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From your coffee to your favourite meals, there are go-to recipes that just get it right. The same goes for our skincare routines; there are just combinations that work. Now you can say the same for your tresses. The perfect recipe for good hair days is finally here! Say hello to Hair Recipe, a new range of superfood-inspired haircare products that will feed your hair with nothing but goodness. 

Hair Recipe full range

Housed in bright, classy bottles, they surely are a feast on the eyes. Much like the aroma of a gastronomic treat, the products have delightful scents that ignite the senses. And the best part of all? They’re packed with nature-inspired ingredients that nourish the hair — just like how food nourishes the body. There’s a perfect recipe depending on your hair’s needs, too.

A recipe for moisture

Hair Recipe Honey & Apricot line

It’s time to bid dry hair goodbye. Made with Original TripleBlend formula that regulates the absorption of moisture in the hair, the Hair Recipe Honey & Apricot line invigorates the scalp and hair while cleanses gently. The sunny-coloured shampoo, conditioner, and treatment mask also contain conditioning actives that moisturise the hair from within and leave it looking shiny. Indulge in relaxation, too, when you get a whiff of its honey & apricot scent.

A recipe for volume

Hair Recipe Kiwi & Fig range

Limp and lifeless hair? The Hair Recipe Kiwi & Fig range is the answer. It has a Unique Volume recipe made with Kiwi and Fig that strengthens the scalp and hair while gently cleansing them. Formulated with NutriLift technology, the line gives each strand a coating of a nourishing and strengthening thin film like silk that gives the hair more volume. But it’s not just the hair that the shampoo and conditioner from this line gives a boost, your mood will be uplifted too by its refreshing kiwi & fig scent.

A recipe for damage repair

Hair Recipe Apple & Ginger line

Revive damaged hair with the Hair Recipe Apple & Ginger line. Made with an original Damage Repair formula, the shampoo and conditioner from the range make sure that moisture is absorbed right by the hair. They also contain conditioning actives that repair the hair and smoothen its texture. You’ll also love using this crimson-hued line because it has a calming but invigorating mix of apple & ginger scents.

Treat your hair to the perfect Hair Recipe here.


The week is finally coming to a close. But before you leave for a relaxing getaway this weekend, catch up on all the exciting updates that happened during the week. From Anessa SG announcing Joanne Peh as their new ambassador to Fenty’s colourful second drop — you’ll be sure to get all the latest fashion and beauty news here.

Joanne Peh is now Anessa SG’s new ambassador

Anessa recently revealed that Singaporean actress Joanne Peh will be their brand’s latest ambassador. Just yesterday, 20 June, Joanne and her husband, Qi Yu Wu, graced the Watsons Grand Opening at Ngee Ann City. The actress shared that she is a proud user of the number one Japanese sunscreen brand for six years now. And, as a mum of two, she is also happy that the sunscreen is safe enough even for her two kids. Talk about finding a sunblock that’s perfect for the whole fam! 

Mussvital is named the best sensitive skincare brand in Singapore

Speaking of skincare products for sensitive skin, you might want to check out Mussvital. The dermactive European skincare range just won the title of Best Sensitive Skincare Brand in the 2019 Watsons Health, Beauty, and Wellness Award. Mussvital’s secret lies in their biologically active ingredients that balance and strengthen the skin from the inside out. Paraben-free and soap-free, their products are safe enough to nourish and protect even a baby’s skin. From lotions to shower gels, you’ll be sure to find everything you need from Mussvital’s gentle line up.

Fenty goes light and colourful for their second drop

Corseted neutrals were what made up Rihanna’s first-ever drop when her fashion brand, Fenty, launched last May. But, for her second collection, she’s taking us on a tropical tour. With light and bright textiles, Fenty’s 6-19 Release is intended for ease of travel. Midi and mini dresses in bright satin were launched, as well as pieces with Japanese-inspired prints. Have a vacation coming up? Try to get one of the summery pieces from Fenty while stocks last.

