Introducing Gary Baseman For Coach | Clozette
Known for its luxe, structured, yet earthy designs, Coach is embarking on a whimsical journey in celebration of the beautiful ‘oddness’ that’s born of American style and the attitude of New York City. Featuring original drawings by Californian artist and animator Gary Baseman, Coach's new collaboration sees a collection filled with quirky, whimsical drawings juxtaposed against Coach's streamlined design, creating a blending of worlds that is both alluring and fascinating. 

As one of today’s most prominent and multi-faceted Los Angeles-based artists. Gary Baseman's work explores the human condition and the complexity of relationships, family, and history--as seen in his early works as an illustrator for The New Yorker, Time, and Rolling Stone; and even in his designer toys, paintings, performances, videos, and photographs. 

For his collaboration with Coach, Gary Baseman introduces a series of darkly playful ‘creatures’, each developed with a story of the Coach girl in mind. The collection features bags, phone cases, necklaces, and key-rings, all inspired by quirky American sub-cultures and unexpected juxtapositions--all done with the aim of subverting the familiar.

With such a unique angle to their latest collection, we are definitely inspired by Gary Baseman and Coach's thought-provoking pieces that champion the art of expressing one's individuality, making every day a little bit more twisted.

It's time for another video roundup! We've gathered more exciting spring-related videos for you. These won't just help you with your personal style, but also help you discover more about the fun things you can do this Spring season!

Here are our top 5 videos for the week. 


How To Apply Nail Polish Like A Pro
By: Clozette TV

From our very own Clozette TV, is this video on how to apply nail polish like a pro. Why is this important? Because we love nail polish and Spring is the perfect time to try bold colours! Some tips to know are: choose nail polish wisely by trying it on your nail, roll the bottle (not shake) to mix the paint inside, and try to lather the polish onto the nail with 3 streaks. Enjoy! 
DIY T Shirts And Kimono
By: Shelby Church

We've recently discovered this rising YouTuber, Shelby Church, and she has been posting great lifestyle vlogs that are fun to watch and try. This particular one is a DIY video on making your own clothing for Spring! All you need are paint, dye, glue, and a few old shirts and you're good to go. 

Styling 1 Dress in 3 Ways for Spring

by: Eva Chung

YouTuber Eva Chung always has great styling tips to share in her channel. This one focuses on how to style 3 different looks with one dress. Our personal favourite is the second one. I mean, who knew you could do that trick with your necklace? Genius!

Pretty for Spring Coral Makeup: Ko Joon-Hee Inspired 

by: meejmuse

Korean vlogger meejmuse is at it again with her makeup tutorials featuring a Ko Joon-Hee inspired look. We're absolutely hooked! We also love this #MOTD because she played around with Coral--a perfect shade for Spring.

How To Manage Long Hair In The Heat

By: Clozette TV

A lot of us take our hair for granted, so this one from Clozette TV is a must-watch. Save yourself the messy long-hair trouble by taking advantage of these useful tips. You can manage your long hair by using smoothing gel, regularly getting a trim, and keeping it properly tied.



When you get the fitness bug, you're in it for good. Such is our #MakeItHappen girl for this week, Fenny Yolanda--the fearless Clozette Ambassador behind the name of ladies_journal. Over the years, she has been trying out different physically challenging workouts and eventually fell in love with one of the hardest of all: Pole dancing.

We got to chat with her about how she balances the art and sport of Pole Dancing while still managing to look fashionable and ready to conquer the fashion and beauty scene everyday.


What got you started in fashion blogging?

First of all, I do love fashion and I have passion for it. That got me started and eventually I started a blog to share my passion with others.

What made you try pole dancing?

I like to try a lot of things. It's part of my personality--I never have that mentality that I can't do something. Pole dancing looked like a challenge and I wanted to take that challenge.

Have you tried other sports? What keeps you motivated to workout and try new things?

Yes. I have tried a lot of sports since I was a child. From swimming, basketball, volleyball...etc. I was also bad tempered as a child; and I realised working out and staying physically active helps me control my stress. My wish in life is also to live fully and to try as much things as I can. So I'm always looking for that new challenge.

What do you love most about being a pole dancer? What’s your favourite move so far?

Pole Dance is sometimes looked at negatively by many people. But once I tried it, I fell in love. It makes me love myself better, appreciate my body, learn to be sexy, and understand a different point of view of what is sexy. Not only that, it builds my flexibility, strength, and my inner beauty and confidence.

How did pole dancing affect you?

I learned not judge other people just because society may think a certain way about them. I started to understand and focus on my health as well, which has been great for my body and mind.

What advice can you give to fashionistas who want to try pole dancing?

"No Pain No Gain." Pole Dancing is not to show off the skin to be sexy. We need to train our muscles and enjoy all the pain. I am a person who doesn't like to look weak or feel weak. I really like to do things by myself without getting help from other people. It might sound selfish but this is the way I learn to be better.

So my advice is for people to experience all the good things and bad things in life. It's so wonderful and lucky to be able to feel all of those things. Live life without regrets!