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Your online aesthetic is a reflection of your inner self, fueled by the need to create palatable content that also keeps your growing audience interested in your weekly shenanigans. Or perhaps your reasons are more altruistic — to inspire others to live a healthier life or introduce new delicious finds around town. Whatever the reason, if you're from Malaysia or are planning to visit soon, here are five awesome places we think would be brilliant to get your ‘gram on.


This beautifully designed space is the newest kid on the block, and it is committed to bringing its communitea together with refreshing drinks and an Insta-worthy environment. Plush pastel seating, matte gold finishing and a floral wall to top it all off, Panntea certainly has the goods to stand out among the rest.


There’s really no such thing as too much brunch. As much as it is a legitimate meal, it’s also a reason to rouse your girlfriends from a weekend slumber and indulge in pretty clothes to create even prettier photos. Located in DC Mall, Birch is well known for its hearty, delicious fare, wrapped up in a greenhouse-styled setting, suffusing each customer with good vibes only.


Despite being a kiosk within a popular gym, Kettlebell provides customers with a healthy spread that focuses on restoring nutrients after a gruelling workout, complete with supercharged smoothies for the girl on the go. Spare a second to enjoy their thoughtfully planned, pink-themed space and snap a quick selfie. What’s the point of a cute workout outfit if no one gets to see it, right?


Situated in the heart of Mont Kiara is Crust, an eatery meant for indulging in everyone’s favourite: pizza. The place also boasts floor-to-ceiling windows and an abundance of natural light that is perfect for flatlays, as well as its iconic vibrant blue tiling for a flawless post-lunch OOTD.

Hexgon Cafe

For those who prefer a minimalist vibe, you’ll definitely make the most of a trip to Hexgon Cafe in Cheras where you’ll find a tastefully decorated interior in shades of grey. We suggest a laidback look to go with the ambience, or wearing something striking to make sure all eyes go straight to you.

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Here in the tropical region, we face even the rainy season with an intense degree of humidity. Luckily, we can easily fight this stuffiness we feel by wearing short and airy clothes. Not only that, but wearing short bottoms elongates the figure and help petite ladies appear a bit taller. So quit thinking twice about showing off your legs. If you’re looking for ways to own your figure and beat the heat, check out how the Clozette Community styles their short outfits for breezy comfort.

Over the rocks

Woman in a short silk dress jumps over the rocks

(Photo from: shermaineinez)



Some clothing pieces are just meant to take the world by storm. A year ago, our feeds were filled with everyone sporting that leopard midi skirt, or variations thereof. This year, it seems that we already have a nominee for the “it” dress of the year: Zara’s polka dot dress. Currently, the piece is taking over Europe, and surely, it's only a matter of time until it takes over the world. It’s become so popular that it led to the birth of an Instagram account, @hot4thespot, dedicated to posting sightings of the dress. 

Faye Oakenfull, the stylist who runs the account with 4.5k followers, said it all started with an IG story of an awkward fashion moment. “Back in April, I was working on a shoot and both the Art Director and make-up artist turned up on set wearing The Dress,” she told the Stylist. It’s been quite a while since the account’s creation last May, but people have been actively submitting snaps of the dress since. 

It’s not the first time a piece from the Spanish brand has received this sort of cult following. Way back in 2016, comedian Lulu Krause created a Tumblr blog just to post sightings of Zara’s blue off-shoulder dress. Most of these viral pieces seem unassuming at first, so why the popularity? Their charm lies in their versatility. This polka dot dress, for one, can be mixed and matched with any type of shoes, accessories, or even other clothing pieces, as what their sightings show. No matter your style or silhouette, The Dress is a perfect fit. Plus, with it appearing almost everywhere, we don’t really want to miss out.

A woman wearing the viral Zara polka dot dress

Zara Printed Dress, SGD99.90 (

Still, if this black and white polka dot dress with a tiered skirt isn’t the one for you, many other options that have the same chic appeal are available. Looking for the same print in another silhouette? Check these out.

The shorter the better

Missguided Ruched Polka Dot Dress

Missguided Ruched Polka Dot Dress, SGD24.90 (

If you liked Zara printed dress’ overall silhouette but not so much its length, then try this number from Missguided. This polka mini dress still has that elegant long sleeves but is more forgiving towards petite body types. 

Vintage chic

Glamorous High Neck Cut Out Polka Dot Dress

Glamorous High Neck Cut Out Polka Dot Dress, SGD76 (

For those looking for something a bit sexier, then perhaps this '70s-inspired polka dot dress is for you. Show off some skin with its cut-out details and slit skirt. 

Feminine charm

Eyescream Polka Dot Below Knee Sleeveless Dress,

Eyescream Polka Dot Below Knee Sleeveless Dress, SGD44.90 (

Show off your charming femininity with this buttoned midi. It’s not summer anymore, but who’s to say you’re not allowed to dress in the whimsical pieces of last season?

Straightforward elegance

Pomelo Polka Dot Belted Jumpsuit

Pomelo Polka Dot Belted Jumpsuit, SGD49 (

Not into dresses and skirts? No worries! There’s a polka jumpsuit like this for you. Freely go about your day with this belted one piece that loosely fits and enhances your figure. 

For a night out

Topshop Austin Polka Dot Print Angel Sleeve Dress

Topshop Austin Polka Dot Print Angel Sleeve Dress, SGD89.90 (

Feel that the black print on white is too much of a day outfit? Try out a reversed version with white dots on black with this Topshop piece for an ensemble that’s also great for evening affairs.

Colour me happy

Mango Polka-Dot Ruffled Dress

Mango Polka-Dot Ruffled Dress, SGD99.90 (

Not into monochromatic pieces? Add colour to your day with this rose polka dot ensemble. With its ruffled skirt, you can inject a bit of girly sophistication to your weekend dates.

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Next, wear your polka dot dress with the French chic hair trend.