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Ah, Instagram! The social media platform where everything seems, well, picture perfect. The microblogging site has majorly evolved since its debut in 2010 from a photosharing platform to a full-on influencer domain, making it a static version of YouTube when it comes to internet content creators. But given that the influencer community is thriving as a whole new industry, it has fallen into the scrutiny of the public, especially with the internet's current call-out culture

This is why when certain Instagrammers were caught keeping up with a lie when it comes to their so-called content, the internet had a lot to say about it.  In summary: the two, on separate occasions, have both used stock images online, manipulated the photos and uploaded them on their respective Instagram accounts, claiming it to be their own. 

A photo of a computer screen showing photo editing in Adobe photoshop

In an earlier case, a Singaporean Instagrammer took many stock travel photos and manipulated himself or sometimes his subjects into them, making it seem like he's living the jet-setter life. However, eagle-eyed observers took a deeper look into his content and found numerous stock and Google-available images of the same colouring, angle and style as his photos — just without the influencer posing against the backdrops. Suspicions then led to more scrutiny, until he deleted his posts and issued a statement, admitting and apologising for the situation. 

But as if it hasn't served enough lessons yet, we now move on to Sadelle Yeung's case where she wasn't caught digitally putting herself in photos but was taking photos online, cropping them to fit her feed and posting them as her own effortlessly. The influencer, who has worked with various beauty brands and has more than 90,000 followers on Instagram to date, has deleted a bulk of the photos in question but has defended herself from the criticism. She claims that she simply uses "blank photos to space out the photos on her profile," and that people "should be fair" when giving criticism and feedback. 

An Instagram account  comparing Yeung's now-deleted photos with the original sources now exists to highlight the Hong Kong-based influencer's plagiarism 

Given that these are not isolated cases, it makes us question the motives of influencers and content creators. These labels are easily identified; they're meant to influence movements and create content. But given that there's the human tendency for voyeurism, to what extent should someone manipulate their content for the sake of fame and popularity? 

Our answer is never. 

While it is an open idea that influencers — and even those of us who don't rake in huge followings on social media — edit some photos, add filters or even fix the composition of elements before taking our snapshots, it is entirely different from faking an entire situation or scenario and claiming it as your own. If it's for your own amusement and you're upfront about how you are doing it for fun, then it is acceptable. But to create a platform where the aim is to amass a following in the hopes of getting brand partnerships is a whole new different discussion. Even movies go through post-production editing and manipulation but the raw footage and idea behind it are unique and original to their writers and creators. The same idea should extend to static content creation, don't you think?

(FBshare image from: @copywithsadelle)



Contrary to popular belief, it's not always sunny and warm in the tropics. We also have to deal with a string of rainy days, cold mornings and, for some countries, dreaded floods. Naturally, the gloomy weather also brings some major style dilemmas and if you're not prepared, you may end up looking sloppy. Worry not; all you have to do is stock up on these five wardrobe essentials to stay in style. 

An ultra-stylish, rain-proof outerwear

On the left is a monochromatic herringbone-patterned REDValentino bomber jacket. On the right is a transparent pink REDValentino PVC Raincoat

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Every season, there's an ultimate wardrobe must-have that you should never skip. During summer, it's sundresses and loose tops. For the rainy season, it's a weather-proof stylish outerwear. This year, take part in the PVC trend or go for a sleek bomber jacket. Both pieces can easily be paired with any comfy outfit that you have in mind, be it a midi dress or just a shirt and jeans combo.

Long-sleeved dresses

A long sleeved collared black dress with butterfly print

Bora Aksu butterfly print dress, Price unavailable

Stay warm and stylish by stocking up on casual long-sleeved dresses. It may seem counterintuitive to wear dresses during a downpour but it's actually a better option as they're less likely to soak in rainwater than when you're wearing jeans. Remember to choose those with lightweight fabrics so it'll dry faster if you ever get caught in a little drizzle.

A pair of cropped pants

A pair of Old Navy distressed denim cropped pants

Old Navy distressed jeans, Price unavailable

If you prefer to wear pants, we suggest that you opt for the cropped ones. The last thing you'd want is to end up with unsightly — and icky — wet hems (hello water puddles!). Match it with a blazer for a chic, smart ensemble. 

A sleek, waterproof bag

A shiny black Melissa backpack made with PVC

MELISSA Back Pack, SGD195/~USD143.39

Gone are the days when waterproof accessories meant tacky designs. Now, PVC bags, shoes and even hats are being revamped and are give a more elegant look. Invest in one or two waterproof bags this rainy season to secure your belongings from the unfriendly weather. 

A pair of boots 

A Timberland Flyroam Chill Chukka laced-up boot in black full grain.

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It's time to swap your breezy sandals for closed shoes. And there's no other footwear that's better for combatting a rainy day than a trusty pair of boots. Pick simple, no-nonsense boots with a functional design that can withstand repeated exposure to water.

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It's still summer somewhere! And that's reason enough to buy and wear circle rattan bags. Chic with a touch of organic, this bag style is definitely for those of you who love laid-back ensembles. Ahead, some of our favourite ways to style the bag as seen on our Community members.

Boho vibes

Woman wearing white tank top, round rattan bag, and a purple boho skirt.

(Photo from: MandaOlivia)

Tropic chic

Woman wearing a white mini dress and a round rattan bag

(Photo from: christyfrisbee)