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Interesting Beauty Brand Names & What They Mean

There's a story behind every name

What's in a name? In the beauty world, it's product philosophies and remarkable personalities. There's always an interesting story behind a brand name, whether it's named after the founder, a unique word or an amalgamation of words.

Solidify your reputation as a beauty junkie by learning about the meaning behind interesting beauty brand names. Let's start!


NUXE, pronounced as 'nooks', is a combination of two French words — nature (nature) and luxe (luxury). These two words embody what the brand stands for. The brand believes that by using ingredients from nature and developing them through research, they can deliver luxurious and effective skincare products to women.

SU:M 37°

(Photo from: qiyunz)

Moving on to something a little bit complicated. SU:M 37°, pronounced 'zoom' but with an 's' sound, has layers of meaning behind it. In the Korean language, 숨 (sum) is 'breath',  which can be associated with life; this can also refer to the skin's respiration. In the English language, the colon (:) is an indication of a quick pause when reading a sentence. So more or less, the idea is to take a break and breathe. Also, in Mandarin, 苏秘 (sumi) means secret story, which can pertain to their secret formula.

The 37° attached to the name stands for the optimal temperature for fermentation, which is a vital process in producing SU:M 37° products. 

Drunk Elephant

When you first hear the brand name Drunk Elephant, you wouldn't associate it with skincare right away. So what's the meaning behind this quirky name and why was it chosen? According to their website, it's from the myth that elephants get drunk after eating ripe Marula fruits. It's kind of a nod to one of the notable ingredients of Drunk Elephant products, which is Marula oil. Cute, right?


The meaning behind the name of this Taiwanese vegan skincare brand is simpler than you might expect. It stands for the location of Taiwan, which is 23.5° north of the equator. It's because all of their pure and eco-friendly ingredients are proudly sourced from Taiwan's countryside. They have different skincare lines that target various concerns. They are the Rice Series (for dry, sensitive skin), Oriental Beauty Tea Series (for oily skin), Red Pearl Barley Series (for dark spots and pigmentations), and Bamboo Series (for extra hydration).


(Photo from: Jeankuah)

Cosrx is known for their straightforward, no-nonsense products that are reflected on the packaging and the overall branding. Even their name is quite simple, it's a compound word derived from the two words: cosmetics and Rx, which is medical symbol for prescription. In a way, it's saying the products are like treatments for skin problems. 

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