving the beauty of colonial buildings and enhancing the nuances rather than replacing it with something sleek and modern.

Pulp by Papa Palheta

A prominent fixture in the Malaysian coffee scene, Pulp is the go-to cafe if you need a shot to brighten up your disposition. In addition to great coffee, this cafe features a minimal yet rustic look with clean lines and wooden furniture. Flaunt a more extravagant #OOTD and be sure to stand out against their stone façade and muted green surroundings.

Kopenhagen Coffee 

Inspired by the cafe culture in Denmark, Kopenhagen promises to be a bright and airy locale, with ample natural light for that perfect Instagram shot. Well equipped with experienced baristas situated in their open kitchen concept, as well as warm, friendly staff, you certainly won’t be disappointed during your visit!

Breakfast Thieves 

This cafe took styling advice from its counterpart in Melbourne to bring customers a space with high ceilings and wide windows, ensuring the best conditions for that perfect food flatlay. Other elements include wood structures, gravel pathways and concrete flooring for that millennial modern look.

VCR Cafe 

Visiting VCR is a pleasurable thing; with its dark frames and cosy interior, you’d be hard pressed not to go in for coffee and cake just to bask in the warmth of the place. The outlet at Jalan Galloway pulls customers with the promise of a great roast, beautiful food presentations, and minimalist backdrops worthy of any Instagram appearance.

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Booking flight tickets, setting up the itinerary, looking for the perfect hotel to stay in are among the things that we need to take note of when we're taking a trip. But we also can't skip out on curating great outfit ensembles.  Considering that our travel looks play a huge part in planning photos and posing for them during our much-awaited holidays, here are some inspirations from the Community to inspire your OOTD planning. 


(Photo from: cforcassan)

Tropic twinning

(Photo from: deeyeenjazmine)



When planning outfits for a trip to another country, it’s best to look at local fashionistas or jet-setters for inspirations. They can give you cues on the culture and the appropriate clothing for the climate so you can easily blend in and travel like a local. Sometimes you can even pick up some shopping hotspots and trending local brands that you can check out once you’ve arrived at your destination. As they say, inspiration is everywhere and broadening your fashion horizon is the only way you can continue to spice up your style. With that said, here are the style Instagrammers that should be on your radar.


Kim Jones’s style is the epitome of modern chicness. She’s not just a stylista but also a budding designer. She recently launched The Fore, a purveyor of curated pieces from Filipino designers she collaborates with. Explore her gorgeous feed for chic and breezy outfit ideas that will work well in Metro Manila’s cosmopolitan areas.


Do you love playful and colourful looks but have no idea how to pull them off without looking ridiculous? Let Nanjeong Lee guide you on how to put together adorable ensembles that still look sophisticated. You’ll be amazed by how well she layers eccentric prints and accessories. Talk about maximalist fashion done right! After just one visit on her profile, you’ll surely be ready to paint Seoul in rainbow hues.


Faye Tsui’s feed is a blessing for those who love designer pieces. As a guest columnist for various style-centric media outlets in Hong Kong, you can count on Faye to know a thing or two about the high fashion scene in the city. You’ll often spot her sporting the latest designer releases for every season. Her ensembles are like guides on what items are worth investing in. She definitely brings some major style envy out of us!


Napapat Wattanakamonwut nails the sexy but sophisticated look. Currently based in Thailand, she’s all about easy, casual looks that are both comfortable and stylish. Get inspired to give a new spin to the usual ensembles like tee and denim, as well as spaghetti-strapped dresses with her cool style snaps.


Looking for edgy style inspiration? Malaysian fashionista Lai Sin Yee has got you covered. With each outfit snap, she proves that black is never boring. Who knew that black leather jackets can work with unexpected pieces like a pencil skirt? Discover more trendy, sleek looks for colder climates by scrolling through her Instagram feed.


As a pilot, Jaswinder Kaur is a great source of travel outfit ideas. Her style has an undeniable feminine flair. Some of the looks that caught our eye involve bell sleeves and pants and wrap dresses. We’re totally loving her practical take on these on-trend styles, and so will you. From time to time, she also posts beautiful traditional Indian clothing that are surely a treat for the eyes.


If you’re headed for a seaside vacation, Chun Yueh Chi’s feed is a foolproof style guide. From cute cover-ups to daring beach-ready outfits, her ensembles will help you get ready to unwind and chill by the bay in the most fashionable way. Aside from that, we’re also taking note of her colour coordination skills especially with neutral and denim pieces.


Playful basics are the heart of Erika Zamzuri’s laidback style. If fuss-free fashion speaks to you, then you might just have found a style soulmate in her. Erika’s outfit snaps are a testament that even the simplest tropical looks can stand out by adding the right statement accessories. Learn how you can transform basics into classics by taking a look at her Instagram profile.

(Cover photo from: @nizinanjjang)

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