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Introducing Gary Baseman For Coach

A blending of worlds that is both alluring and fascinating

Known for its luxe, structured, yet earthy designs, Coach is embarking on a whimsical journey in celebration of the beautiful ‘oddness’ that’s born of American style and the attitude of New York City. Featuring original drawings by Californian artist and animator Gary Baseman, Coach's new collaboration sees a collection filled with quirky, whimsical drawings juxtaposed against Coach's streamlined design, creating a blending of worlds that is both alluring and fascinating. 

As one of today’s most prominent and multi-faceted Los Angeles-based artists. Gary Baseman's work explores the human condition and the complexity of relationships, family, and history--as seen in his early works as an illustrator for The New Yorker, Time, and Rolling Stone; and even in his designer toys, paintings, performances, videos, and photographs. 

For his collaboration with Coach, Gary Baseman introduces a series of darkly playful ‘creatures’, each developed with a story of the Coach girl in mind. The collection features bags, phone cases, necklaces, and key-rings, all inspired by quirky American sub-cultures and unexpected juxtapositions--all done with the aim of subverting the familiar.

With such a unique angle to their latest collection, we are definitely inspired by Gary Baseman and Coach's thought-provoking pieces that champion the art of expressing one's individuality, making every day a little bit more twisted.