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Check Out These Interesting Spa Therapies In The Region

Get the pampering you deserve

Spas are like a second home. They're the haven we escape to when we feel out of sorts due to modern-day living. Looking to jazz it all up to feel even more rejuvenated? Here are cool spa therapies around the region that will surely melt your worries away.

Super Vibrator, Spa Esprit, Singapore

2 massage beds are in a dim purple room with fun and quirky decor

Super Vibrator is quite the sensory experience, as this spa therapy in Singapore attempts to heal you from the inside-out using the senses of touch, scent, and sound. It all starts with an energy reading to figure out your weak points, and the massage is incorporated with a customised essential oil blend, along with the sounds of Tingsha cymbals and the Tibetan singing bowl, whose vibrations will help re-centre your energies and help you reset.

Hot Stone Therapy, Ganbanyoku, Singapore

A Japanese woven wicker pillow sits on one of the 3 stone beds that are separated by bamboo dividers


In Japanese, ganbanyoku means "hot bathing," and the technique uses magma stones to heat your body from the inside. This spa therapy experience is quite straightforward: you simply lie down on their comfortable rock bed for 60 minutes while the Tenshu Seike stones release Far Infrared Rays and negative ions to help your body release toxins. With the soothing warmth of ganbanyoku, you can unwind and detox the fuss-free way.  


Psammo Gold Serenity, Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

A golden bowl, two candles, and a bunch of towels atop golden quartz sand


To revitalize your body, this immersive spa therapy treatment attempts to use Mother Earth’s energies, earth, fire, and wood. During the Psammo Gold Serenity therapy, your body is grounded onto golden natural quartz sand and your mind is recalibrated with the vibrations of Tibetan singing bowls. Golden heated quartz is incorporated during the myofascial release massage and your skin is purified with a re-mineralizing body scrub, so you experience the therapy’s healing properties to the fullest.

Sensory Sound Bath, Spa Village (Ritz-Carlton), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

A girl relaxes on a mattress on the floor while someone hits a golden gong


Bring harmony to your mind and body with Spa Village’s Sensory Sound Bath. As you are relaxed by the vibrations emanating from the specially designed floor, your body is treated to a deep tissue massage that employs the use of warmed stones and oil-infused compresses. The relaxing spa therapy experience comes to a grand close as you’re bathed in the re-energizing frequencies of a symphonic gong.

Royal Hammam Treatment, CHI, The Spa (EDSA Shangri-La), Mandaluyong, Philippines

A pink bathrobe is hung in a marble and gold accented spa room with a water-filled tub


The Turkish treatment that has evolved over centuries starts on a marble bathing slab, where you are bathed with warm water and scrubbed with a Turkish loofah from head to toe. Then you are soaked in a lavender foam bath and massaged for a few minutes, before being rinsed with milk and honey, leaving you feeling luxuriously pampered. 

Stimulating Treatment, The Farm at San Benito, Lipa, Philippines

A masseuse exfoliates a woman's back with a mother of pearl shell.


The spa therapy treatment is exactly what it’s called as it invigorates your body by eliminating the build-up of toxins and fat. It all begins with a kayud or skin scraping, where two mother of pearl shells are used to remove dead skin cells and engage the lymph nodes. Afterwards, a barako coffee pack is scrubbed all over your body to stimulate circulation and enhance detoxification. The cleansing effect is immediate, and you’ll surely be leaving all refreshed.