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It’s become a common sight in our Instagram feeds to see photos of someone in their Japan travels. Every shot looks so picture perfect, you start to wonder how they do it and most importantly, where they took it. But fret not, we’ve listed down the top photography spots you can visit the next time you fly to Tokyo.


Sensoji Temple

In Asakusa, one of Tokyo’s oldest neighbourhoods, you’ll find the Sensoji Temple. Here, you’ll see authentic traditional Japanese architecture and quaint lantern-style lamps. You won’t only get to take a glimpse at Japan’s past but also get to learn more about their culture.

Todoroki Ravine Park

You’d be surprised to discover that a city as busy and urbanised as Tokyo has this little pocket of nature within it. In Todoroki Ravine Park, you can be one with nature and bask in the midst of the untouched greenery. Shots taken here will surely bring in a breath of fresh air to your IG profile.


Hie Jinja Shrine

You don’t really need to go all the way to Kyoto to have a photo underneath the iconic vermillion torii gates in the Fushimi Inari Shrine. If you’re visiting just Tokyo, you can still capture that magical effect in Hie Jinja Shrine. What’s better is that this shrine is smaller than the one in Kyoto, and therefore less crowded, so you can just snap away without worrying about random people getting caught in the frame.

Tokyo Plaza Omotesando

A silhouette of a girl in black is seen standing beneath a cave-like entrance mande up of geometric mirrors.

(Photo from: soangeventures)

The entrance to this shopping mall in Harajuku is an expressway to a futuristic world of glamour that will serve all your fashion needs. With its geometric mirror architecture, you can have fun experimenting with interesting angles to share on your feed.


The Soho

Architectural shots of colourful neighbourhoods have become such a popular trend on Instagram. Luckily, in Tokyo, there’s a location that offers the uniformity and vibrancy of such places. But instead of being a residential area, it’s an office building — that’s right, The Soho in Odaiba is a collaborative workspace. All of its 13 floors are full of uniquely coloured doors, and the rainbow-like effect it has is a photography gem. 

Tokyo City View

Travelling to Tokyo isn’t complete without seeing its picturesque skyline. Atop Roppongi Hills is an observation deck where you can bask in the wide expanse of the city. Here, you can capture that once in a lifetime shot, featuring the iconic red Tokyo Tower, and, if the skies permit, Mt. Fuji in the far back.



Match your mood to the warm weather by dressing in bright shades of yellow. Doing so will not only perk up your spirits but can also cool you down. While darker hues tend to absorb more heat, lighter colours are likely to bounce it back. So whether you prefer the regal shade of mustard or the playful lemon hue, decking yourself in yellow may just help you beat the heat. Keep scrolling for some yellow outfit inspirations from the Clozette Community.

Tropical chic

Tropical Outfit

(Photo from: itsmariahazel)

Flower power

Summer Floral Outfit

(Photo from: cieloemalee)



It has long been a problem for environment-conscious fashionistas to shop for trendy pieces especially since a lot of them come in leather. But all that ends here because Topshop is finally launching a vegan shoe collection approved by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). They are releasing a six-design collection, each available in two variants, made from totally animal-free materials. This shoe collection is their first attempt at creating sustainable, cruelty-free products and there might just be more of these accessories to come in the future. Curious about how they look? Scroll down to see our favourites from the 12-piece collection.


Strappy versatility

Black strappy sandals with high block heels made from vegan leather.

REID Vegan Black Strappy Sandals, SGD136

Black strappy sandals are in this season, and this is Topshop’s vegan take on the classic piece. Because of its versatile design, you can easily wear it with casual or smart outfits, perfect for those Friday nights out after work.  

Simply slick

White faux crocodile block heels with buckled straps.

ROXIE Vegan White Block Heels, SGD136

Since we’re on the topic of strappy heels, this pair, designed with faux crocodile details, is a slick and neat take on the major trend. Because of its white open-toed buckled straps, your outfit will be given a breath of freshness and modernity.


Serpentine sophistication

A pair of pointy-toed faux snakeskin block-heeled mules.

GWENIE Vegan Snake Mules, SGD136

Whether you’re off to work, a dinner, or a party, these faux snakeskin mules have your feet covered. With its pointy toe and block heel, this pair of beauties will give you that elegantly relaxed look.

Contemporary chic

Nude high block heels with cross over straps and toe loops.

REYA Vegan Nude High Toe Loop Heels, SGD136

These heels with cross over straps and toe loops are the must-haves for your casual weekend plans. Their nude tone makes it easier to pair with other pieces and gives your outfit a contemporary vibe.



A pair of low-heeled orange faux leather sandals with toe loops.

NOAH Orange Vegan Low Toe Loop Sandals, SGD116

Elevate your tropical OOTD to the next level with these sandals. Carefree chic is what your look would be if you choose to stride with this pair’s low block heel and orange faux leather.

Nailing laidback

A pair of platform buckled faux snakeskin platform sandals.

FOXIE Vegan Snake Footbed Sandals, SGD96.90

Last but not the least, here are sandals that will add some quirkiness to your lazy days. Its cool fake snakeskin straps, chunky platform and buckles are sure to amplify your chill day style.


(Cover photo from: @topshop)

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