A Kim Kardashian x Winnie Harlow makeup collab is in the works

Winnie Harlow retweets Kim Kardashian's announcment


In an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians that aired earlier this week, the Hollywood celebrity revealed an exciting project coming up for her beauty brand. Kim Kardashian announced that she’s working with model Winnie Harlow for KKW Beauty. While we don’t know what’s in store for us yet, the episode gave a bit of a sneak peek of the photoshoot for the collab. The campaign shows Kim and Winnie laying on sand dunes. With this tease of their glamorous bronze and jewel-toned looks, we’re expecting to see great things from this exciting collab. 

Your beauty kit needs these colourful additions, stat!



Beauty tutorials have nested on YouTube since its launch in 2005. Now, it has become its own booming industry, with over thousands of beauty gurus and enthusiasts thriving on the platform with their own influential empires. So it's only fitting that the platform now houses one of the biggest features in both beauty and tech that might change our viewing — and shopping — experience forever. And yes, we're talking a Black Mirror-like development. 

YouTube's New Tech Allows You To Try Makeup As You Watch Tutorials - AR technology

Google recently announced on their Marketing Platform blog the launch of 'immersive brand experiences' for both YouTube and other forms of display ads. This means bringing an augmented reality feature to YouTube, as well as 3D technology to their advertising assets. Google claims that since many viewers have often turned to YouTube creators for recommendations and brands have often tied up with them, this new technology will just make the experience for the viewers more personalised.

AR as we know it

Before you say anything, we know that augmented reality (AR) advertising, especially in beauty, is nothing new or foreign to us anymore. After all, apps like Meitu, Snow, MakeupPlus, as well as Snapchat and Instagram, are known to use augmented reality to give us a real-time 'filtered' beauty experience

ModiFace is also a well-known tech company that partners with the likes of MAC Cosmetics, L'Oreal, and Estee Lauder to bring us an AR try-on experience, both on mobile and in-store. These developments gave was a win-win for both consumers and brands, with the former having a more informed shopping experience and the latter getting user-generated data that is helpful for product and business development.

With this, we ask: where does YouTube's new enhancement fit in? 

Shop as you watch

Taking the AR-experience a notch higher, YouTube's taking a page from Instagram's shopping feature. When enabled, the user's screen is split between the tutorial and the AR feature, where the user can try on products mentioned in the video, as well as hit 'shop' if anything suits their fancy. Google also claims that this feature "offers realistic, virtual product samples that work on a full range of skin tones." 

YouTube's New Tech Allows You To Try Makeup As You Watch Tutorials - Virtual lipstick try-on

(Photo from:

MAC Cosmetics is the first to sign on as a partner, despite the technology still being on alpha mode via Google's FameBit platform. This is probably due to the promising results of its initial roll-out via iOS early this year, where 30 per cent of viewers enabled the feature, trying on MAC lipstick shades via AR for an average of 80 seconds. 

Foreseeable pros and cons

Being a technology-driven generation, these fast advancements are all typical headlines to us at this point. However, as much as these tech upgrades are getting more and more exciting, previous incidents of technological mishaps should still be enough to keep us wary. 

As we mentioned earlier, making a more informed decision, even through online purchasing, is made more possible by AR-related reforms. It also allows for convenience and efficiency, saving people time in between watching tutorials, researching products, and eventually hitting the 'Add To Cart' button. It allows us to have a swatch party without necessarily having to deal with a makeup mess after.

YouTube's New Tech Allows You To Try Makeup As You Watch Tutorials - Pros and cons

But then again, do such menial tasks really have to meet such interventions? Are we really allowing technology to do everything for us and miss out on what 'actual experiences' are like?

On a similar note, this novelty feature also poses some security and privacy issues. Having your face scanned, in addition to Google owning almost your entire internet history, is a scary idea if you think about it. Remember that with technological advancements come people who get more skilled at penetrating its systems — leaving us, the consumers, almost vulnerable.

This is why caution — no matter what interesting tech development arises — still remains our best weapon. 

(Cover photo from: @ponysmakeup)